Why the FUCK does no one ever talk about this?

>working product
>fixed supply & fully deflationary
>stacked & active team
>practically scraping all time low

ATH from here is 10x in sats, about to start new market cycle. Literally why wouldn't you hold this?

It's essentially an ETF, right?

stop shilling sleeper mooners on Veeky Forums let us accumulate them while others shill shitcoins. also sage

> Token is completely pointless

You do realise all these ‘utility token with buy back’ meme coins are going to drop zero eventually right?

it’s pointless

You literally need them to open the fucking DAA's. Are you high?

The devs are liars. Got burned hard by ICN. Wish them all the best if their product gains traction, but I'm not touching that anymore because the devs have no respect for ICN holders.

>being this salty for buying at ATH

Done accumulating, I could give a fuck

So what happens if so many tokens get burnt, the price of the tokens is too high to justify anyone purchasing to use that service?

It’s a retarded financial model where you can’t win either way in the end

Meanwhile there are now several similar projects where you actually receive a share of profit, and more will come to market

... how much icn dividends have you had so far m8?

Fucking useless

Are we talking about the platform? I set up an account for my parents and bought them BLX. They are loving that shit. They log in, see a nice graph and their net worth. No fuss about private keys or other technical stuff.

Unironically they probably made more gainz than 80% of biz.

Same arguments retards used for Ethereum, go figure.

Which one of those has working products & first mover advantage again?

>I could give a fuck
Why do you insist on being a retard?

What does your ICN token do again?

Its actually an integral part of the project where it is needed to start a DAA, not to mention its holders/investors are literally paid back by the company through buyback burns with profits e.g. "receiving a share of profit" like another genius ITT said that ICN doesn't do.

Lmao did u seriously just compare icn and ethereum.

Holy fuck. Sorry m8 can’t argue with legit retards.

You skipped my question, what happens if the token becomes so expensive it’s not worthwhile buying to start a DAA?

I will continue to earn $1000 per month from my crypto dividends, enjoy ur buybacks.

>needed to start a DAA
tacked on bullshit in order to appease investors.

>buyback burns with profits
doesn't give the token value

The ICN platform itself is brilliant. Just don't convince yourself the token is anything other than an after-thought.

Former ICN holder here. The token is completely overvalued.

Buybacks incentivises the cunts to keep the price low and how the fuck do we know they're doing it anyway m8

You need $100,000 minimum to manage a DAA. Are you asking me what's going to happen when an ICN token costs >$100,000? I'm going to fuck your moms mouth, that's what.

>decreasing the supply of coins in circulation does not give said coins +value
>the fact that you need said token to start a DAA is tacked on bullshit, as opposed to a literal necessity.

Astro is legit.

Dividends are ~60% for now. Expectation is it'll raise.

There's a smart contract you can look into, you brainlet.