Who is more excited about this token to blow up, than any other coin in your portfolio?

10.1K reporting in, will be running trust nodes for passive income on the regs.

Where are my PAYFAIR BOYS?!?!?!

Only have 2k, I want a node also but need another coin to moon so I can afford it

91k reportin

Get on it.. They have applications filed for most major exchanges.. Load up before Q2, at very least.

>tfw 350 payfair

will i make it?

>they didnt believe me

19.5k reporting in, this will easily 10x honestly

you need more. Even if it hits 10 bucks, that only $3,500 if you sell.


i have 0.1 eth in other 9 shitcoin with 20m marketcap. if all of them moon i'll have 35k, yay!

> tfw bought 130k @2.5k

As a complete noob I considered buying into payfair, back when the market cap was $450.000.

I decided not to invest because PFR's site looked so fucking bad. Man, I hate myself, and it has completely ruined my ability to trust any of my own judgement, because it literally did look like shit, I was right about that.

bought 3k when it was 30 cents after the massive pump last week. I feel like I've been scammed by the Koreans.

I had no idea this had nodes.Any info on expected ROI?

dropped this shitcoin @50c. dont trust the shills. organized pump n dump. look at the website xD scamm guys


how does the trust node dividend work? what are potential monthly returns on 1 trust node?

depends on volume

Thank you for the bags sir, please come again

This is going to be big coin. With all the shit that happened during the crash where people couldn't buy or sell using fiat. This tech and coin will make this happen. It's the new localbitcoin!

over 9k here

is that an IRL pic
it's uncanny as fuck

Picked up 480 yesterday.

>tfw cant invest any more into it.

oh my
it legitimately looks like a vidya screenshot

Good goy, how much can you trust them if they don't even greet you with glittering architecture and three piece suits?

No, but I thought that as a noob, I'd probably be better off not putting money into a startup with a whitepaper, a shitty website and a picture of 3 Russian guys giving thumbs up. It really did look like a scam

Also, terrible fucking example

Only have 1805 feels bad man.

Got my 10k, anybody have any legit sources that say that's the actual node amount? I can't find that anywhere except what jeets keep posting on forchan.

626 poorfag here. Doesn't matter. It's like having 626 bitcoin back in the early days

This is a ponzi scheme

I want to know this too.

it does look like a scam, i bought 1150 just in case it's not though

>ponzi scheme

Literally not fucking connected to any exchange and there's no exchange that the devs control. Sorry pajeet, but no one wants to buy your shill coins

Join the telegram, team member has confirmed it multiple times

Pump and dump coin at this point. The idea is great and the price will go up, but I doubt the devs in their current state will pull off this project. I had 9k at one point but the project is too flimsy for my taste and I have since moved away from shitcoin investing.

For those intrested in my critique, some points worth mentioning that turned me away.

>the URL takes you to the demo
>the URL takes you to their website
>their public github is not all that special
>their demo front end is horrendous and is mostly bootstrapped
>they seem to be storing passwords and private keys as plain, unencrypted strings
>the app in general should not have a public demo at this point, it is no where near ready
>their roadmap is extremely ambitious considering the scale of the project and the size of the team

They may pull it off, but I’m not convinced at this point.

I also share this concern

23k reporting in, ready for the updated demo end of this week

190k pfr reporting for duty

And you've never gotten legit answers to your concerns. Top tier FUD, no lie. Got me buggin

>tfw I had 23k when it was 2 cents and sold at 4 cents

>That's a nice aussie suburb m8

hence why its under 30c, when you are confident in it, it will be $30

Bruh. Congrats. Seriously.

Damn. You probably would never need to sell your nodes, all of the various coins you'd accumulate would be fuel enough for future moon missions

Literally by February we will know if PFR holders are geniuses or if we are getting pajeeted.
If they can handle eth/fiat and pfr/fiat and do it well, then this will grow like nothing else has.
this service is soooo needed and localbitcoins really doesnt cut it for most people.

pic for proof

73k reporting in. Almost 1/1000 of all coins, kek