Let's be real for a minute. Is crypto actually going to change the world?

let's be real for a minute. Is crypto actually going to change the world?

Sometimes I wonder if this is just a pipe dream that I'm going to wake up from someday and cringe when I look back on it

Did the internet change the world? Crypto will be bigger. But maybe I'm also delusional.

No. Will not. As long FIAT->Shitcoin is regulated, nothing is won. Banks will overtake it and make a commodity out of sending everybody money for 0.01% cost. Even if Facebook decides to create its own shitcoin to allow customers to send monies around the world, it will always require full name and shit.
90% of crimes on the internet is paid by crypto. If this reaches the normal pop and dop criminals, Govs will come hard on this. China and Korea is just the beginning of the end.

Yes it will the change the world but it won't change the fact that OP is a massive raging faggot.

It will change the entire way the dental industry works user, just HODL Dentacoin and Tron for 5 years and you're set for life


>being this much of a brainlet

what is the black market


I have an idea of how block chain can change the world but you faggots would steal it so wait for the pre whitepaper

Im not even gay but that's a very nice ass

The currency itself won't but blockchain will. Old money won't go down that easily no matter how inflated their printed ious get.

No, it's just a funny meme. There is nothing great about blockchains. Nothing.
However it is more profitable for companies nowadays to throw this buzzword around to attract teenage investors.

Nah, as long as Fiat regulation / control prevents people from doing business with certain people / nations, cryptocurrency will always live alongside as strong alternative. Fungibility and automation is also very important.

Not crypto. The blockchain.

yes, you're just early in and don't know what the future will be. like early cellphones

>Im not even gay but that's a very nice ass

I'm jealous . Wish mine were bubble too. Bet he does lots of squats


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not really, maybe as much as paypal

Blockchain is the technology that changes the world, bitcoin is to blockchain what the browser is to the internet