Stop posting lewd women pics on Veeky Forums

Stop posting lewd women pics on Veeky Forums

I came here to make money, not to feel bad about myself.

Why the fuck you killed Euronymous ha? Tell us!

Because Varg was going gay for him. Varg is, and will always be, a massive whiny faggot. Abbath should have fucking killed him when he had the chance and crippled that poseur cuckold Gaal too


Back to Pol please, the face of that fucker make me angry

Mfw every time I get lured into a thread by tits

let me rephrase that
>ban all poo in loos

One of the hottest women I've ever seen desu fampai


Imagine being a millionaire and practically being handed a woman like this.

Because he spilled his soy milk with bad intentions.

It doesn't break any rules tho :3


i thank Veeky Forums for bringing this and the album to me

why?? seriously all the biz bros love these sluts, it motivates us to make those gains

album link where

Unless there's actual nudity they wont be doing a thing, faggot.

Pussy is motivation to most of us, i became of on the best paid top managers in my field, how did i do it? I was frustrated, I live in a expensive city, chicks look for security in a dude. Motivated the f out of me, know I have more dates then I can handle, even blocking sluts that cant get over me, I'm not even fit or anything, just trow my money around have a good time and they love that.

And you spell like a spastic. I'm so jelly of your basement dwelling life m8. Teach me.

Hey I was the one who asked for the link, hello again user. Did OP ever get his advice he asked for? We kinda got distracted.

Having a good wank to her every morning now. she's my queen.

>/g/ posts anime traps and claims "crossdressing boys make the best programmers"
>Veeky Forums posts hot 3D women
this is how I concluded this board is the most heterosexual board on Veeky Forums

Veeky Forums is the reason I can't fucking nofap

fuck you guys, youre ruining my Test gains

>can't control himself
>"It's YOUR fault"

Same here man fuck. Pisses me off.

>install 4chanX
>werk time

>I'm not going to tell you again

imagine knowing that she doesn't even like you and just wants your money

As long as she takes care of my children doesn't really matter, women can learn to love and care

One of the reasons I'm motivated to work on Veeky Forumsness is because I want a Slavic goddess

It's not like you would be with that chick for her personality

You are welcome, nofap is a scam that's a threat to your dick's health.

It was a self defense situation. Varg had no choice but to stab him in the back 34 times in order to defend his own life

Just helping you lower your chances for prostate cancer while getting gains, user.

Seriously I sit around all day just jacking off, but I keep my squiggly line open on my phone and just day trade that shit and just make money fapping to anime all day.