Who /tethered/ here?

Who /tethered/ here?

Bearish pendant/wedge forming on btc/usd and eth/usd. Buckle up, it's gonna be a wild drop. Take what you have now and put it in tether and buy the dip tommorow.

Fuck u u almost got me goyim.

I'm holding

I think there are people that need this because they sold yesterday and are at a loss right now. I hope these faggots are wrong because weak hands need to be shaken out once in awhile. Next time just hold.

348k tether reporting in
once bitcoin is at 8.5k I'm going full homo on ETH


Also need to figure in risk management and short term taxes, nigga

>bearish pencildick edge shouldercunt forming in op's butt

My TA tools showing me it's the right time to do nothing but shitposting.

what if you sell and price immediately rebounds? And then you buy for higher and it was a dcb?

Average intelligence sells at the bottom and fomos and then gets rekt. Nigga I have work and a family, I can’t spend all day looking at charts nigga

>what is capital gains tax

>Bearish pendant/wedge forming on btc/usd and eth/usd.
atleast show me proofs

i trade like twice a week nigga

plus all my sells are automated

You have a pair of eyes, yes?

I don't want to believe what I see

Smart people who predicted this on trading view says it looks healthy, but are waiting it out for more confirmation AKA side trading. Nobody who knows TA is jumping the gun. They have money both in fiat and crypto and playing it like that



I can't wait to save your pink wojaks


Enjoy getting wrekt


Ride or die.

the problem with your meme pic is that this happens extremely often.

lots of coins are dipping. time to fucking sell

TA doesn't work with btc. It does whatever the fuck it wants.

>I'd rather have a small gain and not pay a tax than have a big gain and pay some tax on it which still leaves it greater than a hodler

TA is just emotional trading manifested as patterns, and there is no more emotional market than crypto