Best advice you'll ever get

If you ONLY trade BTC for fiat and fiat for BTC it is literally impossible to lose on your investment.

I added 31% to my stack on this correction. Literally ALL I do is buy BTC. Wait. Buy on dips, sell when it is way over mean price.

I don't fuck around with alts. I've never bought any of your shitcoins. I only own one shitcoin and its my hedge against BTC: ETH. Just in case at some point grandpa has a heart attack, ETH is the heir apparent. This is the most basic and effective strategy you'll ever read on this fucking shill board. It is literally impossible to lose outside of BTC is kill. I've done this since 2015. I'm a multi-millionaire. I rarely come to this board anymore, because its nothing but trolls and shitcoins. I do come for the corrections though. It's great seeing you all squirm and scream as your shitcoins tank, while I buy more BTC.

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is is that the holy grail? Have we all been retarded?
But for tax purposes I have to do it with USDT

USDT doesn't save you from having to do capital gains on coin-to-coin transactions

>reporting taxes on trades on binance

i am gonna do that on tonights dip. Thx

How the fuck does one calculate what you owe if you didn't keep records of every trade?

>doesn't believe BTC is jucier than USD
You can't cash out anyway through an exchange (unless you find someone dumb enough to buy high so they can sell low)

Imagine being so poor you don't sell the dips.

I used to think about evading taxes when I was poor

but since I've made millions with BTC I'll just do all of my taxes

exchanges keep all of your trades, usually

It's the greenpill. You've never heard of it around here.
Who gives a fuck about taxes? So what if you pay taxes? You're making massive fucking gains every 6 months or less on average when there's a boom/bust for no effort and historically, no risk if you're patient. Its not rocket science. It is easy money. Are you going to 1000x by winning the shitcoin lottery? No. But if you play the game over a longer period of time than a couple of fucking months, you aren't going to lose money either. All you have to do is never sell below buying price.

you'll make more money by selling obvious bear markets

I straight up shorted BTC from 13.5k to 11k on IB for Jan 18th futures

had I actually bought BTC for 18k, it would still be correct to sell at 13.5K if I felt like it would go down lower (it did)

And here's a scenario: if someone buys 1000 of some shitcoins for 1000 usd, it goes 1000x, they trade it for btc to cash out but for whatever reason in the process it gets lost, stolen, etc

They would owe taxes on a million bucks that they don't have?

Im keeping it simple for the mouthbreathers. They don't even know what short means. They're too busy buying FUN and LINK and whatever other trash is the flavor of the week.

it means I made a futures contract where I get paid if it goes down

long means I get paid if it goes up

I was short in the beginning of the year, but I went long now at 11.9K, which may or may not have been a mistake

I'll see next week how it turns out

Enjoy your 10% gain faggot

No, you would report your BTC as lost/stolen, etc. You'd give them your wallet address and the transactions if any of the BTC leaving your wallet.

screen or you're fake

It's easy and safe and gets great returns, but most people come into crypto thinking they are gonna turn 5 figures into 7 in one year easily because they are internet masters. They chase that lambo, that villa, that leaving their shit job, they don't care about securing their investment.
It also worked, for a time. You might not have cared but last year people who flipped ICOs and shitcoins all the time made hundreds of thousands.

yeah you're totally not a troll.

So what's your daily average since 2015? Roughly. So I can compare your strategy against some others I'm looking into.

So basically buy BTC on a dip and then sell when it recovers again? I thought people already did this? Also when you say way over mean price, how much are you talking?

I've tried doing this, but I realized alts move 30% for every 10% btc moves

This is literally all I've done, but with ETH instead of BTC, up 63% in a week.

How often do you buy resell eth? Is this a daily thing?

About every other day. Either I have good intuition or am just lucky in how the market fluctuates.

>buy at 2k
>sell at 10k
>btc goes to 20k
>btc drops to 15 k
>buy btc with gains
>btc falls to 10k
>can't sell at a loss
>can't buy because no moneys
>stuck bagholder
its literally impossible guys! I'm a millionaire listen

In this scenario can't one just wait until btc goes above 20k?

Then you might as well have just held all along.

BTC is definitely not safe. There is so much internal strife and everyone is pretty much waiting for it to be de-throned.

XMR is honestly much safer. It will always be used, no matter what happens with government regulation, and there aren't 20 different factions trying to tear it apart (because they're focused on BTC).

Good point...

You are absolutely delusional if you think a developed government like US or UK can't shut down privacy coins. If you think VPNs are safe that just seals the deal on the astronomical levels of your ignorance.

Nice job. I only managed about half that doing the same thing.

Just hold lol

They'll shut it down the same way they shut down the drug trade, illicit sex trade, tor, and everything else they don't like. i.e., their multi-letter agencies and prison industrial complexes will figure out a way to profit and it'll be allowed to continue, albeit in a way that doesn't affect the elites too negatively.
t.probably the oldest person on this board who's seen some things

lmao you fucking boomertard

Legislation bans privacy coins on the premise that they are used to fund terrorism. Alphabet agencies now authorized to use exploits and implants to hunt privacy coin users. Now what, genius?

if you bought 4 pokemon cards for 10$ and then traded them for better cards ... would you claim capital gains ?

yes thats exactly the only thing the stuck bagholder scenario can do (15k, not 20k tho)

in fact the scenario is faulty because you wouldnt buy at 15k if you previously sold at 10k, you'd have to wait for it to drop below 10k otherwise were better off not selling at 10k in the first place

this is why HODL is not a myth, but a meme. instead of pretending you know how to navigate the market you're better off just holding

Not everyone has a million to invest to take advantage of 30% movements. Most fags have like a grand and whoopie 300 dollars every 6 months. Wowza.

Or I can turn it into 10 grand in a week on altcoins.

Literally me. These fucking BTC bags are too heavy right now. I just want to put them in ETH and some other coins

It's draconian and western government wouldn't do it.

Say they "crack down" and start arresting privacy coin users ... what is the punishment ? They won't even know what they have used it for. Are they going to put people in prison for holding Monero? Do you really think so?

Hmm...isn't the % is what matters though?

You know you can make a magnitude more just by selling and buy BTC, doesn't matter if it's dipping or mooning you can make money.
On this exchange

you would have to ban all encryption in general to be able to stop privacy coins from being traded

there are zero-knowledge coins like zcoin that cant be stopped unless youre a retard with no opsec so maybe you could arrest a few retards but you cant stop the coin without essentially shutting down the internet

your obviously some old arrogant trader with no understanding of computer science

obviously you can buy at 2k, sell at 10k, then later buy at 15k and sell at 20k, but why the fuck would you buy higher than you sold? it makes sense percentage wise, but it also means you dont know what the fuck you're doing and should hodl instead

>t.probably the oldest person on this board who's seen some things
How old are you if you don't mind my asking?

>buys back in at price higher than sellout point
>market dips lower than buyin point

hey thanks, but I didn't use your referral. Is that ok?