Lendconect (LCT) 5% daily gains

All you have to do is buy coins on coinexchange.io, send to the lendconnect dashboard after you make an account, and lend the coins out. You get a 5% daily bonus on top of whatever the coins increase in value. Although the 5%gains you get are dependent on the price when you put the coins up, not the current price of the coin.


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BTW u really think anyone will fall for this shit after BCC drama? kek





Bitconnect was a fucking ponzi scheme. How is this a ponzi scheme?

or do you just mean the name

neck yourself, pajeet.

Fuck off you idiot. We all know you get a % return from people you sign up.

Ever heard of DavorCoin?

I'm not sending my shit anywhere go kys

yea you get a bonus for referral, but that's not the point, you throw 1k in here and get roughly 50$ a day for doing jack shit. plus the gain the coin makes after the contract ends.


Look at this chart. Notice the pyramid. You're trapped in a scam, user. I bet you can't even take your money out. How did you not notice this was a scam? Genuinely curious.

So there's a ref feral bonus on top of the 5% daily gains. And its shaped like a pyramid. Doesn't make the whole thing a ponzi scheme. Also i've already sent coins back and forth from coinechange, so I can withdraw.

lol is this shit for real

Fuck off asshole. Go educate yourself on a ponzi. Anything guaranteeing any amount of % of return is a scam. I hope these pajeets take your entire life savings.

lol my lifes savings. I threw some pennies in here to see if it would work and it does. Thought id share.


You can withdraw... Until you can't.

Honestly, I'm going to put about 1k in this and hopefully I'll make some profit before it inevitably tanks. Bitconnect lasted a year.

Yeah, it's taken directly from their website.

Dude. This has genuinely made me a bit upset. You seem to genuinely believe this. Take your money out ASAFP, you're 100% locked into a scam.


oh boy oh boy another ponzi

You are exactly here: youtube.com/watch?v=BAeaqeN-shs

Honestly you might be right. But that's fine. I'm already up, and with 30m mcap it will only go up. This isn;t something to dump all you have in, but ez gains are inevitable

What the actual fuck. This exists.


The site OP links is a scamsite btw. The real adress is lendconnect.io only.

more like triangle scheme

Why not just call it "ponzicoin"? At least that has a nice ring to it. Lendconnect sounds boring as fuck.

its a referral link but you do you man

It's litterley a pyramid


Isn't every referral basically a pyramid scheme? Honestly this post was about the 5% gains from lending coins out. You don't even need the referral shit its just extra.

>Isn't every ref-
NO. Fuck no. If you keep getting money from your referral's referrals, that's a ponzi. If you get a single time bonus everytime your ref purchases and everybody gets the same bonus for their refs as well, that's a legit ref bonus.

come on, there are over 1000 coins out there, some even have a clear use and solve a clear problem. Why pick this one? the risk isn't wort it.

Either way its not the point. Bonus pyramid scheme referral on low mcap coin that will only grow. Site has only been out weeks.