My gf found my crypto stash and she wants her half

My gf found my crypto stash and she wants her half.
How do I explain it's mostly in ico's?

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I’m pretty sure this is bait. But until you marry, you can tell her to fuck off.

are you fucking serious? break up with that bitch if you are.

>her half

>her half
stupid bait. sage, kys, etc.

>But until you marry, you can tell her to fuck off.
Not if he lives in Canada.


I fucking HATE roasties WHAT THE FUCK

>this larp again
what about your wife's son?

>tfw no gf in canada

Please tell me this is a low quality bait

Can you NEETs quit larping about having a gf?

Say you lost everything in the BCC scam.

The only inaccuracy is that it also works for gay couples.

Just find a rich chick dude what's the matter?
>There are many different types of domestic abuse. It’s a crime that involves an abuser having power and control over a victim

>What we do to help domestic abuse victims
>arrest abusers without a warrant
>begin prosecution proceedings against your abuser.

>Recognising the signs of domestic abuse

>If you think someone you know may be a victim of domestic abuse
>The victim may not want to admit that he or she is in an abusive relationship. As an outsider, it may be hard to understand why victims don’t leave abusive relationships, or why they return to them

>Types of domestic abuse

>Psychological abuse can include control of what they can and cannot do and social isolation from friends and family members.

>Financial domestic abuse is the most common type of abuse, although it is often the most difficult to recognise. Partners deny the victim access to money or other financial dealings, sometimes with an abuser not allowing their partner to work, forcing their partner into social isolation which has similar limitations seen in psychological abuse.

>Signs to look out for in domestic abuse victims

>Victims of domestic abuse may show signs of
>lack of money

Just imagine how your vindictive gf can twist the law to fuck you over because its technically a crime "he wont give me his money so I cant afford to go out with my girl friends and have a girls night out" or "I wanted to blow a bunch of money on stupid shit and he told me 'no' or 'we cant afford it' he is so mean", or "he wants me to be a stay at home mom".

The image should have given this one away. So many fucking mongs on here now.

Not allowing your partner to work should be a punishable crime
But if you want a stay at home gf and she wants to work you can break up

>her half
if not kys

My gf doesn't know much English, especially when it comes to sex-related terms. She calls cum medicine, my dick honeydew, and whenever she finishes she looks me dead in the eye and says "you're killing me." What should I do, Veeky Forums?

>you're killing me

Is this why asians squeal when you fuck them?

Stop fucking thai ladyboys


>Quebec is the only province that does not recognize common law relationships


It's like this here in California too. You can't have a serious girlfriend here without a fear of getting cucked.

So you dont think a girl could turn on the water works or whatever to twist the system like that "he wont let me buy shoes, he wont give me money to have a girls night out at the club" etc to get you up on the chopping block if she's pissed that you wont hand over your money to her? You havent noticed that girls think that whats yours is theirs and whats theirs is theirs?
>It can start innocently enough: Perhaps your partner asks to see a receipt for the supermarket shop
>Financial abuse, as it is called, can involve your partner making you pay the utility bills, or scrutinising every penny you spend.

>New laws are on their way to try to stop coercive behaviour, including in financial matters

>A recent report for the TUC and the charity Women's Aid - called Unequal Trapped and Controlled - found that financial abuse was often the first sign of further emotional or domestic abuse.

>frequent signs to look out for are a partner who:
>controls your access to money

>Under the Serious Crime Act - which has received royal assent, and which will be implemented later this year - coercive and controlling behaviour between partners will become illegal for the first time.

>Section 76 of the Act allows for a maximum prison sentence of five years, where someone's behaviour causes alarm or serious distress to their partner. This can include financial abuse.

>As a result, the Police will be given training in how to spot instances of coercive control.

>"We know of many cases where women have not come forward about controlling coercive abuse - including financial abuse - because they feel the Police won't take any action unless they've been physically assaulted.

>We're hoping this new law will change that," she says.

now i understand why no one marries in the western world anymore. my condolences.

Keep seperate bank accounts and everyone pays their own shit wheres the problem?

>The law does not require both parties to give informed consent.

OhhhHhhh NO NO NO

Send her a wallet full of shit coins like tron, dbc and funfair

This is what I did with my ex. It really fucking saved my ass.
>Financial abuse is something that we rarely discuss openly since it is often insidious and wrapped up in the confines of what appears to be otherwise, a normal relationship. Very rarely do the women in these relationships speak of the issue

>Women in financially abusive relationships are often forced to take career paths they would not have chosen on their own. This keeps them from succeeding
>women in these situations are either stay-at-home moms or if they do work, it is part-time with the permission of their spouse. If the woman is lucky enough to be able to work full-time in such a relationship then her partner often sabotages her career/work life by forcing her to stay home

>every penny must be accounted for when given to the woman in this relationship.

>If it cannot be accounted for then the emotional abuse ensues This many involve being given less money for basic necessities or being forced to beg for money. The feeling of being trapped in the house with no money for gas, food or transportation is crippling and women in this type of relationship stick to this rule or they know they will suffer the consequences.

>All money comes from one source. This puts the woman in the position of relying on her partner for her very existence She is not allowed to have a job and if she does then her checks go to her partner who deposits the money in a separate account out of her control

>Forced Family. the woman is essentially pregnant every other year of the relationship, ensuring that she will never have the chance to return to work. the cost of childcare makes it impossible to return to work. Her life's work is to care for children and her partner while never knowing what it is like to taste financial freedom and independence. Ultimately, the woman in this relationship is dependent upon her partner for her survival.

Is that pic real?

>I live in canada


funfair i-isn't a shitcoin.... ;_;

Get on the ferry and come to WA. It's a short trip

Nuke Canada save them from themselves

It's real, that's pretty much typical Guardian journalism.
That and blaming Brexit/Trump for all the ills in the world.

Holy fucking shit this is retarded as fuck.

Here in The Netherlands they are trying to put up a law where assets aren't shared anymore that you had pre-marriage.

So only the money that you make during your marriage is splitted (personally I find that reasonable considering the different roles in a relationship), and not what you owned before the relationship; thus you can't get cucked by a new gf gold digger (unless she stays with you for a long time of course).

In the case of divorce while having a child, the working one (can be the woman too) only has to pay for basic child support for the one in the relationship that didn't have an income/career. Not half your shit until the kid is 18 or something retarded like that, just enough for the kid and the mother to get by (and only a part of that; it's still expected for the woman to get her shit together a bit as well).

We're cucked in other aspects though, but money-logic wise I love it here. Also very low crypto taxes.

So youre just not going to reply to me and keep scandalising the topic?
Get some help dude you have serious issues with women and a victim complex

>Telling your wife not to spend $300 on her 40th pair of shoes is now tantamount to rape

The absolute state of western relationships

These people don't know what they want and yet they know that and still expect changes on the part of others and society as a whole.

but you dont think that your gf or wife could just say you didnt let her have your card or cash so she could go out with the girls because that could fit under all of this stuff (deny access to money and or social outing) and they made the law such that they must / have to arrest you if she accuses you of DV.

and not just in the UK
>San Diego County District Attorney
>California law refers to domestic violence
>Domestic violence has many forms including emotional or psychological abuse, or financial abuse.

>Emotional Abuse Behavior that For example, controlling what you can or cannot do, isolating you from friends or family, denying you access to money or other basic resources

>Economic abuse may be taking place if your partner controls your money and other economic resources. For example, withholding money at will and forcing you to beg for the money, putting you on an "allowance," preventing you from finishing your education or from gaining employment

bc nine times outta 10, they're fugly, or are/were an escort, lol.

sell tangible assets, and give her 87%. reparations for oppressing her, you filthy, cis-gendered, white fucking male.

Its Fake and Bait.

How's Groningen?

Tell her go fuck yourself

note the word 'cohabitate' always keep your own place

Nova Scotia 902 reporting who has dealt with this law by not moving in AMA

its differnt in every province you retard

Just give her a a thousand tron and tell her it's half of what you own. Dumb bitch will think it's huge. You can laugh then when it crashes to shit

all she has to do is show she paid for 1 bill and she's 'contributed'


dude thats still fucking retarded
a bitch can decide to divorce you at any time and take half yor shit. how is that not state legistlated cucking?

Herpes and dealing with children of Tyrone for a year is nothing compared to being set for life

say you spent it on two pairs of pic related..
throw one pair at her fucking cunt..

Ahahhah, tell her she is a stupid cunt and should have invested in crypto instead of buying yet another useless overpriced bag.
After that tell her to fuck off and never come back.
That's how you treat bitches.

if you're serious which you're not, break up with her

this is why I'm moving to the USA freedom is an illusion in Canada.

that was fucking hilarious

>my dick honeydew
i'm laughing so hard rn, please do a porn