21y old

>21y old
>started with 5k$ in crypto 8 months ago
>so far withdrawn 300k$, have 1.3m$ left in crypto
>live in shithole country where avg salary is 3k$/year
>cant pay taxes properly cause they arent regulated,cant spend any money i withdrawn in cash
>post my gains on reddit from throwaway,redditors tell me i am liar
>post my picks on Veeky Forums, get called poor fag
>manipulate markets on daily basis, depressed af
>friends have no money to do anything
>dont have gf
>getting wasted every night after quitting pot cuz of depersonalization
>see no light at end of tunnel
>probably gonna be multimillionaire cuz i cant cash out(i can but cant spend money) and this ponzi aint stopping anytime soon
>spend my days reading biz and laughing at pinkie wojaks even though i am ded inside
>help me.
>this isnt what i imagined.

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You can give me your toy money and enjoy being a real poor fag in 3rd world country

Move to another country.

where u live?

What country are you from?


>cant pay taxes properly cause they arent regulated,cant spend any money i withdrawn in cash
Elaborate. Why can’t you spend money? Because you need to tax it first? Is crypto taxable in your country?

Small european country. cant say which one.

move country idiot

>but cant spend money

why though?

if theres more than 10 people in your country you have nothing to worry about porzingis.

send me some ETH user, if nothing else it’ll make me happy

think of it as charity

move to belarus

This meme is stale

Cash out and spend money you loser. Make a new bank account with scheduled transferred with references like "casino win". Take lump sums to casino and turn over your own money. Play roulette and bet on both red and black for 99% return. Leave casino with money and then kys for making this thread

you made 1.6M with 5K in 8 months. Sure.

im waiting for them to regulate it so i can start paying taxes on money i already withdrawn. they are corrupt idiots so they are probably going to tax it like income(40%). im going to pay that but then i am moving money offshore if they gonna tax me at that rate. sold btc for cash 150k$ but cant spend it without raising red flags. fml

user what coins got you this gains

send some pls

kys larper

kept increasing my eth stack. started with ~100 eth, made 1500+eth. sold some at 300, 600, 900, but still have almost everything.

Why dont you start a group where you help us small fries by manipulating certain markets?you could make a difference in someones life without spending anything. Making money isn't everything

move out of shithole

Move to a non shithole get new friends and bang hookers you retard

Yeah you can't say cause you don't want someone who knows about the tax laws in that country ruining your larp

i am already helping some people to make money and i am in few groups that got good research. i thought about starting my own group but i dont think its worth it. people who havent made this much in crypto don't believe you when you say you did it. like this guy above. you can do anything if you understand what is moving markets

Move to Paris OP. They seem to have lax immigration laws. Spend money as you wish. Smash french hotties all day.

you are fucking pathetic OP, move to a college town and buy rental property, rent exclusively to girls. Use tricks to get them in debt to you and exploit them sexually for back rent.

if this is true just move to another a better off country dumbass or a better neighborhood in your country. No matter where you live there is always an area where the rich live

Take a screenshot.

I might know who you are if you're from Latvia.

Nice larp faggot

There are no "poor" countries in Europe you fucking nigger. Come to me my friend, Switzerland is the land where milk and honey flows in streams.

pls send ether
0x1f5adc4120381605ff1bd6aae0e0d826870e952b i need more icx

Is there any way I can contact you? I would love to learn from you if you'd be willing to take me on too. Do you have a throwaway email? Or if you'd be willing to email me, mine is [email protected]

Are you retarded?

Help a poor fag pay february month OP
Come to finland to live afterwards

Send me some eth and I'll believe you... Please.


What country?

Most Eurpean countries are pretty well off. "Europoor" is just a meme by dumb burgers who honestly think they are richer than Europeans.

You from Slovenia?

Lmao get a load of this live action role player lmao. He's not just bullshitting on the internet he's actually live action role playing lmaoooo

I will actually help you move to a western country and am willing to go out of my way to make sure that it happens if you can send me some eth: 0x9f690fb08f8866acc9603b52904e4f3e4b985533

Post a throwaway email if you're actually interested

Op clearly from moldavia or albania lol

Avg sallary is not 3k here

Maybe you're not made to be rich.
Find a charity to support

get back on the weed unironically

Maybe if he means M as in mille = 1000

Post a photo of a screen with account balance at ANY exchange with handwritten timestamp or go fuck yourself.

If you are not a LARPer I will help you with all my knowledge and resources.

Possible, if you margin trade.

Hes either from moldova or georgia

Thanks for not asking for "donations" and shit like that. Anyone here asking for free money can fuck off, there is so much money in crypto you can make if you dedicate your time to this.

feel free to add me on discord, i just made throwaway account. if you are serious about making money, and want to spend hours researching projects and coming up with good ideas and then promoting your picks, i can guide you or we can do it together. i doubt i will be making any group since crypto is already fucking me up too much.


op, add me. beggers, gtfo.

not slovenia but close.

even bigger shithole

You should invest that money, build up an empire, let pros pick stocks for you, reinvest, be the new crypto world order while trying not to kys living as a virgin in shithole island.


Bitfinex or Bimex ma nigga?

>average salary in country is 3k$/year
>started with 5k$ in crypto 8 months ago
>be 21y old

Croatia? Or Bosnia

come to germany as a refugee

Moldovia or Ukraine, the only 2 european nations with sub 4k income, sub 3k exactly....

both suck hard.

If it's not regulated then they can't tax it differently you LARPing sandnigger. Claim it as any other income if you're worried about taxes, or fuck off and stop shitting up my board with your kike role-play.

You could pay someone in btc to fly/sail you out of your shitty country. Then pay someone in btc for papers then send wire the money to a coinbase account as a first world citizen



not that bad. I'm German and would welcome rich easteuropean user. Bring some hot chicks too.

Leave country and start a new life. Unless you live in India or an African country

Give 10k to homeless guy, imagine the confused look on his face

i can withdraw money and pay whatever taxes that isnt problem, i will figure it out. im just telling you guys to be careful, markets are very manipulated and average person here doesnt understand shit. and money isnt everything. i cant buy shit with money unless i decide to leave my family,friends and country and move somewhere where im not going to do any kind of job and just be depressed as fuck. if anyone went through this shit please tell me how you managed it because i dont see what im going to do

4/10 on larp, kek on smoking pot to forget. you should swap to alcohol to really destroy braincells

Not only that, your green texts are boring as hell

tl;dr: you are a depressed no-coiner who lives with his parents
get a job and then move out of the country.

You talk like a retard, you brag about your gains by making your own thread, you think you are special. Thousands of us have become millionaire with cryptos, and the majority left this shithole. Only retards like you brag about it. I hope you have the worst materialistic and shallow life you want to have.

Don't listen to him, materialism != happiness

I knew a Jordan B in elementary (I'm also 21) who was pretty tech savvy and I believe smart enough to invest in crypto, if you're slavic maybe we know each other.

Romania or Bulgaria?

If you're not gay, that works against depression, but never tell her about crypto. And buy sometimes small stuff for your family.

> people actually believe this shit, without any form of proof

This is how coinshilling fucked up ur brain idiots

To be honest, I would consider moving to a better country. Some make the visa process pretty easy if you have enough $$$.

USA included.

Look into your options, man. I have faith in you.

>x320 in eight months
ebin story! subscribed!

i have a feeling you’re filipino

Or help fix your country, turn it into something that isn't a shit hole. You may need to make more money first

screenshot to proof fgt

a wojac to cheer you up OP

>european country
>avg salary 3k$/year

nice larp

Comone man, you make 1.6MM and you can´t find the way to cash out? wtf is wrong with you? Research moar about tax system and laws in your country. See what you can do to cash out that. I was already thinking in make some "team" to help people to cash out money from crypto taking some % from the amount. I am living in South America and my family are from Russia. Maybe I could help you, because my country don´t have regulation on crypto and maybe it will be not so difficult to cash out here, pay some tax and then send you using some big bank (paying fees n shit). I know that sounds bad and you should believe me to accept that kind of transaction,but it´s your decision. And it´s will be better to find the way to cash out in EU. I bet you live in a EU country? If yes, what the fuck are you crying here?

If not a LARP then Moldovia or Urkaine. Dont know much about Moldovia but Ukraine is fucked up hard. The only thing getting fixed is you if you have money and want to do something good there.

Have you at least looked into ways to move? Can it really be that hard with your kind of money? Am I really this lucky to be a EU resident? (Which I assume you're not, or you would have figured it out already.)

It's fucking larp. No country in Europe has 3k per year average. Don't be ridiculous.

i still havent decided if i want to move. i have fighted against that my whole life, it is why i got into IT and online jobs at 15, because i knew that the only way to stay in this country is if i work online. now that i "have made it", i dont want to move, but i see no other option. i plan on travelling for maybe 3 years and then moving somewhere because i see no future here for me. i guess that with this amount of money, moving should be easy as hell. problem is in my head

move to another country and send some coins this way and help a brother out.!

come to europe buddy and you will see. 3-5k$/y and expenses are way above that. europe isnt germany and uk only. go east.


Moldau and Urkaine both sub 3k in 2016

>money can't buy happiness meme
nice larp

By the way, as far as I know the Netherlands only taxes you on predicted capital gains, so everything that outperforms conventional investments is basically free of tax! Although I haven't tried it out yet, as I am still far below the 25k they start taxing at.

Hey little pro tip. You can hire people to take care of your finances for you. They are called accountants and attorneys. You pay them a few % and they bring you your money in suitcases full of cash, or inside the buttholes of strippers, or any fucking way you want them.

minimum wage in poland is not much higher than that actually when you look at it past taxes

i hired team of attorneys to find about taxes and help me with them, but state isnt responding for 3 months now. so i will deal with it soon. i am not retarded, i have pulled more than enough to cover whatever they ask. this post wasnt about getting help with taxes. but i would never pull all my money here, no way im paying these corrupt retards 200-400k$.

If you don't have something holding you there then move and start a new life from scratch, remember to pay your taxes first.

Also if you want to help out with any ETH 0xcc4a469a91723c0e6d83a36274a12dffab0d7706

If you're a EU citizen, you can easily move to cyprus and get the "non-dom" status there. No tax on (private) crypto gains and 12.5% company tax.

Macedonia, right?

Look into getting a citizenship by investment in a foreign country. That, or obtain residency in a country with no crypto taxes, then withdraw and spend your money there.

holy shit thats just inhumane