Is there any future in Digibyte?

Is there any future in Digibyte?


That Jared guy sounds pretty reasonable.

Just bought 100k

What was your motivation? Honest question

NICE!!! just sold 100k


Yeah definitely. I can post my manifesto for it if you want but I actually don't currently hold it myself but I think it will be a good pick up if you want a Hold. dont expect moon missions for at least another month but you'll get there.

Why not hold it yourself?

No future for my Digibyte. Sent my DGB from Polo to Bittrex two weeks ago. Polo shows it's completed but Bittrex doesn't show anything, not even pending deposit. I have checked the address many times, nothing wrong there. Also ticket made to Polo 2 weeks ago, no answer. Will I never see my DGB again? Fucking fuck.

if you're interested in the future you should probably just buy bitcoin

Seriously, can anyone help me?

Already have some

I just have other missions I am currently on. Chasing some moons and I don't have the capital split to a third coin but I do like DGB just not FAST returns but it is a good HOLD

user please I thought there were enough newfags here now that no one would ever remind me of this great shame again




I bought a bunch at 95 sats in november. soo fucking comfy. also got rdd at 13 sats and doge at 17 sats. Old fag winning / easy money.

broo blame dgb for being retarded some more.

I kinda feel sad for the founders of DigiByte. In 2014, their coin was exceptional - great design and some forward-looking plans.

today, they are at the receiving end of every joke in crypto. I am not sure it just.

From back then, I still have some 20k+ DGB