Whats up with this coin? getting shilled everywhere? is it worth throwing 100$ just for fun to see what happens?

whats up with this coin? getting shilled everywhere? is it worth throwing 100$ just for fun to see what happens?

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yes it is
it's bringing blockchain to africa

I bought for $2700 just in case.

It's just $0.01
What the hell can you lose

Only if you like lambos and bj's in the morning

literally >tumblr.

alright alright, is 15k of this coin enough?

I chucked 100 at it and got 24k worth of tokens. looks pretty promising and is super cheap at the moment.

bought $7500, feels good man.

whats it called


I threw $200 at it. I locked in some profits from coin and put it here. If I lose i, I lose it, but it seems promising enough for at least a 3x short term imho.

look...im so stoked im typing incorrectly

should i buy/sell with eth or btc?


Oh shit, thought I was smart buying at 60 sats.

bought at 69 sats

you better pump this shit anons

patience user

5 cents within a week

dude i just spend 250$ without ANY research not even visited the website. did i fuck up?

Let me get this straight. Pretty much every coin introduced on kucoin mooned 5x - 10x. Don't be a pussy and go all in, you won't regret it user

wtf is with the walls on kucoin? so i have to buy at either .000007 or .0000006 why the fuck can't i trade to the next decimal? wtf is this shit?

You got cucked.

Welcome to the family

just bought 5 mil of these puppies. see you next year

is 56 sats a good buy in? I mean I don't particular care if I lose money on this but when its basically on the floor theres only 1 way to go.
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its a fucking cent how poor are you?

iv been looking at that as well, I would say eth because its being much more predictable and its simpler with fewer numbers.

>not even visited the website
fucking kek

its fine if u only put in $250

would be the funniest thing ever if it actually does 10x. next proof this shit is a bubble

Sure. If you like been dumped on go ahead and lose your $100

It's newly on Kucoin, making it by far the cheapest crypto on the exchange. People buy the cheapest shit on that exchange just because it's cheap. Meaning it's pretty much guaranteed someone will always be buying it up to 5-6 cents.

I only bought 10,000 of them because that was the scraps I had without selling one of my other HODLs. Still, if I turn $60 into $600 I'm OK with that.

People see the sell wall and freak out, without actually analyzing the sell order prices, it's extremely optimistic.

For example, the highest bid sell order would get me a 14x return.
This is an obvious buy signal.

I threw about $60 at it a few hours ago and got 8700 don't really give a shit if I lose it but could be a fun ride.