A lot of people are unaware of xrb

A lot of people are unaware of xrb.
What is it?
Instant, Free cryptocurrency. No mining. All coins were distributed through captcha solving faucet.

Check it out


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Its shit and won't survive the cleansing

>What is it


>trusting the mafia coin

In this video is a new plugin made by someone which you can add to your website to accept raiblocks, and you will see the speed of raiblocks.

A lot of people say there are other faster coins, but the key is that FREE is FREE. When bitcoin was new the transaction fee was negligable. Every coin that is not FREE to send is USELESS. Buy raiblocks today

Folks this is a prime example of people who are butthurt they didn't buy it.

Buy so you don't end up like them

weak shill for a good coin

Broken network
Broken nodes
Can not work on phones, ever.

$100 EOY?

>Working network
>working nodes
>Mobile wallet coming out In the very near future

Nice meme kid

My prediction was $300 end of year, could be anywhere from 1->1000 dollars USD IMO. Depends on the crypto market as a whole. If crypto market stays the same or grows it will go 1000 usd for sure

>can not work on phones
>actually being this retarded

If it can get out of this hell hole slump at some point, $100 would be pretty easy. $1000 maybe possible assuming entire market has another year like 2017.
On the bright side, it seems to me that binance at worst will have no effect, since anyone that wants to cash out probably has done it on KC already. Fixing the nodes also has only upside, since broken nodes (and therefore no withdrawals) almost certainly cause downward pressure on price.

this shitcoin have already its own 5 minjtes now it will only go down haha

>Folks this is a prime example of people who are butthurt they didn't buy it.
>implying that there won't be any more growth
>wanting one last pump before selling it all

Stop shilling your shit coin pajeet just let it die like god intended

How is it a shit coin retard?

Tell me, how long does it take on your Intel i7 CPU to perform the PoW to send a transaction?
How long you think it will take on a phone, how much battery will it waste?

it was so fast I barely saw it

maybe 100 milliseconds?

>anywhere from 1->1000 dollars USD
very fucking specific pajeet. I for one predict that the value of a single bitcoin will be anywhere between 0 and 50 trillion.
Heard it here first folks

>Lacks the security of Bitcoin Cash
>Lacks the throughput of VISA
>If any of you pajeets shilling this had seen the wallet, you'd sell instantly
We rode the retard train and made gains, but the time to sell is long overdue, pajeet shillers

thats the point I gave my prediction which was 300 but gave said it could be anything depending on the hwole crypto market, also im not a pajeet

It simply doesn't work. If I can do PoW on my phone then its too easy to transaction flood the network maliciously with a GPU cluster.

There is no solution, I've read the whitepaper, all they have is some pruning. They even concede you can flood the network with enough resources.

The coins a cute concept but practically useless, therefore its worthless.

>not working properly under load on multiple exchanges.
>Nodes will be working properly any day now
>binance community vote was ages ago every other coins got listed within a week
>Still waiting for re branding

Yeah not a shit coin at all

Everyday you shill this shit with the same image every hour

>It works, bitgrail ran everything on ONE Node
>they work
>Not a shitcoin
>Rebranding has nothing to do with the coin

Only way to do this is with a government, and sorry to say but any government can destroy any crypto

Why don't you talk about the 51% attack on bitcoin. What you have against raiblocks when it's the best crypto at the moment


XRB is going to die

Give a couple of reasons?

Good luck spaming bitcoin lel. The BTC network can fucking withdtand anything. XRB on the other hand.. not so much

Umm no it cant.

>Why don't you talk about the 51% attack on bitcoin
That has nothing to do with this conversation, but Bitcoin has a history of attacks on the network and has proven that its stability

>What you have against raiblocks when it's the best crypto at the moment
How can you say that when you can't even tell me how the network can withstand a script kiddy botnet transaction flood attack. You're seriously delusional.

>Instant, Free cryptocurrency
pipedream. not secure.

why so many fudders?

Yes it does you fucking anime postoing fucking fat piece of shit cuck. FUcking kill yourself. retard. dont listen to this fucking faggot.

how is it a pipe dream, raiblocks are free to send and it's instant except for the 1-4 second local PoW time.

They want to buy it/ theyre butthurt they didnt buy it.




This is one of the only coins CURRENTLY delivering its value proposition instead of making high in the sky promises. I love how stupid people are in this market

>Yes it does you fucking anime postoing fucking fat piece of shit cuck. FUcking kill yourself. retard. dont listen to this fucking faggot.
Can't defend your shitcoin so you go for the name calling, really good job shilling your shitcoin dude. Inspires lots of confidence.

>how is it a pipe dream, raiblocks are free to send and it's instant except for the 1-4 second local PoW time.
I don't think that is sustainable as a secure network.

me sending 1 eth to bitgrail, 0 credit and wallet is now under maintenance


Yes, we have known for a month not to use bitgrail.

>solving faucet.
Lmfao really? What a fucking winner man.

Yes cause chinese people mining and controlling the whole supply to a """Decentralized"""" network is better. No mining is the way to go.

>A lot of people are unaware of xrb.
Literally everyone knows about it and it's overhyped

It's not overhyped, it's undervalued. Most people don't have it in their portfolios yet, but they have thing gay Bingbong shit

If you have a stake in XRB I'd honestly suggest you stop posting, you're making the coin look really bad.

it's a good way for determining the IQ of a Veeky Forums poster

this will literally make Raiblocks obsolete

ok anime boy

that's the thing, it's verified by nodes that hold XRB balances

it's NOT a PoW coin, you can't just do more PoW and break it

Fee was too low, nothing to do with bitgrail.

Yes but nodes dont necessarily have to hold XRB. you can change reps.

the nodes that have XRB have the most voting power

you can't just have 100 nodes with tiny balances outvote a representative node with a huge balance

Veeky Forums is an anime image board dude, if you have problems with chink cartoons you're on the wrong website.

may I suggest reddit, you don't need to post and look like a uninformed retard you can just up vote people smarter than you.

i know, but the node can have 0 xrb in the wallet, and have wallets with amounts use it as its representative.

My node :


Use my referral for digitalocean,

1xrb.com/support-the-network/ follow this guy to make your own node for 2 months for free.


my node, oops

STFU anime weeb faggot

shut up weeb
you will never be japenese

When you're this stupid and have the audacity to post a smug anime picture with your comments

why are there so many red ID's?


>When you're this stupid and have the audacity to post a smug anime picture with your comments
I've read the whitepaper, I've read the developers comments on it. go on though and call me stupid while dodging questions. How about you just answer a question? oh thats right you can't, the coins flawed and has no chance of succeeding.

blablablablablablablab shut up fatass

How? The transaction got almost 100k confirmations.

wow so much fast

you realize, if its too fast, too easy to send a transaction, the "PoW as anti-spam" does not fullfill its function?

if a phone can easily send a transaction - that means the PoW is too easy, and network is wide open for spamming by GPUs

also, you realize the rai.exchange is still postponed because they have to use GPUs to process many tx/s, so the anti-spam does work.

which means, you are a liar, as on my Intel i7 octacore, it takes 1minute. on a phone, it will either drain battery to make people uncomfortable to pay with XRB, or on low end androids, not enough battery to send a transaction AT ALL.

Even if everything you said is 100% true, the one minute shit. Bitcoin takes a fucking hour. Find me something that goes faster and is also free.

BURST is a scam you dumbass

I have a processor from 8 years ago and the PoW takes me about 2 seconds on chrome, when they say firefox goes faster. I dont know what the fuck you faggots are complaining about.

There's a lot of fast coins out there, xrb is far from being special. It's just hyped.

The key part is that it's free.

its not free, you pay with PoW
which is costly for a phone, anything battery-powered

lol you're kidding. So no coin is free then because you have to TURN ON YOUR COMPUTER to use it. Walking 5 steps is not FREE because you spend calories to walk 5 steps, calories = money in food. shut the fuck up

Everyone knows what xrb is

>as on my Intel i7 octacore, it takes 1minute
kys pajeet

Also you realize you can turn off loca PoW whenever oyu want right

no faggot, Byteball is free, there is no PoW anywhere.

as XRB has lower fees, you just pay them yourself, compared to bitcoin, so is Byteball fees lower compared to RaiBlocks.

sorry to burst your byteball kid.

>he will never recover from this reponse and will have to make up shit to defend his byteballs

>still no response


you are using raiwallet, a client-server architecture, trusted 3rd party, with no clear affiliation to RaiBlocks core devs, a wallet with closed-source parts, in this dicsussion?

you stinky fucking deluded piece of shit.

even bitcoin has the same functionality as RaiBlocks - run your own miner to pay for your own fees, or click the box "pay the network fee" and let somebody else do the PoW.

fucking deluded rai, you are embarrasing RaiBlockers


also the ICO whales will dump this shit into hell.

there was no ICO

dumbass this is an official raiblocks wallet created by the raiblocks developper

>being JUSTED this hard over and over

trusted 3rd party required for its functionality, client-server architecture, closed source.
are you not ashamed of yourself?

It's not third party. It's the official one. wtf are you talking about. A raiblocks dev made it. can you read?

alsoyou said retarded shit but i dont assume yoiure being serious i think youre just trying to fud. the "pay the network fee" is free lmao.

oh you dense mother fucker

just go back to buying ripple you fucking normie

go ahead explain it, you have nothing to say. bad damage control bruh.

>making individual replies for every post to keep bumping the thread
classic shill behavior, how many shitblocks they pay you?

1 xrb/per hour

retard, a trusted third party means the wallet requires somebody else computer/server to be online. this breaks "decentralized cryptocurrency".

my point about No RaiBlocks on phones stand, as even your shitty raiwallet, closed source piece of shit website, says to "outsource the PoW to its servers", than use the phone.

fucking bitcoin did this 8 years ago, just let somebody else do the PoW for you, in exchange for a small fee. you think raiwallets servers would scale to support doing PoW for say 1 million phones, for free? BWAHAHAHA

Having a product at all puts it ahead of 80% of the market. People criticize a node desync bug at high volume like it was some unfixable flaw.
You faggots shill coins without a whitepaper.
There are coins in the top 10 that are literally promises.
Fucking tron for Christ sake.
You people are delusional.


Byteball has better product, cleaner consensus design.

Id say, a bug where nodes can not sync with rest of network, outsanding for more than 1 year. Really, if you cant fix it for 1 year, its not fixable.
Besides, the shills sayin "its fixed" without even knowing whats fixed.

The "PoW as anti-spam" limits the usability of RaiBlocks on low-power or energy constrainted devices such as smartphones.

Have fun with a "cryptocurrency" with broken network, deluded shills, limited by design in usability for normal people.

The bug ccame into existence a week or two ago and it's been fixed for a few days already. Bitgrail was running everything on one single node. keep holding your bingbong bags. No fucking normies give a fuck about your muh better design. Raiblocks is free

bite balls haha

Oh noess my smartphone will like lose 1% battery omg, i need to send muh rcrypto when im out camping and need to save my battery!? how will i use raiblocks to buy carrots in the store if it drains 1% of my battery? fucking retard. you think by the time raiblocks will be accepted in real life you will be using a mobile phone anyways?

If it was such an emergency that I HAD to use my smartphone THIS SECOND to send raiblocks, and for some reason wanted to use local poW when i dont have to, (theres no transaction fee for not using local pow), im sure in such a fucking emergency it wouldnt be a big deal to use some of my battery life lmfao retard. Keep using ur bingbongbyingballs, cause every coin that takes a transaction fee will be gone

the bug Im talking about is not shitgrails
you deluded piece of shit shills should learn about your product before talking

the node syncing issue has been unresolved for 1 year, bitgrail doesnt matter.

why do you even care about RaiBlocks so much, are you the faggot who bought at $30?

Should have used your brains, loaded up when it was 2 cents in April, and sold it all at 220k sats.

But oh, you got no brains man. now you have to pretend someone else poop is shiny best poop.

no they haven't. The node issue became apparent because of bitgrail. and it's been announced that it's already fixed. It doesn't break the coin either.

Nah i didnt buy at 30 i bought under 1 dollar, never sold because im smart