ZCL Moonie Landing

I'm about to get another 130 of these.

Is anyone else here feeling pretty /comfy/ about the gains that are about to come? Am I deluded? Discuss.

I mean it will easily hit 400$ when we hear about the conversion. You have nothing to lose unless you're aware of some other skyrocket shit coming out soon.

I've heard talk about the ETC fork, but idk, this seems like a no brainer

I could only afford 2.7 when they were $90

130 in one buy? what's your stack looking like, if you don't mind me asking? i'm thinking of loading up more (pushing 400 zcl's, atm), but wary of a second potential btc dip this/next week.

>buying right before a fork
>not selling fast enough after the fork
never change, Veeky Forums

15 here. Had more but wanted to capitalize on cheap CAPP before that breaks and it was on cryptopia anyway.

I have 324 right now, I just wanna buy 130 all at once right now

Ive got 50 which is about half my portfolio but the FUD on biz has been getting to me... Also wondering if I am deluded

also chuckled at the title--former moonie, here. ama

the fork isn't for at least another few weeks.
still a lot of news to come out to push the price up such as:
- completed wallet
- announcement date
- exchanges supporting fork
- exchanges adding either zclassic or BTCP

whalebro posted something about zcl announcements coming after the fork. i think there's plans to add value to zcl (masternodes). anyone have any other info on this? if so, how many zcl's we think we'd need for a node?
i'd recommend watching zcl for the next few days and buying like, 5-10 at a time. or at least wait for tonight--i'm thinkin we'll drop back down to 120ish for a bit when the whales shake out the weakies

Yeah, I was thinking about it, but we'll see how it pans out. I know it's just going to keep going up

I don't think the drop is coming.

Hard to tell in moments like these but whenever I fomo in because i dont think theres gonna be a drop there always is. Even crypto wont behave "normally" now though

Well this a news driven event and the news hasn't really hit because the date hasn't been announced. It's a slightly longer play but in my mind even at the current price it is a guaranteed 2x

I'd rather take a 2x that I know is coming in a month rather then trade some coin with a less clear cycle coming up.

Also keep in mind you probably only need 9 or less 2x trades to make it to 1m

imo it only drops if BTC shits the bed.
so long as BTC is relatively stable we should be fine.

Very true. Looking at the theory that futures crashed the market, seems reasonable that bitcoin would at least stay relatively stable in these low 5 digits so the fork should be successful. Thank you for reminding me about the 2x thing.. The fud has been gettin to me but thats a good point :-)

300 ZCL reporting in, nervous but fuc it lets go

Zcash is better

This is one big manipulation. Fork is a scam. Whales accumulated tons of this shit and will dump it all over you just before the fork.

This is more or less a hype trade, is it not?

the coin with the 20% founders reward?