Where are my sideways brothers at?

BNTY, get on in here too you sideways bastards

omg i have bnty and dbc, too. bought both around 6 and 7 cents. was thinking of just selling bnty. they both seem stuck. going crazy lol.

Im going crazy too. Just want some upward movement!

nah don't sell yet they aren't even close to their ATH's.

I guess I though they would recover a little faster than this.... womp

Also, it's almost like people have lost complete interest in these...

If I were you, I would just drop those bags ASAP and get into AIX.

i sold at 1640
i think btc is going to crash again so ill buy back in later

LOL thats a good one. You are down almost double what DBC is the last 7 days. Omg im dying. I didnt even know till just now, I couldnt believe it. Those bags must be crazy heavy. Sorry, im not taking any from you

I shit load of us have jumped shit to tel and are way up, gl brain bros.

2 more days of sliding and I sell.

it might slide till end of next week forming a cup

If it wasn't that the swinging of this is providing me with entertainment I would be so much more bummed out. 5k fry here.

You guys need Carlos from NY. It's your only hope.

I'm so tired of it being stuck at 19 cents. i might sell

I got in a 8c, should I sell?

It's going to be higher than 19c at the end of the month. How much, who knows. Sideways is a huge step up from the nonstop bleeding. Holding 60k here until late this month at least

a cup and handle is forming, would love to see this at $1 USD asap or EOM.

you really think 1$ in a week? seriously

I will tell it nicely only once: Don't fucking sell before feb.

no clue, I just see a cup forming slowly. Hope it stays. But then, also looks like BTC is forming an upward wedge, which means... good luck DBC. Could see another dip.

Dude. There's 20 billion circulating coins.

BTC will dip to 5-6k. It historically ALWAYS dipped to 25% of its ATH. Maybe it won't hit it exactly, but I think it will still go a bit lower.

Exquisite meme sir

Sorry I was in the wrong post! LOL

1.5 Billion you fucking stupid cunt gtfo

i'll give you another one