I'm 26

I'm 26
Retarded..I can't swim or drive
I have 1 year college
I'm dumb..
I'm fit..and gay dudes like me..

How do I improve my situation in life?

Please just give me a goal plan..

Do I just move go to college and improve myself and hope for the best?


This, gay people pay good

.__. I could be gay stripper gays love mag body..but on the same hand I have a near micro dick
Smol 5.5..

Join the army if you need someone to tell you how to live your life.

want a bf?

Go to Thailand. Start working in the prostitution. Asian women love white man.

...You're white are you not?

Tried..got kicked out since I can't fold clothes

sure r u gay..

my dicks small and girls don't like me..just gay men..

Put a sock in your shorts and bartender a gay club and hire a life coach they don't cost much or join one of the branches that don't see combat but pay well

If you got money saved up, i'd go travel a bit. Take it easy, enjoy white beaches and try new things, who knows what you discover about your interests? Maybe you will end up working in a Zoo or something.

I guess I'm just too scared to take the steps to just fucking go..

>I'm 26
>I can't swim

Yeah I think a lot of people do at first, new things are scary because they threathen the false comfort zone you're in. But once you do it, its so fucking liberating.

Just take small steps:

1. Pick a country
2. Apply for Visa
3. Get necessary medical precautions
4. Book ticket

Once you got that ticket booked, you will go. ANd don't worry, there are always plenty of people in every country just like you, that don't really have a clue what they're doing. You can easily meet them up in bars/hostels etc.

Just take some risk and chances


I think I wanna use my money for steady place idk .__.

I guess you had lazy parents who didn't teach you anything?

Just giving suggestions... not really sure what you can do.

It's ok user I really appreciate it.. I love you .__.

Abusive bad people..

How severaly retarded you are OP? asking for real.

Do you have any interest at all or hobbys?

Just really really really dumb..

Can't dress well..dirty butthole..ik that because when I was in military I had the dirtiest underwear by far..can't drive..I can read books I guess..I was a c b student.

But a doctor told you that you have some brain issues or that you are retarded or what?

Isnt there something that you like to study or something?

How can you not drive? Pic related

I've never been to a doctor. You can't fix stupid.

I'm right in between retarded and normal. Just mediocre and below average at everything. I get bullied at work for being dumb

I'm dumb

Well i don't know to be honest, which is your work?

80% of people is mediocre and average at everything including myself

Post pics or you are gay and dumb.

I'm literally retarded im jobless...I might as well get used to the homeless life.

I'm hot..

>posting worst girl
ok she has a good voice but thats about it

I just like the pic tbqh..

Are you a trap?
Post pics

go to adv

I came here to post this. Fpbp.

Dat privilege


Stop calling yourself stupid you idiot that's step 1
We've had and have stupid presidents that's not your problem your problem is you're a massive pussy

Search inside

Have you ever been kicked out of the military for being to dumb?

Have you ever been bullied at every job you've ever worked at?

why exactly were you kicked out?

Too stupid

Failed swimming tests and bunk bed stuff

where are you staying now?


I have enough to just go tbqh

You talk like a girl, I would fuck you in your boipucci tbqh

Post ass pics

honestly just go to college. college is literally a nursery school for adults. youll find other retards like yourself and be pampered. take loans and do it, it's the best thing for you, honestly. choose an easy major like psychology

I'm a muscular hairy man..

I probably should I mean why not..

Just stay in /biz all your are already here. I also suggest you to invest into cryptomoneys

What real life application does swimming have? I can't swim either, don't even need to tell people about this.

do it, live in the dorms.

That shit is a scam..

Hello user, how can I fuck your mom?