There are rich people on biz

>there are rich people on biz
>poor fag
fuck you guys you never give out what is pocket change in your world and nice money in ours

peach is cute

I'm probably poorer than you but if I was rich I wouldn't give anyone a handout fuck that noise.

What's considered rich these days?

this is how the rich get richer faggot

you don't know how many bitcoins I'd give to sniff her chair


>wanting to be the virgin rich soyboy instead of the homeless CHAD

Fuck you reddit for bringing these underage retards to this site.

free money offers are not allowed faggot, read the sticky

Jesus Christ dude you need to get laid. I’d pay no more than .1 BTC to have my way with her.

where you from
im a slav so theres no way ur poorer then me

she's cute

i'd let you pay me half that but bear in mind i look nothing like her

i was poor once too, i never expected nor asked for any handouts, nor did i want them. I preferred to make my own way without help
if you're truly booty bothered that you're not getting handouts then you will never make it. go apply at the 7/11

you can get a hooker 2x hotter than her for half that


You faggots are LITERALLY gay as fuck

This bitch is less than mediocre

She's BELOW average

It's un fucking believable how desperate you fags are

Just how fucking ugly are you?

its not about handouts i just thought that a Veeky Forums board with a lot of "rich" people would be more fun
and not just constant shilling of coins and fomo/fud

I might be more generous if your taste in women wasn't such shit

for every "rich" guy on Veeky Forums there are about 40 shilling pajeets

i wonder how much of it is larping

I would literally give her my entire stack of 20 BTC if she spent a night with me letting me fuck her, sniff her ass and lick her pussy. I'm not even kidding.

dude i am shit-tier poor, but according to (((their))) statistics i'm better off than most people in this world...
i know for a fact people in family make more money than me every year..
they are coming after asking me for crypto advice, and talk down to me.
i fucking wage cucked for every dime i put into to crypto. against all odds.
people that haven't talked to me in 10+ years.
because i made pennies to their dollars...
it's fucking disgusting.
never tell anyone in real life about crypto.
tel them you lost it all. it's fake. it's a ponzi.
these people are fucking soulless vampires
there is no god in them.

christ, man, if she is an escort, she's prob charging 700/usd. i personally know a few that look like her and they reaalllly aren't discretionary in terms of looks. most escorts operate on a two-reference basis (two other escorts you've seen), and they email those two escorts, ask em if you're a sane person, basically, and go from there. rarely do they ask for an id or anything, unless you're trying to first-time.

i'm goin in for two hours @1500usd next friday--all thanks to zcl, lmao.

>her dumb thot posture


You're a fucking faggot
You beta gimps ruin it for the rest of us men

You make average cunts think they're supermodels

You should be fucking took out the back and shot

seeEnd yourself

If some lazy dumbass like me can make 50k in 4 months. I'm sure some of the autists here became millionaires in a year.

She's not that bad but she does look worse in person. I saw her at anime expo last year and she's a womanlet and looks a little man face desu. Her ass is pretty nice tho but it isn't as big as it looks in pics and vids etc. It just looks big because you can't tell how tiny she really is. Would still sniff the living fuck out of her asshole tho.

some kind user on here gave me a decent chunk of change and i am eternally grateful. going to use it to hopefully start a small business and escape neetdom.

what did you start with?

>i saw her at an anime expo
Kill yourself faggot

Why do virgin incels and neckbeards always watch anime?

I watched dbz as a kid but then I grew up

Stop watching porn and leave your house you fucking loser


How much?

some kind user gave away a few coins like ARK, COVAL, and something else once. I only took the ARK.

>OP looking for handouts

typical socialist

spoken like a true virgin


ok bro if that helps you feel better and ignore valid criticism

you're literally a faggot, sorry

self-absorbed whore with too much makeup on. I'd fuck her of course, but into the trash she goes afterward


>valid criticism

It does make me feel better. None of what you said applies to me. Anything else to say faggot?

>implants on the front side
>implants on the back side
>caked on makeup

CATFISHED. Why the fuck you think shes with a fat squinty eyes asian guy... cause she isnt actually that attractive when theres no photo shop.

>so angry at anime

did anime rape you as a kid user? did you get touched by picolodick?

And of course you think YOU out of the billions of poor people should receive that "pocket change", right? Because you clearly must understand that they can't give everyone some "pocket change" or they'd go broke themselves. So what makes YOU entitled to this handout, compared to the billions of people who are even poorer than you and can't even afford internet?

$250 which to me would be a lot of money even if it wasn't from a stranger on the internet.

That girl only looks like she has a big ass because she is 4’11””

Around 5k within the 4 months and I also used like 4K in credit. At one point I was down 2k so it's been rough.

Crypto is the one place you as a poor fag can actually make it with damn near no effort.

Whatever luck or fate or legitimate business acumen made a rich fag, don't expect them to just throw it away. We all have the opportunity to make it, and you should be double proud to have done it on your own.

This. She’s hot and id definitely like to fuck her, but unless she’s willing to wed me and bear me strong Aryan children, the most I’m willing to pay is a couple hundo for a nice dinner and night out.


I am 1st gen polak in the states. 5 kids, divorced parents, family income of about 75k got no grants or scholarships went out of state for college and I am over 135k in student loan debt.

I have an engineering degree now and 55k income 1.5 years post graduating. Living on my own so I'm paycheck to paycheck with a shit car which I will need to replace soon. Going to be paying 1500 a month for my debts for 10+ years. Lmk

Even my girlfriend has a bigger ass although not as nice but still bigger. I was with my girl when we saw her and we didn't think it was her at first. It was a nice eye opening experience. These twitch bitches don't look as good in person.

If you got a handout from every fag on this board how would you continue to increase your stack, since begging is easy and it worked once for you your brain is going to continue to think that begging is easiest. I'd rather be given knowledge than money. Atleast then i control how it is i want to make money.

>giving your money to women

not bad
if you get in the right mission you can 100x that and have 25k

low market cap coins user, remember!

still too much
look at her face, look at what shes doing
ignore the other bullshit, lmao

Jesus christ do you imagine a BBBBBRAAAAAPPP from that booty?