It's mooning boyz


>they didny buy the dip

I feel sorry for no-funs



It's your last chance to get out of this shit coin. Shit is gonna fail. See the arguments of this FUDer. Unrefutable.

both shitcoins have fun holding those bags to the ground

get fucked lol

FUN will be 1 dollarino by the end of Feb



Plan on holding until next year.

Am I gonna get JUSTed?

2-3 bucks end of mid 2018

Just hold user

Dude im banking fcking bank today yehaw TY FUN glad i bought the dip.

Real moon will start in 2 hours btw

We'll keep climbing at the current pace then will shoot back up to 17 cents

we just broke 1000 sats on bittrex boys

0.0011 ETH on binance

doesn't seem to be stopping


The buy walls keep shifting up kek

We are mooning for real lads


probably .3 before february 8th, maybe even push .5

Lambo soon bois

Made some bad trades and lost 1300 FUN over the last few days due to greed and bad timing. 10.3k reporting in boys. It feels good to be back in. Sorry for cheating on you.

>Provably fair online games have existed for a very long time without on chain games
Players being able to deposit directly into smart contracts allow for completely trustless gaming; zero chance of being exit scammed or not paid properly. In addition, provably-fair RNG does not necessarily mean the gameplay is provably-fair. In online casinos which don't use smart contracts, Provably-fair RNG is only verifiable for the player after the fact, meaning that only after each play will the player be able to check if the generated "random" number is legitimate or used properly. Even if a casino is producing a true random number, the way in which that number is implemented (the game logic) in calculating a final outcome may be manipulated, if that number is used at all. Of course if you know how the number should have been used, you'll be able to see that you've been scammed (assuming you bother to verify each result on your own), but this doesn't change the fact that provably-fair RNG doesn't guarantee you won't be scammed in the first place. FunFair uses smart contracts to make it clear that both the RNG and manner in which said number is used is fair before even playing so that there is zero possibility of being scammed. Players know the exact rules for which the randomly generated number will be used and it can't be manipulated.

>Every casino that exists will prefer other 3rd party games due to their cheapness and ease of use
FunFair is providing free licensing to use their product (instead of charging anywhere from $100,000 - $300,000 and a cut of annual profits between 10-35% like traditional gambling software platforms) and it's cheaper to host than any other solution because casinos don't need their own gaming servers. Not to mention that casino operators will be able to set up and customize FunFair's games in just a few clicks.