>bellow 1c
>cheapest coin on kucoin
>newly added and all of them mooned
>sell walls getting chewed through
I present you easiest x10 there is right now, the coin is actually legit to but as always do your own research, in my books it can repeat what trx did not so long ago

if you don't have kucoin account feel free to use my ref id during signup: 1x5v7 - used one from another user when I was registering so might as well shill mine

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has the trading started already on kucoin?

What Sats must I buy at user? The walls look scary...but I heard they have some Morrocan telecomunications deal...this legit ??

>Available for Token Sale: 20%

I see theres a HUGE thread about it...jeez im getting in NOW!

yea and people are aggressively buying in, check out their product it looks pretty nice and a way better service than what is currently available.

This is 100% a easy 10x and once again biz is too stupid and will catch on once it's already mooned

>gets in before FOMOFAGS
>lambo city

I forgot to mention 95% of the sales are buys the walls do look scary but they are being chpped away pretty good.

srsly dyor on this one
didn't know, sorry for double posting

I'm trying to do it RIGHT this time. So I just bought do I know when it is done mooning? When to pull out?

Take your initial investment and some profits and ride to $1 or pull out at 10x doesn't really matter you're in early here you will make money

with these massive sell walls, I feel like we're just buying bags from ICO shillers. hmm... can anyone refute this?

Faggots you can get this on etherdelta as well but with address not name.

Thanks mate, looking into it

yup, bought in at 52 sats lol this shit gonna be easy money once the normies discover it.

No, it's same with every coin that moons. I don't know anything about this, but same went with DBC, VEN, TRX,.. you name it.

Always whales putting up huge sell walls to keep price low then gradually letting them up to not let the price run exponentially to fast and breaks the trend.

Just put money in and forget about it for next few days.

Also assuming it keeps this trendline lol, then you know where you are 20 days from now.

Easily a x10 coin.
Buy some now or FOMO at 20 cents like the normie herd.

What was the ICO price?

1 Telcoin = 0.0013 USD (0.0000018165 ETH)

It's a solid coin

It's a spamcoin, like trx with shitload of them in circulation. Still worth it when the normos overinflate it, BUY BUY BUY

This coin has the same total supply as TRON and a lower circulating supply. If it goes up to the same levels TRON did, a lot of anons here will be quite happy they bought some now.

So it pulled a 5-6x already?
lol, no thank you. Don't like bagholding.

5-6x from a limited ICO. It's worth throwing some cash at it desu.

I want it to moon sooo bad. I'm a poorfag and need this to go x10

>tfw got 13m tokens from ico



What are your price predictions for this coin?

Well I went all in on it, since I'm sure it will 5x in 30 days or less, which is what I'm fine with and it's a solid project.

I'ts also 60 sat which is the standard for moon coins, since normies like things with small price to aquire 10.000x of something.

This, normies love

ye my brother persuaded me to go in big together.
gonna suck his balls later.

those sell walls though, i don't see it getting eaten any time soon

rank 146 in cmc lmao

Nothing but buying, but there's some fat walls in place.


Damn, Telcoin is on fucking FIRE.


80 ATM, get in or get rekt

was 180+ this morning

See you in mid February, I got justed way to hard last 2 months trading.

Won't even check the market, gl.

how long should i expect a BTC deposit to Kucoin to take?

Sell before bitcoin breaks 11k again.

Easiest x10 of the week

yo do i fuckin fomo in biz?
should i drop my ENJ for this?

What price should I buy in at? Market?

>sold some of my ripple stack to fomo in
>minimum withdrawal amount not met on binance
>not trying to fomo that hard
>mfw watching this shit moon on the sidelines

Got 22k TEL at 64 satoschi - lets see where it goes

Sitting on 330k. Let's do it.

Shit it's dumping

why is my fucking deposit to kucoin taking so long CUNTS

Got in at 0.000007 ETH, where do you realistically see this going next 24hrs biz?

8 is ath, you shoulda gotten it at 5 or 6 its too late now

Does it really make a huge difference if this thing moons?

it already mooned user...

The problem is every .000001 increase moves the mcap in a huge step, and it probably already mooned..

lol, you my friend are a fucking idiot, btc just dumped...thats why...this bullish as FUCK!

Thanks just bought 100k

I thought the huge walls meant that this thing is being accumulated heavily so it's a good time to accumulate as well?


ive never purchased crypto but id like to buy this coin. how do i proceed?

>not enough volume coming in
>sell walls are way too big at this low of a price
get out while you can anons, this shit is going down

marketcap is 100m. get BNTY instead if you actually want gains

no need to shill user

TEL will be at $0.05 within a week

relax and enjoy the gains

Why did I buy this shit and not smoke a joint masturbate and go to sleep? GG anons, mooned for 8 hours straight I bought in and fucking 10 minutes later the dump starts. Fuck this shit man

Use my referral

Sell now, come back in a while when it's down 50% and ready for another mooning

kek, same with me

What the fuck OP. You just made me lose 50% of my fucking money in half an hour.

can we see this being listed on Binance in future?

What the fuck it fucking dumped.

Guys calm down this is a japanese company and they're using RUST. This is a strong project.

isn't it african?

Wtf, how? It's not even down 50% from ATH

I dunno man Rust has been early access for a while, hopefully Gary can finish it soon

seriously you fucking idiots expect to get rich overnight?

This is still under 0.01 and once news drops on this thing with partnerships. This thing will hit 0.05 in a couple weeks to a month minimum.

You're lucky if you just bought in today.

the dump lasted like 10 min its already over and moving up things dont just move up in a straight line you mongrel

stop lying to the newflags. sell walls are growing low at previous support lines.

>bought in at 80
>instantly drops to 45, I sell
>see it climbing again, get pissed and buy back at 70
> it's below 60 again


You can't help some people, user. Being listed for 7 hours is a lifetime for some people.

Watch BTC retard...everyone is shitting themselves for the flip..l2trade.

If this thing gets to 0.5 cents that would put it at 5 billion mc moron

Bout it ant 0.000007, dump to 5, chicken out at 6. Rebuy at 6. ARRRRRRR do I get out at 6? I don't want no fucking bags for a week when there's x2-x5 ICOS around the corner GUARANFUCKINTEED. Yeah I went all in, I'm a dumbass. KuCoin coins moon for a day and fall into abyss as tomorrow a new hot cake comes faggots. For this coin to get to $0.02 it would take a miracle, but I'll believe you this time. It might still reach 0.000008.

$128M markert cap, so.. If this reach top 10 we're talking x60?

A snowballs chance in hell of that happening, or just pump and dump ato x10?

>I bought high
>sold low
>bought high again
>about to sell low again


which icos are you talking about user?

It's too easy to know the P n D shills in coins like these. They throw obvious one liners to get you to buy their bags

Anything with a close to 50% increase in a day is a PUMP AND DUMP STOP FOMOING

why u mad user?

$5 bln mc is low when compared to tron (which btw is a shitcoin)

TEL has access to a $500 bln global marketplace


actually there's only 250billion in circulation, so that's 1.25b mc

i mean 25billion

I'm sure there'll be many brainlets who'll wait for 10% increase and sell everything.

Just hold on to it for 1-2 weeks. It's not that hard...

My next target is experty.

That's like saying an eshop has access to global online retail market of 3 trillion. All of this mean shit in this market, the only thing this coin has going for it is cheap price per unit making it normie friendly and that's why I'll hold it for a bit.

>Diss Krypto nigga...aiiight, joo feel me ?

I bet most of these walls of created by someone buying in 1 position below and selling 1 position above, literally milking newly incoming faggots, once the steam runs out we'll stall.

cant blame someone for a nice turnover but in this coin it is very shortsighted, its got a potential to blow up and filling your order below current price would be very lucky

Use my Cuckcoin link brah = 1vtcw

How long to hold for? I don't use kucoin so I'm not looking to check every 5 seconds

30k accumulated
Feels /comfy/

it took < 30 min for me