I’ve been all in ven since $1.46 but the FUD and the sell walls and constant shilling are starting to get to me

I’ve been all in ven since $1.46 but the FUD and the sell walls and constant shilling are starting to get to me
Not to mention
>no white paper
>retarded app
>40th man saw a LOT of shady shit
>something something who is this nigger Coca Cola kid

What do lads?

Well now would be the time to diversify yo bonds nigga. Take some profits, leave some stake in VEN so you don't miss a potential moonshot, but start to play in other coins. You went 4x already no need to stay all in.

>I've been in since $1.46
>ATH $ 7.23

I have 50% of my portfolio in ETH and don't feel that comfy... wanna bring it down a notch maybe. I'm in the same boat. The best news in the world isn't moving this shit. I watched waltconcuck go up 133% last week when they had a partnership announcement with china mobile iot foundation or some shit.

I saw Sunny in the town market today in Shanghai. For some reason he was making a point to go around to every vegetable stand and Shouting "你的菜是很臭" extremely loudly. He would then stuff some of the kale and onions from each stand up his sleeves and in his coat, in plain view before moving onto the next one.

By the time he was done it was literally falling out of him. I went up to him to say I was a big fan of his work, and he preceded to shout profanity at me calling me a "walty salty" while he walked away laughing.

Tbh i'm still not sure if i want to support this company after this encounter.

Their "not a whitepaper" document is more of a whitepaper than 99% other coins have.

I was hired to temporarily replace the 40 man chink team while they were celebrating winter solstice and I saw some real shady shit. The more research I do the more shady shit I find.

im fucking stupid I mean VEN/VET

you're "trading" off of Veeky Forums memes and FUD

think about that for a second


at least they are honest that their "whitepaper" isnt a whitepaper.

sell me your bags you weak handed faggot

it really is hard to support a “company” like this especially since they don’t have any worthwhile partnerships. i’m gonna sell i think

40th regional manager for Wawa in the Chester County Area here folks I found out Vechain is shady AF after speaking with Sunny's whitepaper the other day..

>no worthwhile partnerships

hahahaha being this oblivious to sarcasm

Yea it’s been really making me think

Name some

is this the dip?

shady shit makes me money though so why am i mad

The amount of manipulation this coin is under is so tiring

Mate if you think VEN is bad, Walton traded sideways under ATH with amazing news for months. VEN is already like double its market cap.

>VEN threads on Veeky Forums full of same boring copy pastas, no discussion whatsoever
>VEN threads on reddit full of niggers and normies that will downvote you if you say anything bad about VEN

whoa, what kind of clams are those?

The dip is coming and I will buy EVERYTHING

>i know ven is undervalued, but I just really want to move my money out of it


I don't trust Chinks so I will never buy this. I trust the Japs, so I invest in OMG

Fucking new fags, this was 25 cents in december, get REKT

I heard from a reliable source that sunny started the first world war, he was there in 1914 and shot franz ferdinand.

He also worked in a german prison in the 1930s and motivated hitler to write "mein kampf".

Some really shady shit right there.

how low we going for some cheap coins, my wallet is rdy

What price should i buy in at?

set a buy in order at 5 dollars

I hope btc drops to 8k and ven to 2.5usd
I have fiat waiting.

looks like were holding at 5.30s

because btc stopped for the moment.

Wait for euro hours. Those bitches always sell. Expect it to hover around 4.90 -> 5.20

bought in
i do recommend waiting though for some extra btc dips

I bought yesterday at 3.48
but I got 95% of mine at 1.72
If it dips under 4 I will get even more

Jesus christ your autistic

Sell to me pajeet.

>back to 48k

Every time

Dont put 'walton' and 'amazing news' in the same sentence ever again senpai

Look at Btc faggot


Dude. Fuck

Are those dishwashing tablets

and ADA too? they have it all over Japan, ATMs etc