Shill me this coin

Shill me this coin.

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IOST, an innovative scalable ecosystem for decentralized services, is now available on Huobi, CEX, OKex.
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Low mcap, great whitepaper, solid roadmap

they plan to expand to more accessible exchanges soon so expect a surge

guarenteed 40000000sat increase in Trojans

Kek, please tell me theres a limewire coin

The good ol days

why not buy new "pink wojak coin?" backed by the anger and frustration of coiners and no coiners alike!

I didn't realize there was a limewire coin

It has a green circular logo so it will obviously go green on the charts. U know what else is round? The moon. This is a $100% x200 eom, x5000 eoy.

Came here to post this


I'm ready to toss 10k into the pot.

what is this, limewire coin?

uh, free tranny porn when you are trying to download the new transformers movie, buy today!

Bought a Naruto episode with limecoins, got porn instead.. 10/10. underrage me would buy again

It's almost like you know something everyone else does.

>not downloading limewire pro from limewire
Rookie mistake

Hahahha the memories

Only smart kids did this

Holy crap Veeky Forums truly is the Veeky Forums core reunited

Team is expanding on encrypted file sharing storage where media is protected long term. Old videos can be retrieved including some of a fake Trish Stratus sextape and Heather IDEEPTHROAT Brooke.

White paper has stains on it, so I am not sure if this coin will shoot to the moon or not.

Haha it was like a cheat IRL

I think limewire was the best internet timeline.

Isn't it illegal to download this?