Recommend me good Kucoin coin under 1$, no memeshit garbage

recommend me good Kucoin coin under 1$, no memeshit garbage.

>chooses coin based on coin price
you aren't gonna make it, user


How much eth to have a mature mommy gf?

mommy milkies naw mommy

telcoin, motherfucker, look that shit up

been hearing good shit about act/achain. apparently the founder's gonna speak at a crypto conference in miami in a few hours, kicking off the western marketing campaign (yes, it's a chink coin, but, idk). look into it!

Look up market cap, get PBL, and shut the fuck up nigga

its one of the cheapest coins right now
10x possible EOM

Mom why are you dressed like this


>under $1
>no memeshit garbage

For you? I hear great things about BitConnect

Check snovio

Flixxo - 25M marketcap - 30c atm.. 3x takes it back to where it was a week ago before bitcoin drama.

Flixxo - Aiming to create a decentralized video distribution network where users will be the owners and beneficiaries of their content. Flixxo eliminates intermediaries by letting advertisers, viewers, and content creators engage with each other directly

Federico Abad - Creator of Popcorn Time(compared to NetFlix for ease of use, 100M+ Users)
Pablo Carbajo - Creator of Riecoin. 15 year experience developing embedded systems at IBM, Toshiba
Adrián Garelik - Co-Founder at RSK Labs. Developing solutions for OTT since 1998. Film producer.

I don't get that picture. Like there's a girl next to here who is most likely here daughter, so it's inappropriate for her to be dressed like that. It'd be a different story if it was just her and her husband celebrating, but there's at least one other person. Do women think it's appropriate to be dressed like that in a social situation?

Really makes you think. I guess every picture is worth a thousand words. Oh well, that's all for now hehe

Unironically DBC.

man i unironically used to fap to this pic back in the day, wish there were more of this milf

i was thinking about this but it seems that everyone is making fun of it

DBC is a great coin, under $1 and has great potential to become a top 10 coin very soon$

>coin created by an argentinean
hahaha fuck off, don't invest

TELcoin my dude, will get pumped very soon


Yeah because of the aborted moon mission, it got fucked by whales then by the Dip. Still a x5 is likely now, but weak hands need not apply.

>Argentine coin

sorry, i'm not looking to have someone scam me

CAN is going to $0
May be worth buying then

Yeah motherfucker, let's just totally ignore that massive wall of sell orders because I like to call people motherfucker even though I'm a total dumb shit.

literally Telcoin faggot.
>listed 6 hours ago on KuCoin
>cheap entry point
>market cap at $140M
>one of the largest chat applications in the world

nice digits

Be realistic. Top ten no. Top 50 yes.

>thinking sell walls matter for a coin that just listed
you're a fucking idiot. look at the actual orders coming in, almost all buys

Sell walls are used to keep the price down. So why is that a bad sign to buy now?

TELCOIN just got listed.


TEL u stupid pajeet unless u h8 money then stay the fuck away cuz we going 10x on this bitch lmfao


Is this a mature women thread?

You know that all that shit gets absorbed by the book don't you? No, you didn't. Because you're a stupid ignorant retard. Doesn't your shift at McDonalds start soon? Better get dressed

look at the total supply of telcoin, this will go nowhere

also like achain, drastically undervalued, but /biztards only want to here about shitcoins with memes these days


theres no whitepaper there for it? Looks like ai mumbo jumbo..

t. data analyst

Ignore everyone in this thread and get yourself some cheap PRL user

This. PRL actually has a nice concept. And yes i know it doesn't work and it's shit but if you think like that you shouldn't be in crypto as none of it works or has any reason to exist


haha, true. Im amazed by how many people actually think this shit is worth anything.

Of course it does but when a coin is brand new there are no existing buy walls because people are buying out the ICO holders. So it creates the false perception of everyone wanting to sell off. Stay poor

prob her daughter

they both about to get B L A C K E D

u clearly are deluded
maybe right for the shortterm shitcoin with big gains

there r some very good projects with actual use out there, if u can profit from them through the coins is another thing



Doesn't work? It's still in development and the first testnet is coming out this month. For once you have a product that could easily be mass adopted and you decide to ignore it on it's early days?

+ if you don't get the hype potential this has... i'm sorry my man, you aren't gonna make it

Actually read his post this time

god dam theres so many of you dumb pajeets. Were literally give you the easiest fucking 5-10x of the week by shilling your dumbass to buy TEL and most of you are in some shitcoin that was pumped and dumped weeks ago lmfao. how you gonna make it user(s)?


you sure son?

bitclave CAT

just transferred btc to kucoin for TEL, whats the deposit wait time?


How the fuck do people even use that shit? The format is impossible to work on mobile. Do you sit at your computer all day?