How many people on this board are actually capable of HODLing for 6 months or a year...

How many people on this board are actually capable of HODLing for 6 months or a year? Literally If you did this with any of the top 10 coins a year ago you would be loaded as fuck right now. But no, you decided to chase pumps.

If you drive your car using just the rear-view mirror, good luck getting to your destination.

Iv held since may and that included xvg (which I sold at 1300 sats) and there’s plenty more people like me who just hold

I've held my ETH since march of 2016. Suck a dick.

nobody ever said i wasn't a retard


You can pry my links from my cold dead hands

i am
im too lazy to do anything else once i buy and send them off the exchange
probably the main reason im successful too

$100 LINK in 6 months confirmed

I'm the guy who put 10K evenly into the top 100 alts

Holding like a motherfucker, and mining to get more linkies, i dont care about power costs, every dollar i mine is a fucking linkie thats the way i look at it..

I-it will moon in a few months and we'll all be rich by this Summer

PLEASE I need this don't fucking fall out from underneath me floor...

lol gayest shit ive seen today. nice 'wisdom' gramps

How's that working out for you?

Same I’m so close to making it, I just my folio to 3x and I’m set

When you only put 50 into it youre not really going to go anywhere, even with a couple coins. Its all about the all in and shorting game until you have a stack big enough to do as you say.

Held DOGE since 2013 here.

I literally just need VEN and ICX to 4x and I will be retired at age 23. Dropping out of college and spending the last 4 years of my life in my parent's basement being a social recluse gymcel has paid off it seems.

nice larp faggot, me too

I invested 3k into ethereum last March. Shouldn't be that hard to believe you knob

You do realize holding defeats the whole purpose of a cryptoCURRENCY, right?

Treating crypto as gold instead of cash is why it'll never gain mainstream adoption.

This is exactly why I refuse to let go of my stack of 200XRB despite making huge gains on it already... I think it's still got a lot of space to grow. Who knows though, maybe Im wrong and it'll die and i'll feel stupid. That's crypto for you.

I did, and you're right. I went from less than $8k to a peak of almost $70k in about a year (although right now it's around $49k). That isn't to say I never sell every single coin, though. XMR, ETH, LTC, and BTC are my long-term holds which I will never completely sell, but when ETH was bleeding sats for a few months last year, I sold some and put it into other coins. I also sold off much of my LTC to maximize gains during the altcoin rush. WABI is one of my long-term holds for 2018, so I'm not selling unless the dev team manages to turn into fuck-ups. I also flipped XRP for some easy gains, but I'll never hold it long-term.

But there are some shitcoins I sold at a loss. I bought TenX at around 94k sats and sold for a bit over 30k sats back in late September or early October. Pic related. I also sold ETHLend almost right at the bottom of the dip a couple weeks ago around 1200 sats literally hours before it reversed the trend and mooned to over 2000 sats over a couple days. I don't consider ETHLend a shitcoin, but it was a bad trade for me nonetheless.

>nice larp faggot, me too

Trading isn't my main job, I just put my spare money into a few solid coins and check them every once in a while. If they're doing bad I just try not to think about it.

most bizlets haven't even been in crypto for 6+ months.

This is now another shill thread.
INTchain and Bottos, I am ready to hold you for 6 months, I swear.

Might want to sell it soon enough
ETH is worth shit since it just mines itself to infinity

I'm hangin onto INTchain. That shits gonna sit til I get rich or it dies.

Bullshit, I out traded all of the top 10 coins the past year

I bought ETH with part of my student loan last April when it was $50.
Still hodling now, through every crash. I've cashed out my initial investment already so this is just pretend Internet money to me. It wasn't even really mine in the first place kek

Holding: ETH, LSK, QASH

Only adding, not touching em for 3-5 years

It's because I've only been seriously trading since September of last year. Will never understand why so many buy a lot of the most shilled coins on this board, though.

How much would you need to retire?


I've held Bitcoin for 7 years now...

I-I think it was a good quote

Sure but how much of it?

the "top 10" coins werent necessarily top 10 back then you fucking retard. it takes balls to buy into a project that NO ONE on biz is shilling and to just hold through good & bad times. often times its not even the best product that "makes it", its the one with the best marketing.

I had 600 to start, but I sold some over the years to pay for bills

I only have 120 left and a bit more BCH

I would have 300k but i kept draining my fund on heroin cocaine and fentanyl on darknets. At least im buying shit with my bitcoin lol. Started with close to 300 bitcoins i put in to buy drugs on early silk road slowly been spending them but they go up so it been like free drugs

>I would have 300k but i kept draining my fund on heroin cocaine and fentanyl
you deserve what's coming to you

This, too bad I was even more of a poorfag back then

Been holding ETH since august 2016. Should've bought more then, but what I can fucking do about it anymore.

still comfy though

you would be loaded as fuck using any strategy if you have been trading for a year.

are you mentally retarded? i made a huge profit on DGB for fucks sake, and i never even thought it was going to be a real project.

most crypto's follow the same trends, you can pick a random top 1000 coin and do fine if you just limit your gains and losses reasonably. if you're not actively trading and watching your shit potentially drop 40% overnight, then why even bother keeping track? you're back to where you were in early december. there's no reason for you to even be on Veeky Forums tbqh

i'm hoping I can read this in a year, when my VEN made me rich.

"year ago" rules do not apply anymore, people know that some ships have already sailed.

I held out for around two years my coin and I became a multi millionaire. Currently holding 220 bitcoins and will be holding that until it reaches +16k-20k then I'll sell.

Just forget about it for a year or two.

Have been holding a 2500 euro collection of bags since February 2017. Before the crash it was worth ~70k euros. Currently at around 55k, but I'm still feeling comfy as fuck.