Has capitalism gone too far?

Has capitalism gone too far?

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I honestly can't even comprehend how it would feel to be this sort of person

I literally can't fathom it

They "literally can't even" so you're there. Just take your inability to comprehend Tumblr shit and ability to comprehend the general way the world works, then flip it so you can only comprehend Tumblr memes and cannot process the general mechanisms of the world.

I can comprehend why they think like that, I just can't imagine being that stupid

I'm sure you can empathize with a dog, because you know how a dog thinks theoretically, right?

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He is right though. We live in a society of the spectacle and even our new forms of currency are nothing but a spectacle with nothing behind it. We no longer want to be but we want to appear to be; soon we will no longer want to have, but want to appear to have.

Noice. Capitalism is so awesome!

And as capitalism does it will let the people choose whether or not they want their blood/plasma to be sold.

I don't see a problem with this and anti-capitalists need to die.

ewww I don't want the blood of some poorfag running in my veins. Disgusting

unironically this.

when I /makeit/ I'm gonna have my own blood boy.

No, no one's forcing anyone to sell their plasma. Fucking commies think shit like this is why capitalism is evil,but forget that in a communist society, the government would take anything from you by force without compensating you for it. Commie fags can suck my big fat capitalist dick.

Hahaha - I love that show

I see nothing wrong with this. It's a voluntary exchange.

Nothing wrong with "harvesting the blood of the poor" as long as they're getting paid handsomely for it. I remember back in university I saw egg donor postings offering around $5k for an egg. That doesn't sound bad to me, considering I wouldn't even get enough to reimburse my bus fare if I had tried donating my sperm.

I don't see what's wrong with any of these.

People donate plasma and receive a financial compensation for it.

I don't know about the medical benefits of using the blood of youger people, but I'm assuming it wasn't sucked out of their veins at night by Count Jewcula without their consent, so once again: What's supposed to be scandalous about that?


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I can understand why nobody would bat an eye for getting money from donations. But paying 8K to receive a tranfusion when it's not a medical necessity, this really does nothing to you?

>Injecting some peasant's hepatitis blood into your veins

I'll leave that to people who THINK THEY'RE HOT SHIT DONTCHA.

The blood of young virgins is the best tho

>injecting non-virgin blood
Enjoy your STDs.

yeah normally you don’t get shit from donating blood why the fuck is this ugly ass pathetic piece of soyshit complaining. Not like he needs the blood for his erections or his tiny fuckin brain either way. Why would god put these sad excuses for men on this earth? To make normal men look better?

Actually it can give a big kick, some racers of tour d' france inject blood as a booster.

This startup probably runs on blockchain

It's scandolous because the poor person gets some cheap books as compensation or w/e but the company charges 8k for the blood.

At least that's the logic. The reality is that there are many costs involved in managing such an operation, including trained personnel to extract blood, facilities to store it, etc etc. The risks involved for the startup in paving a new market.

Donating blood is harmless and there are even studies showing that periodic bleeding is good for you and promotes health benefits. The only issue is the inconvenience of dealing with needles and unpleasant sensations. That's where the market comes in to decide whether some books are good enough compensation for this, or if 8k is a price people will pay for these transfusions.

Not even close

Supply and demand my negro. Women only have a limited amount of eggs while guys can produce spunk their entire lives on a daily basis.

>paid handsomely
The ad is targeted at poorfags struggling to afford even textbooks for college. They'd get something between $50-$100 range a pop.

I feel it's as unethical as it gets but literally selling your own body to afford education is probably a-ok by american standards.

no it doesn't the reason athletes do blood transfusion is because they want to hide the fact that their own blood has trace amount of banned substances. transfusing dilutes and removes those traces so it's undetectable.

As far as why some rich old guy would want to pay for blood transfusions from young people, some recent research shows that young blood temporarily boosts an older persons vitality, energy levels, makes them stronger and so forth. In other words it reverses some of the more debilitating effects of age related decline, at least temporarily. Presumably you'd be going into the clinic once a week or something to get a transfusion, or whatever the period of efficacy is. It's just old rich boomers grasping for remedies to old age.


>soon we will no longer want to have, but want to appear to have

That already happened with facebook and instagram

Blood doping is done to boost performance as it can temporarily increase blood hemoglobin levels and thereby boost performance by increasing the bloods oxygen carrying capacity. It's also really hard to conclusively detect since it's the person's own blood, no drugs involved.

>hide the fact that their own blood has trace amount of banned substances.
You make it sound like its hard to hide doping. Winners use every available resource to win, losers say steroids are unfair.

>people who want books are getting books (they can generate more plasma anyway, so it's passive income)
>people who want to pay for blood are paying for blood
>a company is generating jobs on this
>no one is forced to do anything

Pretty nice actually. OP is a commie pinko faggot.

Needs an ICO

Wrong as fuck. Blood doping increases your red blood cell count so your blood can carry extra oxygen. It's hard to detect because it's just blood.

Anyone who says "le late stage capitalism is here" is more often than not a poor depressed faggot that everyone in their real life hates so they spend all their time online lnao.

You raise an excellent point.


It's been proven that younger blood is actually beneficial to the elderly, this could potentially raise the human lifespan by decades. This isn't "late stage capitalism" this is "new-age medicine" you fucking dummy.

They do it because it apparently has rejuvenating anti aging effects. Studies in mice already confirm that old mice injected with the blood of young mice have more energy, sharper thinking, and move around more than they did previously

Theres alot of fact to ancient myths. People werent necessarily retarded in the past. Vampirism has a degree of fact to it.

My dad said everyone in the 70s would donate plasma for beer money at Villanova

This dumb faggot is just mad he didn't think of it first and has the marketing skills of a brick so he couldn't sling it to investors.
There is no such thing as an anti-capitalist, only a motherfucker who doesn't have his price on display.

>This isn't "late stage capitalism" this is "new-age medicine"
But late stage capitalism is new age medicine. Its also new age technology and science.

This. The best thing would be if it were legal (but regulated) for parents to sell their children's blood. It's harmless anyway and if a needle is rusty the poorfag parents can sue them for millions. Win-win-win

Really i'm more bothered that blood donations are being sold to rich paranoid boomers and delusional crazy people instead of used for the purpose of the donation. The people that think young people blood benefit them are also the people who have a wifi machine that only squeezes smoothies out of a bag and buys cholera water for $60 a gallon

When you're a billionaire who's slowly but surely running out of years to live you'll do desperate shit do prolong your life even by the smallest fraction of time.

What kind of pajeet country do you live in where blood donations aren't super regulated?

>people are unironically turning into commies all around
FUCK i don't want to starve man how do we stop this

Remove boomers. Anyone that is pushing communism/socialism actually just wants old rich people that inherited all their worth to be unable to make any kind of societal decisions.
That and make some basic societal benefits universal/globally accessible such as education and health care.
Wanna know why so many college students become turbo liberal and push communism? There's not any agenda that's being taught, but they're charging upwards of $40,000 a year for highschool +. Remove the idea that you have to go to college (forced by public school that you can't get out of for years)/remove the predatorial debt hounding for college and you remove the incentive to remove capitalism.

>someone elaborated on my post, better tell him to kill himself

Veeky Forums is a goldmine then.

Too bad we won;t see Urlich again.

There is literally nothing wrong with it.
It's not like poor people are exploited since they have the choice of staying dirt poor and forego any education by simply not giving their blood.
Everyone is happy through a fair exchange of services.

Next up: Organ harvesting. Why would you absolutely want to keep two eyes or two kidney when you can perfectly live with one and a year worth of great books?

>been about a year since they legalized AIDs blood donation

I'm good f.a.m.

Go pimp your wife it's just a voluntary transaction ahaha
Legit cattle.

not yet


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>tfw i want to have the blood of virile young people pumped through me when i become a cryptobillionaire

good post

It's funny because it's just the free testosterone that's giving the boost.

Just take some hgh and test and you'll feel better than a 20 year old.

>after destroying the financial future of the next generation the boomers have now moved on to sucking the actual lifeblood from the youth

Reading comprehension is important for social interactions kids, take note.

I think the point you are missing is that when people are literally selling their blood, that is usually not a choice.

Specially because it doesn't make sense, you actually spend more money to make that blood, aminoacids, plasma, than they are paying you.

People that have to sell their blood do it because it's a small lifeline.

Yep, it's really strange how people feel it's better to take away the few things some worthless people have to offer to the market, and enslave them to the state, because when push comes to shove those same people will agree the state isn't doing its job correctly.

Lockheed Martin can fail to deliver on promises every single year and sell a shitty product well above market value, yet they survive every single fiscal year. Remember that time almost every single North American automaker asked for $150 000 000 000? And got it, too? Remember when all the national banks merged and tanked the economy twice? I don't think it was 'capitalism' that stopped all these shitty corporations (and I mean shitty as in they produce a shitty product at a horrible price with workers overpaid compared to market average and they have no fixed deadlines to ever complete their work) from tanking. I don't think the 'Free Market' existed at that point. In fact, it doesn't now. It doesn't exist.

I slept in 2 hours today, and the water was cold as fuck in my shower. Very very far stage capitalism.

Deluded. Ever heard of western europe? Literally every country offers the amenities you're talking about, and the net result is more communists and more socialists. Ideologies taking things from those who have most so everyone is equal end up in a race to the bottom. People become slaves to the state and actively resent any form of success in others. It's a miserable existence, and if you think America would be better following their lead, you ought to go live in Europe for a year or two (and not as a college student, but as an adult wagecuck)

Not an argument fag, try to back up your bluster

fuck off to pol retards

its another ancap shitthread

>We no longer want to be but we want to appear to be
You are retarded if you think this would be different on other type of society.
All there is, is the appearance of what you are because it's simply impossible for anyone to capture the totality of what another human being is.

It's pretty much this. We're in a debt society. The obsession for exponential profits means that were now in a stage where we're trying to squeeze money out of people they don't have. Everything from school to medicine is focused on stealing the future from the younger generation.

You have "gook" in your id


Then you have to prove why these people are poor because of capitalism, which is a pretty tough argument to make considering the sheer magnitude of government fuckery in the economic and social spheres right now

Lol. Donating eggs goes with a hormone therapy that can fuck the donor's vagina and uterus permanently, not to mention the invasive harvesting of the egg . For a man to donate there is zero risk. Sorry your spunk is worthless in comparison.

You have no idea what you're talking about. Why are the stupid people who know nothing those that speak loudest about that said topic?

>blood seller gets money he wants
>blood buyer gets blood he wants

>squeeze money out of people they don't have.
I'm not a native english speaker and what is this

Im 0- and as such get paid 120€ by the red cross when i “donate“ my blood
I donated my blood when i was poor and i still do it
But somehow when i was poor this trade was unethical?
I see nothing wrong with people offering something and other people buying that offer

A free market is non sensical as it is not in the interest of any sufficiently large corporation.

You get many hundreds of dollars for sperm donation. The problem is you wouldn’t get accepted because you’re a fat dumb manlet with shit genetics.

Selling your blood isnt the only way to earn some money for college books
You are fucking retarded