The "huge" crash

The "huge" crash.
Tell me again why you guys were freaking out over this?

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Because everyone here is a FOMOtard who started investing in December and subsequently saw their portfolio on a straight decline.


Coz people dont look at Charts. And I was busy doing other shit instead of viewing my Portfolio 160 x times a day

dead cat bounce

A lot of people lost quite a bit more, started in september. I lost over 50 percent from ath.

Better version of cmc. Ad-free, live charts that don't need refreshing, is a wiki so you can add/share information on your favorite coins.

dude we are at the peak of bearish pennant right fucking now
the correction is not over

Fuck, your portfolio is creating the meme graph. Crash incoming.

Who creates a website that isn't optimised for mobile devices. It's 2018 ffs!

Most of the faggots here invest under $1000 and this k they get rich on a pump and dump coin.
They cling to white papers and try and use them for fundamental analysis.
I love watching doji and watching the board remain silent when their shit coin falls.

Some of us aren't so lucky (anyone who went into DBC)


Because 1 week of bear market is feels like 10 year of despair trapped into the gravitational field of a black hole.

>worrying about fiat value instead of holdings in BTC
You're doing it wrong

Yeah, especially when BTC goes lower and lower. 1$ left, but AT LEAST I GOT MY 10000 MILLION SATS, RIGHT? I'M RICH, RIGHT GUYS?

Yeah pretty much.


But most coins go down vs BTC too so if you didn't convert to BTC before the dip, you're retarded.
You can then buy more of your coin back

You're not gonna make it, sorry

>But most coins go down vs BTC too
In the process of which they also go down in dollar

Measuring in sats is objectively retarded.

Lmao I started investing im December and I literally doubled by simply forgetting about my coins.

aint a single person here asking where the 18k on that chart is.

>it's another "enter fun numbers into blockfolio" thread

Have you considered that not all of our charts look like yours, you gigantic fucking moron?

Maybe you guys shouldn't buy anything Veeky Forums shills and do your own research instead.
Majority of my holdings are vechain and neo so this crash really only hit me with a couple of my smaller shitcoin holdings.