Telcoin will be the next best thing!

You better run for your money niggers,

Buy now or cry later

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Thanks, bought 100k

Not even worth shilling this right now. Smart money will swing trade this and get out in 2 weeks

haha the rocket is fueling right now

moon mission starts on kucoin @ 14:00 PST

Also samefagging this bad

I actually bought 100k


>samefagging on a board with ID's
rangeban all pajeets when?

Bought 1,500,000 at 0.000007. Expect to sell it for 0.000028 within 50 days. With the binance rumours, great solid team and massive hype (one of the largest Telegram communities etc...), as well as just great concept and product - this will get into top 30 in no time

i never had 240k of a coin, surreal for me but maybe it will pay off

TRON has the same total supply as this coin and it went up to close to 30 cents. That would be nice.


I know, sounds ridiculous. But more ridiculous things have happened. Even if this coin goes up to 3 cents, that would be a nice return.

i make 60 dollar per satoshi, this is insane

how do i buy this shit

KuCoin my dude

Buy high, sell low.

I know some mental midget bought at the resistance point moments ago. This is Veeky Forums.

I made 180 per and its already gone up twice and about to do it again many more times. people really need to get in now.

just got in, bought 10k lets see where this goes

ID is literally RAPE
fucking currynigs

nice, I think itll see a couple cents.