I’m here for a few before PBC

I’m here for a few before PBC.

Ask me anything.

what time does it usually come out?

2 PM Pajeet Time every 3rd Thurs.

>1400 no stop loss

who is this guy and how do we know what the coin will be?


Coin is SALT and RCN,.

I’ve increased my SALT buy up to price, but you pajeets didn’t buy it. It’s $8. So i have to shill it so that i don’t look bad.

RCN is salt P2P. The poor can borrow money from burgers. Think of it as P2P Quick Loans. Change the world ya da ya da but its backed by Fenbushi and Tim Draper and is going to blow your minds.

Yes I know i picked SALT as a quick hit but I’m lazy. SALT and RCN are 2018.


Even for shit like GNT that I recommend.

Well, sorry about that one. Sometimes you just gotta eat a dick.

I will give you the pick right here at 2 PM. Free.

but its in 20 minuites

I’m vacationing in Catalina

i-is he die?


I'm not making that up.

WTF nobody has any real questions for King Pajeet?


Should I keep hodling SALT?

And our pick is... BCC!

It mooning for a reason!

Last gift for Trayvon. He’s my dawg.

Yes SALT and RCN are my two fin lending picks for 2018 which will be hotter than Satan’s ballsack.

One time I made a tinder account to check if it makes sense to make a real one in this small town I used this exact picture for it

So many right swipes


It's ICX isn't it?

I’m too afraid of asian FUD right now to pick any asian coins, friendo.

I shouldn’t be, but i’m A PUSSY

Assume Korea FUD dissipates soon. Top 3 coin 2018?

Pick is Cindicator.
Yeah getting lazy just picking quick picks.

Hard to believe he would choose something that garbage.

can you upload the pdf file
want to read through it

i'm teekas evil clone gone wrong.
i've got at best 2 minutes before the big T comes back and turns my anus into a inside out sock again... send help.. send fucking HELP!!
my cage has been left open but i'm afraid big ol' T is just outside banging up crack and brown again.... as is usual.... tut tut...
send help and I will give all of big t's picks for the next 3 months...
help me please.. the bleeding isn't stopping....

I’m running out of the ability to give a shit. I just hear rumors recommend them and then get my assistants to write shit up. What you think I have time for you pajeets? I’m on eternal vacation.

he already made bank on this pump. fucking teeka

SPHTX, better get your qryptos account ready fags, he called to make accounts for kucoin and qryptos a few weeks ago.