This is the most ridiculous idea for a coin that I've ever heard of...

This is the most ridiculous idea for a coin that I've ever heard of. Not only it's impraticable from a business point (every cassino would need to pay to have a license in order to use FUN), it's also retarded because of the hassle it would be for a costumer to own and use these tokens, considering the expensive fees related to withdawing ERC20 tokens from exchanges and the need of ETH for every transaction (which alone destroys the whole purpose of FUN, as the cassinos could just use ETH instead, without needing a license, and save their consumers from the incovenience).

I know this board is full of bag holders of this shit token and there is a dedicated discord group shilling it here with memes. Please Veeky Forums, don't be retarded once again, don't fall for these scamming pajeets, and MODs, please do your jobs and ban these shillers.

The FUD is strong these days. Too bad you have zero clue about what this project is about. Come hang out in Discord with the 20+ staff members once, they can educate your lack of understanding.

Why do you care so much btw? Salty it overtook Edgeless?

Have FUN my friend.

point on my OP post where did I lie

I didn't, FUN is a pajeet scamtoken

Why do you care so much? Go short this shitcoin so you can fill your Edgeless bags further.

Seriously, when biz starts FUD you know they are doing something right.

The thing is idiotic because it ASSumes that online casinos want to play "fair". Its like selling a product saying "If you get robbed, this fake 100 bucks note will remind the robber that he doesn't need to take ALL your monies".

YO OP I hope you bought the dip you trog I'm making bank today.

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Not only there is NO license fee(compared to playtech,netent yggdrasill etc who charge a license fee plus take a % cut of the revenue) but this thing is sgonna substantially reduce operating costs for casinos because the game logic will bestored in a smart contract on the ethereum network instead of an expensive offshore vps/server.
They use fate channel,only two tx for game session,one to open the fate channel and one to close it(all the games are basically played offchain and the outcome committed onchain at th end of the session) but the casino will pay to close the fate channel so you can play a game for hours with only one tx.
In the next ethereum release Constantinople there will be enhancements to allow smart contract to pay for they own gas usage so eventually the house could pay all the fees.
Yes initially players will need eth to cover the gas cost but that will become irrelevant in the future as eventually the casinos will shoulder all the costs associated with tx(traditional online casinos already pay the fees to accept deposits from CCs as the merchant and they don't give a fuck,plus signup bonuses,free spins etc)
you are literally retarded and would probably qualify for a dedicated tard wrangler.

fair does not mean generous you brainlet.
the house edge is still there.Casinos operating on the funfair platform will still rake in massive amounts of cash.

>It's another subjective FUD episode

The fact you don't mention the advantages for casino's, which anyone can find in 3 minutes of reading, proves you know damn well you are wrong.

So what's your deal? Last couple of days, after of months of ignoring, we suddenly get a load of people calling it a shitcoin, very passionately, without addressing real concerns.

I don't know what you guys are trying to accomplish but it's pretty transparant you are organising FUD. Too bad you fail horribly at it as it's so extremely clear.

Seriously I can think of hundreds of actual pajeet coins but I don't bother warning biz about it. Why would you pick this one and start spreading bullshit about it. Probably not for altruistic reasons right.

Allright FUN talking to you, off to bed

FUD detected and thats actually a good sign. This token will fly in next few weeks.

oh look...the power of fun banished the fudster...nary a counterpoint in sight

Any coin with meme pictures should be stayed away from. It's simple as that.

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>the hassle it would be for a costumer to own and use these tokens

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what's the fun discord?

Pajeets don't realize the type of people that use online casinos are literal retards in the first place


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Holy shit this FUD got rekt.
Hey thanks OP for making this thread and getting BTFO'd, just bought 100k.

official discord operated by the team:
Veeky Forums friendly Fungate(official one is pc as fuck and not meme/pepe friendly at all):

Please Fud Hard I'd really like to pick FUN up at like 8 cents

This analogy doesnt even make sense Siddarth. Just stop being poor and buy some FUN stupid stinky pajeet.

This user did a WAY better job than you FUDing FUN last night, bud

We're mooning

Literally everything that retard said was "I'm going to ignore what you say and make shit up"
"There's other things that do the same" when there aren't.
"If I make sure to reply to every single message and repeatedly say the same garbage, then when enough people realize I'm a brick wall, people will start thinking I have a point"

FunFair isn't charging a licensing fee to casino operators.

The fee that exchanges charge to withdraw aren't criticisms of FUN, it's a criticism of exchanges charging unnecessarily high fees for profit. Once larger casinos are involved, players will likely buy FUN directly from said casinos to play.

If a casino wants to make their own games and software, of course they can, but this argument is like saying "why would anyone use so-and-so product when they can just build their own". Time, money, skill, copyrights; all of which are factors. No one has developed working turing-complete state channels for Ethereum smart contracts, except for FunFair. In addition, 3rd party developers will be able to make games on FunFair's platform and receive profit every time their game is played.