Why is biz obsessed with 3dpd?

Why is biz obsessed with 3dpd?

2d is clearly superior

why are chinese cartoons so arousing FUCKKK

its just normies and jeets

Neets and Chads alike know 2d is superior

what does the "PD" mean here? Always wondered that.

>what does the "PD" mean here? Always wondered that.
Pig disgusting

3D Pump&Dumps
A waifu is for laifu

im trying not to fap anons fuck

I just want to make money

turning lolis into thick grannies should be considered a hate crime

I agree, more 2d to scare the norman away

What anime does Roger ver watch?

I wholeheartedly agree

I have yet to find a single hentai in which boobs don't look Breast implant


Every day I come here for simple financial tips and I end up fapping. It's a major problem.

No argument there

Me doing the peace sign

Now I want hentai with breast implants for some reason. That sounds hot.

because normalfags

me with the glasses

I like them dark elves....

Me nopan

Yeah, I'm a little girl as well. Nobody in my class wants to trade crypto with me though. Neither do they understand any of it...
I guess I'm just very, very intelligent for my age.

I would like to reproduce with this dark elf

Guess you don't watch much H then...

>you can make millions in crypto but never be a 2D loli

What's the point?

I hear vrchat will let you do that