This shit is going to make bitcoin tripple digits, and don't say I'm fudding...

this shit is going to make bitcoin tripple digits, and don't say I'm fudding, the backlash from tether dying will crash bitcoin way more than the fear from this post. sell now if you're smart and buy in super low.

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no shit

gonna happen soon too maybe in a few days



Its making you all rich and saving crypto from all out crashes. It's fighting the wall street shorters and the usd. It's acting as the UNSTOPPABLE central bank of crypto right now, and is an amazingly powerful weapon to fight fiat. We are using their own weapons against them and its fucking hilarious. Believe in tether and inherit the cryptopunk dystopia as the rest of the monetary order crumbles, as our unstoppable central bank ushers in crypto as the new world order.

fucking loser FUDDER fuck off

>Believing in Tether
Oh boy.

>he wields a weapon against the FED, SEC, FBI, CIA

Prepare to be JUSTed like an allahuakbaring goatfucker

yea this

how badly will crypto crash when tether is revealed to be a scam

CNBC, tether teaming up with BlockV you dumb piece of shit

I don’t get why Tether not being backed by anything scares people so much. Name any non gold standard currency that is backed by anything. USD is worthless. It’s paper with a made up value. Cryptos as a whole are worthless. They’re fucking algorithms. Tether is worthless, but so what? Everything is except gold.

To 0. It's the end of Bitfinex.

Tether is THE ONLY reason you guys have been experiencing moonshots and constant gains. You better stop the FUD, even if you are in the red, everyone and I really mean EVERYONE holding any sort of crypto will get fucked.

This shit is obviously standing on thing air but so long as we keep believing, we will keep on going. They are literally printing money to keep bitcoin from going to 0s and taking down the entire market.

Dont shoot yourself in the foot and stop spreading the doomsday scenario or have your resume ready.

This tbqh. Why is everybody freaking out?

Banks use fractional reserves, tether ostensibly does not. Even if they do, they're no worse than banks


The newfags are too dumb to understand. Don't even try to help.

fucking EXACTLY. don't bite the hand that feeds. also trips

Get out.

All the way out.

This man is smart


The level of bitfinex shilling on Veeky Forums is amazing, why the fuck they care so much about this board? We are just a bunch of NEETs with virtual monopoly money...

USD is backed by the biggest military in history

Can you give me a currency other than gold that is backed by anything?

And Tether is backed by millions of NEETs. There is no real value in either.

A military which we will never even fucking use. The US literally needs to create its own enemies to fight and remind the world that our dollar is backed by the military lol

Guys am i the only one holding my alts?
Please tell me i'm not alone, should i be buying tether?

Why does this always lead to this The USD is taking the planet down with it, once the USD is done the Apocalypse begins.

Century long bear market minimum.

You should be taking profits from alts and look to minimize your risk & have an exit strategy that does not include tether because if it all crashes tether will be worth nothing

Kek no you faggot crypto will set us free from the Jews. They are losing their power and won't even know it until it's too late for them

1. You and I both know that there aren't 'millions of NEETs' so don't try to exaggerate to make tether seem better.
2. You and I both know that this theoretical millions of NEETs and the US military are false equivalences.

I really don't understand the Tether FUD.

Is there proof that it's not backed by actual USD?

They printed 450 mil this week alone u really think they have that much cash?

Is there proof you're not a faggot?
Didn't think so

They’re both manpower. That’s all it is. Numbers. There is no solid backing for either. USD is literally the largest scam ever. The economy as whole is made up, influenced by whether people are scared or not. People complaining about Tether being a worthless made up currency are cherry picking.

why are you bringing emotions into this? you're acting like a SJW right now, this is real money, there's real consequences.

>>Can you give me a currency other than gold that is backed by anything?

What is the Petrol Dollar?

Inb4 Muh Petrol dollar,
Daily reminder the Petrol dollar main reason is not shekel grabbing. The reason the Petrol dollar was created was so the US military can control where the worlds oil is used.

Everyone already knows that it is a scam, but everyone also pretends not to know in the hopes that everybody else also does so.

Gold is inherently worthless too desu

The week when tether JUSTED all crypto.

I would really like to believe that. It is extremely naive to think that those on top are just going to roll over and give up all they have gained over centuries due to internet math.

Watch this vid check out other vids of his,

Muh consequences. You can't just blame everyone for being a sjw. We're looking out for our own interest fuck your boomer nocoin ass idgaf about anything if I get mine. Fuck print a billion tether next week as long as we cash out first.


WTF are you talking about, gold is one of the coolest mediums for an artist/craftsman to work with, has so many good qualities. If i ever become a rich crypto fag will be buying pounds just to play with. This would also be one of gold least valuable uses.

It's time exchanges started dropping BTC as a pairing, tether isn't safe and btc is dying a painfully slow death. There's no sanctuary

What is bizarre to me is how people get freaked out over fake money pumping Bitcoin yet see no problem with billion dollar marketcaps based off just millions of dollars being pumped into a coin.