1 BTC != 1 BTC

1 BTC != 1 BTC

Some butters state, and others state satirically, that 1 BTC = 1 BTC.

With the US dollar, 1 dollar today equals 1 dollar tomorrow and 1 dollar 10 years from now. 1 dollar always equals 1 dollar. If I have 1 dollar, I can give it to someone else, and they get 1 dollar. So, when it comes to US dollars, we can state:

1 USD = 1 USD

Is the same true for bitcoin? No, because there are transaction fees. I can't give you 1 BTC right now without paying a transaction fee. So, my 1 BTC is worth less than 1 BTC.

In fact, if the transaction fee rises to 1 BTC in a year, then my 1 BTC becomes entirely worthless at that point. Formally, this means:

1 BTC = (1 BTC - FEE), if (1 BTC > FEE): 0, otherwise

where FEE is the transaction fee. Or, more simply:

1 BTC != 1 BTC

Enjoy the quantitative easing

my money goes down. my satoshi goes up.

The same could be said of taxes.

USD has fees too retard. It's called inflation.

>1 dollar today equals 1 dollar tomorrow and 1 dollar 10 years from now
>this is what the goyim actually believe

inflation is the increase in prices in products you fucking moron. if products increase in price they are also more expensive for bitcoin


Jesus Christ you people are dumb.

>can't make argument
>ad hominem
stop embarrassing yourself brainlet, you obviously didn't even know what inflation is

Fiat is always a bad investment.
On the other hand crypto is unknown, though some are better than others in practicality.

you can lose 1 USD in a fire. My BTC are safe in my wallet in the cloud.

sit the fuck down.

big if true

You can't give me 1USD without paying a fee to the banks for a transfer. If you decide to give me a 1USD bill then I can give you a hardware wallet with 1BTC in it.

Thus if 1USD = 1USD then 1BTC = 1BTC

thats because fiat is a currency not an investment you fucking moron. a currency is supposed to be a store of value not an investment

>safe... in the cloud

The fuck is your problem autismo?
My post was clear enough, no need to throw a fit.

your a idiot

>be yuropoor
>have internet bank account
>pay 0eur/month
>5 ATM withdrawals free
>paying by card free
>sending money within EU free
you seriously have to pay for sending money?

Are you fucking stupid or something?

If you use VISA or whatever the fuck card you have you're paying a 3% fee of anything you buy to VISA, the same happens with the shop that takes your payment, they have to pay 3% fees for sending the money to the workers etc. This is a hidden fee that is never shown, but is always there.

We don't really use credit cards to shop in Europe.

>buy groceries
>pay by cash $20
>pay by card same $20
i'm not sure i follow. are you saying that it doesn't matter what payment option you use, you still pay 3% hidden fee? :)

>If you use VISA or whatever the fuck card you have the seller is paying a 3% fee
things don't cost a different amount if i use my debit card or cash

The fee is priced in.
Every time you make a transaction, you make bitcoin more valuable because value=utility=transaction.

debit cards as well, user. I am european btw

I don't know what shit bank you're at but there's no fee on debit card payments for me.

The price is embedded into the prices of the goods. It's precalculated so the shop can pay the 3% fee straight without losing anything

reply to please

i think you're just a good goy being HEBREW'D hard. there is no difference in prizes. all the costs of VISA transactions are on sellers shoulders here

It's not the bank you mongoloid, can you read? It's VISA and all the other card companies, how do you think they make their money?

so everybody paying cash is being 3% overcharged?
thank god for e-shops and competition!

the original guy was a retard. the seller pays a fee each transaction to use visa/mastercard whatever. i'm not an expert but i thought it was a flat fee and not even a percentage like the other user was saying.

Your argument doesnt make sense, sending money electronically costs money regardless weather crypto or fiat, if you printed 1btc on a paper wallet and gave to someone it would still be 1btc,

Banks do require payment for their service at the seller end.
But that still doesn't mean I pay a fee.
I don't pay a fee on
Banks make their money by playing with yours and offering insurance services.
I don't pay for anything on my account and I get a very meager yearly interest.

You're right. The cost of apples and oranges is really high these days. I think like 24 apples from today are about worth the value of NY state in the 1600s right?