Elon musk coin

elon musk coin
did u buy the dip user?

There's an announcement tomorrow from the team

I wonder if it'll hit $1 before then

as long as it goes back to its ath i 2x. Take me to mars

This will be top 10 by market cap

If they land a big name yes, almost certainly.

No because I'm not retarded enough to buy during a bear market.

Comfiest hold in my portfolio, shits gonna make me rich. Fuck this wagecuckery.


what update? Just Friday stuff or something big?

Be humble REQies, we dont know what this annpouncement is going to be, stay humble. Its a great project but stay humble. The HUGE problem with this coin is it could either nonstop mooning so if you sell your fucked, or it could hit ATH then bleed for two weeks again

If you don't have the balls to buy in bear markets you should get out now kiddo

they dont do announcements every friday

not buying at litterally 50-60% discounts. Do you have no faith user?

>making investments based on "balls" instead of market analysis

Ok, tell me how that goes

Do we know what to expect from these biweekly updates? I would think big news would be it's own announcement

what are the odds this goes above 1.5 by year end?

Im almost tempted to shill my rich parents on this coin and take half the profits once it goes above a dollar. It seems like such a sure thing considering how over valued other shit coins are and how undervalued this gem is.

I have nothing left to throw at REQ, even through the dip i never thought about selling once.

Don't have high hopes. It's just a bi-weekly update

I get insane gets everytime i post in a REQ thread, wtf

1.5 by the end of q1 is very realistic.

REQ is blessed by sacred numbers

I've never seen them do that once so far. I'm guessing if it was a partnetship they wouldn't have a say in the matter.

$1.5 is almost guaranteed unless the crypto market or the project collapses. ATH is only at $1.2.

The slightest announcement like a partnership will make this thing moon. This is a ticking time bomb. We need to be comfy holding till at least the end of Q1 though.

Holy shit.

Weird, whwn i bought into req yesterday i've had the exact amount of 2222 now i've bought in again and it was exactly 4444.

This shit is rigged.

$1.5 by end of this month.

Oh shit. REQ Gods have spoken. Buying 100k.

>bear market

Definitely a hold. A bit like LINK, just don't know when the announcement that will push it upwards sharply will come. But it will, just need patience.

why elon musk coin?

because fuck the moon we going to mars

Hahah, I kinda keked

Comment was painful to read. Holy shit someone can't be this dumb.

No, I bought much lower than this dip and kept my hand strong.

I only have 165 of these coins. How much do I need to buy to see a good gain 1000+


>not 1488

Elon is too busy reinventing the wheel and battery to busy himself with crypto.

737 here
All I want is 750

Anyone seeing this?

is this shitcoin ever going to move

You should sell man its not going anywhere




same, i only buy at ATH becase im smart




This week is going to be huge though... Berlin insider here

rare mountain jew here. 1 req = 1 btc eoy

Oh! Based berlin insider, like i said stay humble REQies dont get hopes up, but for the love of God HODL

How many REQ to buy this waifu?

100 REQ to import some asian girl.
1000000 USD to pay for her plastic surgery.