What does Veeky Forums study

or read on a daily basis?

i'm a 21 y/o university drop out (fell for the philosophy meme) and have spent the past 2 years programming (mainly Data Science).
I've gotten decent enough to participate in the Numerai weekly tournaments and perform with a middle of the pack logloss.
Would it benefit me more to pick up something like Economics or Finance or continue on the path of mastery in one field?

If no advice,
What does your daily schedule look like?

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Civil engineering lol
boring af compared to #cryptolife

neither desu, you're better off just expanding your knowledge in that field. try to find a mentor to tutor you or join a group to learn faster if you already haven't.

are you a neet? why not just trade crypto 24/7?


Better version of cmc. Ad-free, live charts that don't need refreshing, is a wiki so you can add/share information on your favorite coins

I was supposed to be studying the whole day but I ended up doing nothing but Veeky Forums and vidya

I run a richfags Bitcoin atm remotely from home.
He pays me in crypto which is pretty sweet.
A mentor sounds like a good idea, just not sure where to find one.

26, graduated with a bachelor's degree, still a NEET. Where did it all go wrong?

depends user,
what degree?

stop with the vidya.
vidya should be reserved for hyper-productive people, otherwise you waste vital mental resources gaining knowledge very few people would pay you for.

just start sending emails asking various (real) questions to big people in your industry, particularly ones that are available on social media. don't literally ask them to be your mentor, that'll weird them out.

21 y/o here. Studying industrial economics and technology management, basically a mix of computer programming and finance/economics.

Engineering Physics, not doing great because of depression, irl shit and now crypto stealing my attention. Crypto is really fun though so that's an okay distraction. I'm doing okay though, I get my shit together when I really have to.

> Would it benefit me more
for algorithmic trading/modelling I assume? Nothing will benefit you more than studying maths. However, between Economics and Finance I'd choose finance any time and would start with modern portfolio theory.

Medicine. I use my mornings to read from first aid/pathoma and pretty much just relax and do some flash cards after that. I periodically check market movements on my investments when I wake up, around lunch, and in the evening. I guess it's up to you? the market is new so I don't know the value of that kind of stuff as opposed to just getting a bot.

ty user, advice duly noted.
algo trading is a route im considering, the underlying code should be easy to write, its just the logic structure I need help developing. would anything specific in finance or economics provide something of value for this endeavor?
will look into modern portfolio theory, thanks user.
interesting, are you in school or working?

I read the Bible every day. I read to my kids most days. I read the financial news about 3 times a day.

I work in economic development for some liberal faggotry agency. It hate these feminists and cucks.

Both. I work part time and I'm a student at medical school so my schedule is incredibly flexible as long as I make sure to put an appropriate amount of time into the content. Honestly, the barrier of entry to medicine is incredibly overblown by people with massive egos.

I'm reading the Bible and The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall at the moment. Gonna read Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper next.


Unironically in crypto to make enough money to go all the way with the philosophy meme, desu. Veeky Forums says read a fucking book

Bible bro's.
Does it help keep you sane in this market?
Nice user, what country are you studying in if you don't mind me asking?

The states. Med school is way cheaper than college and they're pretty open about giving scholarships and grants if you put in the work so again the issue there is retardation of the masses. Overall, it's pretty comfy.

Aerospace engineering, but crypto is stealing a lot of time...

I'm 22 and I got my undergrad in computer science, then started on my masters this year at my top grad school. I can't stand programming though so I was hoping to focus on the pure math side, but thanks to funding up the ass everyone kind of shills into programming, and my supervisor kind of fucked me and made me shill too. So I dropped out and I'm teaching now. I might do an MA in philosophy this September though since I have an employable degree anyway so I might as well do a fun degree. Obviously I wish I could just give up wageslaving altogether though.

yes the programming is generally not the hard part unless you are interested in hft. Pick any reputable book on modern quantitative finance and start from there. Behavioral finance might be interesting too as it served as a framework to shift away from the EMH for quants, look into books or papers from the late 90s/early naughts.
For economics I would start with something really basic like the theory of price and go from there. Its a huge topic you'll find something interesting eventually.

If one day i make it i will study some meme degree in uni just to be areoud qts

Women's studies and read feminist literature.

It's actually pretty okay, I like it

Premed senior. I fucking hate it but I hate everything so it's not a huge deal

This is great idea actually

Good luck on match day faggot.