Whats your dream user? When will you have made it?

Whats your dream user? When will you have made it?
>pic related

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playing stardew valley? Its like 20 bucks man, invest better

>only two cows
>one is just a calf
you're not gonna make it, user

hi fi audio system

with monster cables?

pretty much the dream user, can you get a place in the country with good internet? I wonder...

I just want to be self-sufficient because I'm a paranoid right-wing conspiracy theorist

Even the 5 acre plot requires you to buy stuff for it to be feasible.

>Even the 5 acre plot requires you to buy stuff for it to be feasible.
Yes. And so many niggers to do all the fucking work.

My dream is to stop being a nocoiner

Your crypto won't even afford the one acre.

meh I don't really care about cables it's more about having a badass turntable and speakers. And headphones. And vinyls.
So yeah it's expensive

Where you getting these detailed land plans?

>muuuh 19th century technology badess music
>badess turntables n shit
and just what kind of hipster faggot are you? Or even worse... a hiphop nigglet. ewww. gtfo.

but just confirms, you really should buy some super heavy monster cables for that extra sounds!!


Digital is objectively superior to vinyl

Just like 60's and 70's rock music
But I see that maybe you are a fag who likes Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber

Don't put the livestock near one another like that, they'll get sick

Also my dream is to own a small real estate empire. The only reason I got into this is because I had a real estate client who had made enough to buy a small house, cash, from crypto earnings. He taught me how to get started, and down the rabbit hole I went. In a few years I'll cash out and buy a much larger second home.

I agree but I like vinyl covers

Keep a Millie for retirement or in case shit goes wrong. Use another Millie to enter the content business. Keep another 100k to live on until the business goes on the green side.

>Just like 60's and 70's rock music
hmm, I also have some crimson, elp, yes and shit lps somewhere.. but why would you want to listen to this on fucking vynil?? It's not sounding any better. You wont get the good presses either, but cheap stuff on cheap plastic. And it's annoying as fuck to handle, you have to stand up and swap some disc all the fucking time... it's just... WHY??

why does the artist make one acre lots look so run down, you can manage your space way better then that,

how start? pointers pls

Can you guys recommend me some luxury real estate youtube channels that do video tours of their homes?
I like drooling over these things and imagining what my life will be like when I'm rich.
Also I'm a complete sucker for coastal cities. If I was rich I'd have a home in southern California, one in Australia (probably gold coast) and another one in the Mediterranean (possibly Portugal because France and Spain are too trashy.

it's subsistence, 1 cow can feed an entire family

No, but I have lots of really good cave exploring and ghost town explorer youtubers. Does that help? Thinking of buying a mine or a ghost town? Fix em' up and you'll own a whole town, or mine.

>living on a fucking farm

I’ll never understand you people. Your tolerance for boredom must be sky high

>cave exploring and ghost town explorer
Eh sure, list them up I'll have a look, but you don't need to be rich to enjoy those things irl lol.

Well a large vinyl collection would be the icing on the cake. Just having all Beatles,Stones,Skynyrd,Zeppelin etc albums would be perfect. But otherwise I'll just stick to digital
It all depends on the money

that house will be on the edge of the cliff in 200 years

You think you can do better than John Seymour?

Anyone who knows who that guy is knows that there isn't many better than him. I know nothing compared to him and he is dead! Honestly I don't know why he designs his plots that way. I know it is based on crop rotation and things I don't understand though.

I really, really want a house with a watermill.

What was that website that had high end shit like property and boats for sale for bitcoin? Anyway they had the comfiest 10 acre hobby farm on there.

ewww, what next? Backstreet boys? Did you just watch that malcom in the middle episode where hal takes out his shitty turntable? And then you thought; nice, I'd buy one too, if only I had the shekkels??

I found it


Skynyrd is ass dude.

>Just having all Beatles,Stones,Skynyrd,Zeppelin etc albums would be perfect.
le wrong generation

Well I guess like crypto everyone has a different taste. Go back to Beyonce user

Nice and self sufficient. I appreciate it, but I'm at best a suburbanite, and an industrialist so pic related

By the way you type I'm getting a really strong vibe that you are underage

It is seriously hilarious when city fags talk about shit like this being a dream. The work needed to plant, harvest, maintain, etc a farm like that without machinery is very high.

Somewhere in Montanan, fuck people.


your dream can be gone in course of 2 days...

Replace the pigs with a tilapia farm and increase your quality of life by 10. Replace the tilapia farm with emus and you've pretty much got my dreamhome, assuming the whole thing is surrounded by forests where I can hunt/shoot in my free time.

Portugal the biggest shit hole in europe, but it's great when u want to do whatever u want. The authorities dont give a fuck there. And it's hella cheap ma nibba

Just maintaining the fucking grass around these small farms is a pain in the ass that will take you 4 - 5 hours per week.

I genuinely recommend that all you weird commune, self-sufficient tards plant a 20 x 20 garden this Spring to get a feel for what it's really like. Farming is a good, honest life to live, but it's not an easy one.

Ok am I the only one that has noticed that BIZ wants to live on a fucking plantation. Gonna have to have robot instead of nigs though.

>dozen chickens
rookie numbers. Bump that up to about 60 chickens and you can feed yourself and have something to trade with your neighbors.

Emus creep me out. They have look to much like dinosaurs

I'd love to do some shit like this. youtube.com/watch?v=VsPCY05nM78
rehabilitating the land with permaculture would be a fun project to do

>he doesn't have a slave house in the plantation

They have very sweet temperaments and bond with humans if you're willing to put in the time. They also have distinct personalities that mature over time, in a good way. Cows ,on the other hand, are fun when they're calves and then become big, boring machines when they grow up.
Would you rather have the emus with you or against you in the eventual Australian offensive?

>They have very sweet temperaments and bond with humans if you're willing to put in the time. They also have distinct personalities that mature over time, in a good way.
can i get an emu gf

>Bump that up to about 60 chickens and you can feed yourself and have something to trade with your neighbors.

Also WTF are you talking about? Sure you can have more chickens with less space for other things. And you will not be able to feed them without buying stuff!

Farmfag stopping by, can confirm it'll take a good deal of labor and many years until one will get successful with such a multitude of crops and vegetables. Animals will need daily attendance too, especially dairy cows, something like the cost of a vetrinary visit may very well equal a year supply of milk bought from the supermarket as well.

>Not wanting to live in the penthouse of a skyscraper in the middle of a metropolis.
You people romanticize subsistence too much. Like people who try Linux for freedom then end up going back to Windows for productivity, you might regret your decision.
"The grass is always greener on the other side."

From flipping shitcoins to flipping shit.

Sorry, I forgot to state my main objection: You're making money literally in order to live like peasants?! Unbelievable.
Unless you hire help to do all of the work, and want to live like country nobles. That's more understandable.

living that close to a road

Cool appeal to authority, fag.
I raise chickens. If John Seymour says "a dozen is the top-limit!" then he doesn't know shit about raising chickens. For the space provided, you could easily have 40-50 chickens that generally feed themselves. You'd have to set aside some food for winter, but free-ranging chickens only need supplemental food during the summer. Keeping 24 chickens is barely different from keeping 12, and if you're trying to be entirely subsistent, then you can feed the extra eggs back to your chickens. Look up the phrase "chicken math" sometime and you'll discover that tons of people that planned for 4-6 chickens end up keeping 20 "on accident" because it's so simple. Also, the more you have, the easier you can set up a proper rotation of layers/stew hens. Besides all that, a common cold, for birds, can wipe out more than half your flock just because a crow flew by. Then you're down to 4 birds, 3 of which perhaps aren't laying and one is sick with wry neck syndrome.

So you go after by appeal to authority, while trying to assert your own. Fuck off. I'll trust the hard of a master over your novice hands any day.

Raising animals and crops brings personal satisfaction and a daily sense of achievement that humans crave. Yeah, it's work, but so is going to the gym. So is skiing. So is improving your golf game. So is research.

I want about 300 acres of prime deer hunting land. That's it. I will put a house out there, let 99.9% of it go wild and will continue to keep bees, probably start a true apiary, maybe like 100 hives or so.

>rural living meme

Let me guess, you're a stoic, friendless autist?

>I raise chickens.

How many do you have, user? Any particular breeds?

I've got 8 right now as my "backyard flock", trying to thin down to 6 by summer, due to our zoning.
1 easter egger
1 silkie
2 barred rocks
3 barnevelders
1 polish
We've also had ayam cemanis, buff orpingtons, and australorps. Highest number I've kept so far is 20, but we have to sell them off before they hit a year old and legally become "hens"

License, crypto, or real estate empire? I know most about the first and the last.

I understand that, but with other activities in the arts, philosophy, sciences, engineering, etc. you produce artefacts that advance civilization, and may leave a mark in history.

How is personal experience an "appeal to authority"? How is he disagreeing with me? Does he literally say something as stupid as "NEVER GO ABOVE 12 CHICKENS!!!" or is that something that you perceived? If he does say that a dozen chickens is the top limit, then I'm telling you he's wrong about it. Raising chickens sustainably is not a difficult concept and you don't need an expert's dick to suck over it.


But the 8.5k btc dip

Stop, these people don't deserve to be rich.


I have no idea where people are even seeing this.

White folk like self sufficiency and mine is at best 1 acre lot. So couldn't ever plant enough cotton...

It'd be nice to have a 30 foot sailboat to float around the Bahamas in. Also bitches love boats.

boats fucking suck, dude. bitches don't know what they like anyways, so just say no and give em a slap or two.

This one is cool.


Boats are great. You must be a nigger.

Very nice. Are you certified to sail? I've been looking into it.

boats are a fucking pain in the ass. And no, I can swim just fine.

You said it with this post, dumbass.

>Very nice. Are you certified to sail? I've been looking into it.

No, I just liked the boat in L O S T, so I started looking into them. Show also got me into guns..lol

I didn't mention a 12 chicken limit. That post says you need more stuff for 60 chickens, which is logically. Nothing from the book.

This might be more your speed, ya filthy landlubber.

Gunbroker still has cheap Italian surplus Beretta 92's. Make sure to get the blued slide because oxide is ugly shit. West coast seems a lot more dangerous and difficult to sail than the East coast.

kill yourself you fucking urbanite scum

20yr britbong
just want to live rurally in central north america, probably pic related

I bought a Taurus 9mm when the show was running back in 2006. Just sent it back because of the lawsuit to get my $200. The gun can go off if you shake or drop them. Gun was about $220 new, so wasn't a bad return off junk. Still I'm no guns now until I can afford probably a Glock 43.

>content business
Go on...

The post was an autistic screech that 'one should NEVER vary from the cookbook, because the cookbook was written by a expert!!!'

small house with ~10 acres of land in the midwest with a stocked garage for working on cars and a racetrack in the back
and some cheap cars to work on

150k euros and i will be set for life.

the house 1/2

>0220 [Reply]▶
>Whats your dream user? When will you have made it?
Yeah right on right that. Fuck a lambo. Cars are overrated. Nothing like the thought of owning 1000 acres and hiring your slaveworkers to mine potcoins in and out of the ground. Except no whipping and fair wages.

Money is a tool.

2/2 and

The Cars
Audi RS3
Mercedes Benz G-Klasse
Aston Martin DB11
Porsche mission E
Morgan Threewheeler

And when you don't know what you are doing and fuck up the cake, then don't cry about it. Farming is hard ass work and people make it a lot harder than it should be with lack of knowledge and experience on what they are doing. If you know what you are doing, cool. I don't and I'll take John Seymour's word over most anyone for the shear number of people he has helped. Those pictures still float around for very good reason.

>Finish College, computer science and business entrepreneurship double major
>Get out of the fucking South
>Cities I'm considering are Fort Collins(most likely), Boston, Colorado Springs, Albuquerque, and Denver
>Find comfortable condo and office in city of choice
>Trade in current car(996 911 targa) for a 991 911 turbo
>Pour everything else into the businesses I'm already running. It's finally time to go big time at that point.

I am never working for someone else ever again. Even now.

>mission E

Porschebro here, the 911 is /ourcar./ it has everything a Veeky Forumsraeli could want. No point in going all electric for a sedan.

My dream is to live in a place like this. Feed carp, take care of livestock and wood work.