The absolute state of tinder

>the absolute state of tinder

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>w-w-why get a shitload of money when you can have 2% each 100 years?

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Because you could lose it all! Never do anything risky in your life and stay poor. Please.

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>fucking dudes from tinder
the absolute state of crypto roasties

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>talking to normies on tinder instead of dating a chad Veeky Forumsnessman
why do you hate us OP?

so. did you call him?
what are his coins?

How is Tindr? I haven't tried it and last used online dating with OKCupid.

Had some good times, but hit some roadblocks in life and I didn't want to drag a girl with me in my slide down.

Did he expand on the financial advice?

Btw, pizza stocks combined and averaged have increased faster than tech stocks combined and averaged.

When I started working Domino's in Jume 2013, stock price was $60 and is now over $200. For a stock, that's damn good.

Also, European stocks are catching up with US stocks, but US has a greater number and market share of tech stocks. Tech gets good returns, but also has higher risk.

Fucking retarded beta spouting shit he doesn't know a single fuck about, coming to save the poor misguided damsel in distress from financial ruin.

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Hello it is me pajeet, a white knight, but brown, so I guess you can call me a brown knight

Hi, Brandon.

>Tinder sluts and pajeets are the ones giving you investment advice


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show me the premium vagemium and I will give referral code for main chain gain on kucoin

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Fat chicks with brown kids looking for a wallet

shit he sounds like he knows exactly what he's talking about and definitely isn't stringing you along with that vague ass non committal response just to get your number

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>Found the R-site normie

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I love these street shitter memes so much

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>the absolute state of Veeky Forums


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Smooth way to get your number. Inb4 he tells you to invest in his cock

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This thread is proof that we're infested with virgin teenage NEETs.

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>fucking nocoiners from tinder
the absolute state of /biz

>An anonymous Georgian cave exploring imageboard where you could be judged solely by the quality of your content
>Still mentions their gender
No one gives a fuck

>Invest in my health smoothie company

I know this is b8 but
>uses tinder
>not a slut
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Veeky Forums is dead.

>Fucking filthy nocoiners
Even a pajeet would be better

It's sad.
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Do you need glasses or are you illiterate?


>didn't read the responses


>2 posts by this ID
>first post is the OP
>second post is "girl"
Makes my brain go fast

>all those links
>only two with "tits or gtfo", and only one was linked to the post I replied to
I'll admit I missed the pic tho.

So you're just a faggot then?

Why are there so many normans on Veeky Forums now?

>the post that broke the camels back

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Plebbit told them we're making money.
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If you're looking for that thing, there's a good bit of it on OKC. If you have good looks and are confident, you'll find 'em.

The best I did on there was when I was blazed 24x7 out of my gourd and abusing stimulants.

Kinda makes me weep for humanity.

Had a friend of mine with good looks confident and well read, so he was well bed so to speak.

Some of my gal friends said there was a good number of crazy guys. My guy friends thought crazy women.

I thought it was a variety of people who were looking for love on some way, shape or form, but I might just be crazy.


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>not investing in the stock market in 2018

you have to really hate money to make this mistake


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OP gtfo what the fuck are you bothering us with your femanon tinder shit you fucking hoe

Because she thought a guy posting bad advice to impress her was funny and thought it would be entertaining to a board that should know better. Personally I thought it was hilarious and actually laughed out loud reading it

ikr, this is a FUCKING BEAR MARKET. There are more important things than girl right now

*unsheathes katana*
Heh... make me, kiddo.

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Dominos Pizza became a tech stock.

When the current CEO got hired they overhauled their ordering services so it tracks each order. Normies eat up the idea that they can see what stage their order is at and the stock soared.

> Marxist detected

Nice just bought 100k