Answering all cryptocurrency questions for the next 20 minutes

Newbies welcome.

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when does binance open registration again?

senpai, can you name some alts for long term hold? i will buy

When moon?

explain me the merkle root

how do you cash out more than 20k?

>20 dollar bills
>now THATS gansta

What is the like hood of binance pulling an exit scam?

What is the like hood of Tether crashing in the following months?


>questions about crypto
>posts fiat

It's open now :)

Ref 10915270


What say you on Bitcoin Private-- seems like interesting fork that could gain traction.. or fail

Why is water wet

It's an idiot former friend who is small time drug dealing loser

What's your portfolio?
Do you daytrade or just hold?
Any trading tips?
Have you tried McRib?

Where's the floor?

AMB vs. MOD?

They always talking about "stat" like " i bought icx at 8000stats".
What the f does that mean?

Thoughts on NEO and NEO GAS?


Biggest question: Are we in for a bear market or will another bull run come/start before eom February

What do you think about COSS ?
Use it

Pay taxes if you're making more than 100k a year. What's the use of making this money if you can't buy nice things

I mean sats, sorry

It's "sats" short for "satoshis" which is the smallest unit that bitcoin can be measeured in.


Why does that link work but the official one

does not

That shit ain't doing nothing

are we in for another dip? all indicators say so but they printed tether

If you could go all in into one coin, which coin would you go for?

I wish.


what u think of ARK?

Because alts get traded in bitcoin rather than fiat, it's better to measure their value in satoshis.

what happens when your house burns down

I have long term holds including appc neo and verge.

I trade medium term up to a month holds on bch ark omg zen mtl xzc waves xlm ada salt sys trig ADX CVC UBQ xel SPR CND Ptoy

when is good time to get in

Floor is a bit below 8000

And icx

where can I buy pink wojak coin?

Why do all exchanges have the same quotation pattern at the same time on cryptocurrency ? Whereas cryptocurrency are supposed to be decentralized without any link between those exchanges ?

We will start recovering middle of February.

Good question not sure. I diversify a lot. I would say bch or ada

tell me what to buy,

longterm holding

?? for 200 dollar

gas, easy choice

heres the guide faggots

What you think about LiveEdu and LiveStar ICOs?

There are like a dozen gold/silver bullion market websites that will take crypto.

Thoughts about XEM? plz answer, thinking if i should sell this one.

How much time lasts a pump and dump?
How much profits people that do them make on average?

I saw a shitty epsiode of crime show. The crime guys exchanged BTC. Then they went to a dead drop and took the drugs. The guy then send the BTC to a offline wallet and send the stick to his grandma. Gov and Media wants this to die. So the question is: will you be criminalized if you use cryptocoins in 5 years.


Sell above $1.60

What do you think about coinegg?

Why are you larping?

I really don't know where to start. This month has been the worst of my life financially. I work my ass off all week and I barely have any money. I never go out, I never waste my money on booze or clothes etc.

Where in all the white noise should I start first? Imagine you were telling your 8 year old son to start.


I haven't fucked with coin egg amb or Mod
I don't fuck with pump and dumps and you shouldn't either. It's worthless

I'm not larping

Who is your waifu?

Do what you can to start with at least 2k. Follow the market for many months so you can memorize where the money moves and the dips etc.

There is almost no such thing as TA on crypto.

>holding NEO
Retard detected, opinions discarded

Are you serious? I've been holding 4700 neo since $18. Go fuck yourself kid

no, also,
>holding NEO

How long to hodl icx? I have 60

The best way to cash out?

>makes thread
>"Answering all cryptocurrency questions"
>"Newbies welcome."
>Yeah, that'll show how intelligent I am on an anonymous board
>Starts posting
>Reveals he's fallen for the diversification meme
>Port is full of literal shitcoins
Please tell me this is bait

The best way to cash out?

the merkle root is a unique hash included in each block header and proves cryptographically the existence of certain transactions in the block

it is computed by generating the merkle tree

suppose you have transactions 0-n and wish to compute a unique hash using all n transactions

you could simply concatenate them like so:

sha(0+1+2+...n) = unique hash

but every time you want to prove your transaction is included in this unique hash you'll need all n transactions

instead, consider generating a merkle tree. at the "leaves" you'll pair up each transaction with its adjacent partner

sha(0+1), sha(2+3), sha(4+5), sha(6+7)

let's call these hashes L0, L1, L2, L3. moving up you'll have


let's call these L4,L5. then the "merkle root" will be


why do it like this? because now whenever I want to prove the merkle root contains my transaction I don't need to know all 8 transactions. I only need:

0, 1, L1, L5

with these I can compute the merkle tree and prove that it was generated using my transaction. instead of knowing all n transactions I'll only need to know ~log2 n transactions/intermediate hashes.

What you think about LiveEdu and LiveStar ICOs?

Answer me you fucking retard faggot

Can you Pajeets fucking read or ctrl f?
I've done the same thing LOCAL BITCOIN
Find a reputable seller, 100% lots of transactions. I've done paypal and bank wires.

Watch out for paypal faggots:
YOU pay the goods/services fee
DON'T accept an e-check or non goods/services as you will get an ultimate FUCKING in your ASS.

face-to-face trades for cash

completely anonymous, no AML/KYC

if it's a large amount and you want to put it in the bank you'll need to do your taxes

my dad is asking me to put 500 in bnty for him right now

but i feel like right now is a terrible time to put money in for him. and especially so for bnty. even if rises the returns will be small.

does anyone have an opinion?

dont want to disappoint daddy

How much fiat in that box?

What are your thoughts about LINK?

your dad is a retard.

99% of crypto are vaporware cash grabs with flashy marketing campaigns. you can make money chasing pumps but recognize what it is you're buying. just as easily you can lose money so there's really no point in playing the game.

for consistent returns invest in btc/eth and hold. no, you're not going to make 100% in a week but you're not going to lose 100% in a week either.

u really think that eth and btc are the only solid ones for long term? damn.

If i would buy a crypto and then transfer it to MEW, is it possible to "sell" it there and transfer it to my bank? New to crypto so im a bit of a retard

If you make it, how to you put that cash back into your bank account? Or is that what the cant cash out meme is?

>you're not going to lose 100% in a week
The whole market lost 50% over the last month, including BTC and ETH

50% is not 100%

not unless we develop ways to use crypto in real life situations.

plz answerr

Answer me right now fucker

Heh, anybody who listen to this idiot is even bigger idiot

well im sure we can just google

ive tried but its seems hard to find, maybe because my english is bad lol

>mostly $20 bills

gas yourself you drug selling nigger

exceptionally non-existent

>the only thing that could stop the based chinks at binance is literally government regulation ending their business

Im a newb and I cashed out 20$ that I gained!!!!111!1
Will the bad tax men come and rape me?

> link

How the fuck do you cash out without making your bank freak the fuck out

>He posts pic of $4,000
>He thinks he can answer questions
>He doesn't know most people on this board make and lose his entire stack in a day, every day, multiple times over

Even with the limited frame around your penny jar I can tell you live in a shithole. Congrats.

Ralph Merkel is a fucking genius god damn.