Anyone on Veeky Forums use their crypto gains for seeking arrangements? What about doing a pickup bootcamp...

Anyone on Veeky Forums use their crypto gains for seeking arrangements? What about doing a pickup bootcamp? I'm considering doing both of these.

No but gimme the source for that picture senpai

Read heartiste and get out in the streets you fucking pussy

>pickup bootcamp
the state of this board, my god

I used to do that pickup shit when I was 18. It's shit, it's designed to take your money. Just keep your money and if you really want a boost up, hire 2 hot escorts to go out with you and tell them to talk to women for you. If you can't get laid like that, just fuck the escorts at the end of the night.

It'd cost like 600 - 1000EU per night probably. Still cheaper than a bootcamp that just wants to steal your money.

It was from one of those Instagram threads on /b/ sorry user

> pickup bootcamp

how fucking desperate can you get

Seconding this. Read Roosh, heartiste, rational male/rollo tomasi. The three major R's that all you need and then head out. Dont waste your $

Even better, just buy a nightclub. Earn money and fuck bitches at the same time.

Okay no worries, I hope your future is very green

I haven't OP, mostly due to the fact that I'm not a huge faggot

> pickup bootcamp
lmao holy fuck you cuck, you need that shit from Black Mirror. Tinder is probably your best bet for getting pussy. No need to be a chad man, ugly girls want to fuck too.

Thanks user

>seeking arrangements
wtf are you on about?

i unironically want to open a underground techno club, I have 700k right now in crypto, maybe soon

i would dj it, would be p dank

But user the bootcamp is only $1500 USD

same, I don't want to dj, but I want to have that on the side for fridays and saturdays while I run a legitimate business.

The nightclub is just for free pussy, because women are gullable.

Honestly bro that is fucking genius.

A pickup bootcamp is alright.

find a good company or it will be a waste of time. The guys will push you to do things you know you should do but don't while calibrating your approach.

where? I spin tech house

those bikinis disgust me, i'd never let my gf wear that shit

I'll be your BJ DJ... basically It's a new DJing thing where I give random blowjobs while i press buttons on my apple macbook pro.

I have a really thick beard too, it stands out about 4 inches so people won't see much, it will look like someone hiding a sausage in an an afro.

>my gf
lol right

here's a secret when you're attractive, have a big dick, and smart, you want your super hot gf to go everywhere naked so everyone can be jealous of you

it feels fucking awesome

oh yeah and rich

Just fuck prostitutes ya dummy. My biggest fear is hooking up with a chick and knocking her up. Roasties don't deserve half my NEET bux.

Wtf is wrong with that bitches foot

I would have married up until I saw that twisted atrocity growing out of her limb

No, women are brainwashed now to think if they have sex with a person with "power" that they got raped. Imagine how many greedy sluts would want to sue your for "assault".