Who else /bought at 19k/ here?

Who else /bought at 19k/ here?


Poor OP

I bought at $18k but I'm still technically up because I instantly used it to buy Ardor at like 6100 sats

I told my mom to pull a home equity and buy at $17k.

The bank keeps calling her.

we've all bought/sold near there. every time you sell an alt you're buying BTC if you're trading in that pair.

Took a mortgage at 17k. I'm blocking it out of my mind. We'll be alright like we always have.

You have not lost, until you sell.

If you don‘t sell and be patient, you will be fine. Best advice you will get here.

The only 'good' thing is that I'll hold them until the end of the universe. I only bought $650. Surely they will come in handy in the future I hope.

this unironically





no one capable of using internet is actually this stupid

Last bought at 18K to buy ether and NEO. Sure paid off.

why would you ever do this, crypto is a joke at this point, so much stupid money, it's hitting triple digits after tether comes down.


It's ironic that I am not the one that's retarded.

since cryptocurrency are so volatile is it a safer bet to go into precious metals such a silver?

nope i sold at 18k, way to much stupid money like op's was entering the market. when everyone wants to get rich quick it's gonna come crashing down.

I would have
>got caught by the normie craze about cryptos
>cool I'll register on some exchange
>binance closed
>bittrex closed
>gdax taking fucking forever
>dsx seems promising, let's wait for that
>crash happens while I wait
>bought in during the BTC and ETH dip

i cash out like 10% of my crypto gains per day into cash, silver, gold, stocks

Smart but also don't transaction rates totally fuck you for doing this

Dumbass, taking liquid capital out of the most lucrative market in human history

>the ABSOLUTE state of Veeky Forums

>stupid for diversifying portfolio and ensuring a guaranteed minimum gain even if the market crashes
you clearly don't know fucking anything about investing at all