Who else missed out on all 10-100x in 6 months coins?

>didn't buy VEN at 3k sats
>didn't buy XBY at 200 sats
>didn't buy AntShares/NEO at 1k sats
>didn't buy ICX at ICO price at 7k sats
>didn't buy XRB at 2k sats
>didn't buy OMG at 20k sats
>didn't buy ZCL at 20k sats
>didn't buy DRGN at 2k sats
>didn't buy KCS at 3k sats
>didn't buy COSS at 600 sats
>didn't buy ELIX at 700 sats
>didn't buy ZRX at 1.8k sats
>didn't buy DENT at 10 sats
>didn't buy POE at 60 sats
>didn't buy REQ at 800 sats
>didn't buy ENG at 4k sats
>didn't buy LINK at 1.6k sats
>didn't buy COLX at 2 sats
>didn't buy XVG and TRX(shitcoins I know) at 57 and 20 sats

>all low cap coins currently shilled are FUDed hard
Tell me there's still hope

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XLM still has another run for 1000%+ gains

>didn't buy tel at 600 vits

s a v e y o u r s e l f

very few people actually bought these coins early, and of that number even fewer held until now. stop whining and just look for another moon. they are out there.

>didn't buy into ethercraft early


Huh? Why is REQ in there. It's still easily going to do another 10x by end of Q1.

Get involved, son.

VEN is going to x10 real soon.

>not buying INT right now

what's so good about being poor?

There is CAT

>tfw bought Coval at 40 sats
There's hope for me yet

I bought Ven superlow, 21k of them.

Sold them too early.

If I just held they would total more than my current blockfolio lmao


Looks nice but almost 100 million cap, and 2/3rd of the coins are locked up

Im here to save you faggot. RESEARCH INT!!!

90m market cap, IBM, MICROSOFT, HUAWEI partnerships, IoT project, team is full of IoT specialists who have worked at big tech companies. NO WESTERN MARKETING YET.

Mate if you will just ignore this, you really deserve to be poor. Dont be poor user. Its shit.

xlm bat bnt link zcl yw

the only ones of these that i actually caught were REQ (670 sats), LINK (1350 sats) and ZRX (1440 sats). consolidated everything into LINK on the mega-dip yesterday.

it really doesn't take too many consecutive moon missions to send your portfolio into the stratosphere. went from $1,000 to $50,000 in two months simply by riding REQ --> REQ/ZRX/LINK --> 100% LINK



All guaranteed to at least x10, up to potentially x100, in the next few months.

You're welcome. Just don't bitch on here when they do it if you don't bother investing.

I missed out on a lot of gains because I was a retarded daytrader and sold XVG, VTC, FUN, and others before their big pumps

oh boi, I actually got 2 of those listed there. Can't hold more though as that would be too diversified.


I feel you. Would probably be at 100k or more right now if I didn't try to daytrade and just held. But now I'm even below my initial investment. Which I started exactly 1 month earlier, and not mid December, so I would've been where I'm now when the moons started, and not after everything's pumped to heaven.

I didn't take profits when trx went from 280 to 2000.

Holding and hoping it goes past 2000 again

If HPB and INT go 100x I will Cafee. And I will be happy about it.

what are the next 6 month coins

You mean you'll eat your thick juicy cock?

Ofc. Surprised you needed to ask.

INT logo is a sign.

biggest gem : eidoo. DYOR
it will do 10x in next 4 weeks

Both have potential.

If you want a potential x200 or x300, research Nimfamoney.


in my best guess, verge and fun will go bananas in next 30 days

I dont get it, why is this coin shilled so much?

>If you want a potential x200 or x300, research Nimfamoney.
pls I fucking hope this will happen in a few months. That will literally make me a millionaire in my country. Only FUD I can see about this project is:
>slav exit scam!(without further explaination)
>devs look too young
>whitepaper has a smiley in it, although I gotta say it's kinda far from the most professional white paper I've read

Platform with working product at just $1 mil market cap

most of these are from pump and dump groups, some of them are complete and utter shit like ufr

- Buy Nimfa
- Deposit it into platform to receive x3 nimfa
- Trade for eth within the platform
- Buy token of choice
- x3 profits
- Pay back nimfa loan plus 10% of profits
- Keep the rest

And the stop loss is set to 33% (the initial investment) so you can only lose that if you make an utterly shit trade.

The platform is already operational, they have plans to allow it to work with ICOs (so margin traded ICOs) and the marketcap is currently around $1m.

That's why. With the speculation driven trading, and the demand to buy nimfa for the margin loans, this could EASILY reach $200-$300m marketcap or beyond, which is x200 or x300 from here, roughly.

It's just very under the radar at the moment. I guess people get impatient and want to shill it.

telcoin you fucktard or stay poor

Such a retarded statement I don't even know where to begin.

>> most of these are from pump and dump groups

Kek. Please actually don't invest in any of these. You don't deserve it.

Yeah, I got in early December, didn’t learn about alts until they all crashed last week/this week.

I bought some LINK/XRP on the dip though

Only one that I know that is shilled by PnD groups are UFR. I won't say you can't make money on it though, but it seems too risky for me

>all this and he STILL didnt buy HORSE
its like you want to lose money

Biggest red flag on Nimfa is their advertisting like really, their main selling points are being lower in mcap than competitors?

You'd have to be retarded to think this isn't shady at best, a complete scam at worst.

>wait till coin gets popular and has liquidity
>buy cheap
>added to binance or Bittrex

patience is the game literally every mooning coin was shit at one point so might as well find some decent ones with decent white paper and hold

Funny thing is that if you ignore the shillers and research the fundamentals of the project, it's really good.

$21m marketcap at the moment. It'll blast past x10 when it's released in March.

once a PnD gets a hold of a coin you don’t wanna Buy that shit if you seen it go up at least 50% that’s how you know you’re buying bags so you wait till it retraced to it’s original price

Check MSP - Mothership and XRL -Rialto. Both more like slow and steady gainers, nearly (not totally) untouched by the december bullrun and januar crash.
Both got working teams, whitepaper, use case, etc, DYOR, you know the drill.

The platform is working you absolute pajeet.

It is actually live. You can take out loans right now.

Let me guess. How much if your portfolio is tokens based on vaporware with no working product yet?

And yes, of course a selling point is a lower MC than competitors. It only needs to hit $100m to x100. That's an awful lot better than it being $50m and only going x2 to reach it.

The absolute state of biz. I always wondered how it's possible for people to not make serious gains in crypto. Now I understand why. It's the modern day version of when everyone called Ethereum a scam when it was a dollar. People never learn.

How does it compare to SALT and LEND?

i can bet 10eth that you didnt even open half of the sites of those

Thanks based tel posters

Go on then. I gave it a tickle. I'm going to regret not putting more on, aren't I..

Tfw you had a buy order for 10,000 ENG at 5400 sats that came within 10 sats of filling before takeoff

don't mean to hijack this thread but shill me something on Cryptopia....
was thinking about SUMO but that thing has pumped over the last several hours. got 0.1 btc to spend...

>what a team
what happened to the other guys, i remember it being more
they look like they're in a high school group project
that aside, the platform runs fuckin flawless

I got zrx xlm eng and fun @ very low prices. poorfag tho, so it's turned my $400 into $7k @ peak $4k now post correction. Held all throughout.

Don't let looks fool you in the world of crypto
Even PFR managed to 30x in a few weeks with team ugly slavs

They're a bit different. This is more to do with margin style trading including margin trading on ICOs eventually. Plus you get your collateral back to invest with due to it all being contained in the platform with a stop loss.

I researched them all heavily. Hence why I'm not retarded enough to base trading decisions on muh russians muh whitepaper muh shady muh discord.

Anyway, I've said my piece. I'll drop another post about this in March anons and then we'll see where we're at. Good luck.

It's not too late user, get in UFR right now and enjoy an easy x5 at EOM. It's totally undervalued right now, low marketcap, unique project... Get in unless you wanna FOMO again and add UFR to your list of missed opportunities.


still have time to get in on SAFEX and ECA

There’s still time for aion

HOlding 2.7k
Is that enough you think

I'm big on UFR but it's annoying that the pajeet shilling is such poor quality.

At least provide something of substance to help people do their research. Like this: hackernoon.com/the-upfiring-dapp-mid-january-2018-update-2fe0d4d3a6e6

Fk. I just bought a biz shill didn't I.

Dude one of their "devs" literally has a selfie, just like one of the confido team members

Stop being greedy and think rationally for a minute


They have released a fully working platform available on their website right now after months of development. Loans have already been issued. The CEO also presented at a blockchain conference for one of Russia's largest banks.

But WAIT. The dev has a selfie. This must mean it's a scam.

Thank you user, for your wisdom. I see the light now.

SGR will 10x by late Feb. Remember this.

CFD was just an ERC20 token with no working product tho

Are any coins that are on a real exchange like Binance moon candidates? It's ridiculous, every coin in this thread is only traded at a single weird ass exchange.

That is literally why they are moon candidates, numpty.

So I either sign up for a dozen third world exchanges, or I can't make money with this?

This is why you'll stay poor, user.

The biggest moon missions are on obscure exchanges that then go on to pump like crazy when they hit bigger exchanges because people like you are waiting on them to buy.

most coins on Binance has already mooned quite alot before they get listed

You should invest in Niggercoin. It is perfect for you in every way.

What do you guys think of QASH? Moon potential? Also how high do you see VEN going? Is it still worth buying in?


Which one and why?

all of them

>he didn't buy SC at 45 sats

That's why they're undervalued cause lazy fucks like you don't want to sign u for more exchanges

be you too busy consensus signaling to see value on your own.

one word: fun

I really hope you don't miss this one, user:

Already got it on my radar. Just wonder when the flash sales will be

Possibly this Saturday. It will be announced on their telegram channel

Dude... If true, well done. It's always easy to boast afterwards, but what moon next? Link? Really??

Don't understand.

You still need to payback the X3 nimfa? So only works if you make more than the X3 nimfa.

ah, I have barely been able to accumulate anything after this right now. I wish it was a little later

Well, there will always be the main sale which opens on 21 Feb. It will still start at the same price

>It will still start at the same price
You sure? What's the point of flash sales then?

i don't see the point when exchanges have margin anyway, this just exposes your funds to additional risk by having profits riding on an extra layer of speculation. also, 10% of my profit? the fuck

To fuel the appetite I guess

When I decided to start day trading I switched from Blockfolio to Delta to track my portfolio

>Delta at 280k
>tfw Blockfolio at 350k

And I can never catch up to my Blockfolio, no matter what I do

I can't buy int tho im in the US

Did they say it in the Telegram?

They said the price will be the same. Don't remember what the exact reasoning for the flash sales was though.

I'm pretty sure you two are the only guys shilling this coin on Veeky Forums since I'm seeing this almost exactly the same back-and-forth everywhere.

I am definitely shilling in multiple threads, don't know about him

I swear I have never posted about this coin except for in threads where people ask for next moon missions. This exchange might be even more popular than Kucoin

INT to the moon. Told you guys when it was 2600 sats.. still gonna 10x from here AT LEAST! Get in before its too late :)

I am ur wife's son