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Spot the newfag

Le dead cuck bounce :)

>he didn’t look at the TA

k. cu at 100k when ur buy your first bitcent no coiner. get off my board.

Why there is so much shilling for selling and crash here? Butthurt nocoiners and dip sellers?

Wasn't it completely fucking obvious though?
I was waiting for it.


If you didn't buy it at the bottom you want it to go down.

Because I don't get paid until Monday and the entire market revolves around my needs.

thread theme: youtube.com/watch?v=dCe6e23yIT8

>he fell for the TA meme

you know this is crypto and not the stock market, right?

because it never went up.

Because there are faggots like you that at the first bear signal sell all their bags. That's fucking why you retarded cunt.

We need to retest 9k just in case.

1 More Wave to go and we are in the clear

The king is dead. Long live the king.

How do you even know this?

eurabians are asleep, sell sell sell

It was classic hype and fear, the same as 2012 when mtgox was closing down. It was hyped from 0,1$ to 1k then drop to $200 due fear. Too bad, Veeky Forums right now is too delusional.

Only way this is happening is for tether to pop

Because the market support is almost non existent above 8k right now. Any long term investor who actually believes in crypto sold off when morons ran it up to 19k and ran away with your money. Very few of the upward moves since have been backed by a significant volume of trades (but have been the work of morons who think if they keep throwing their lunch money at it when nobody is looking it will magically go back up to where they bought it at so they can prove to their loved ones that they didn't just fuck their lives up.
Bitcoin is now dead as anything but a point of entry into currencies that you can only buy with other crypto. None of the money your shitty blockfolio says you have actually exists. You got scammed.

maybe im ina bad mood today, but im starting to think crypto is finished. the reason has nothing to do with the tech. the reason is because we've reached a point where the majority of crypto holders are pajeets , weak handed fags, women, terrified normes, and so its become impossible for things to go up anymore. as son as anything starts mooning just a little, people sell so they can get tiny gains. if something starts going down a little, everyone sells out of fear. too many pussies have flooded the market. no one is capable of holding anymore, so we dont see any genuine massive moons. if something goes from 3700 sats to 4000 sats, thats considered a moon nowdays. everyone dumps after small gains because they are so fucking desperate and poor, or ignorant, and they think theyve done great. i hate you all.

Please keep thinking that way I want a discount.


It's dead because you expect it to go up. The purpose of a currency isn't to go up.

dont you agree though that a large portion of coins these days are not even currencies. im just thinking off te top of my head but things like strat, ardor, lisk, monaco. theres a lot of things that are not currencies. theyre platforms that are considered investments

They never were currencies.
BTC is a joke, but people buy it as a value dump for other coins.

this is the best pink wojak so far

you guys have issues...every small dip or increase and the boards are screaming Crasssshhh!!!! or MOoonnnn!!!!! morons

welcome to Veeky Forums

I wonder if many are really that retarded or paid shills/fud

A gift for someone who may need it

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Look guys! We are Moooonnnningggg!!!! AAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Bull trap is over. See you at $100 billion market cap.


333 333


Lurk moar

You guys said it was going down!! I tethered @ $11,100... Tell me it's still crashing.

>He doesn't realize that 90% of the pink wojaks and crash talk is just a meme and to make newfags like you panic

back down to 10999!!!! Crasssshhhhh!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Nevermind! back up to 11073!!!! MOOOONNNNNINGGGG!!!!!!

Remember guys all the coins we bought at peak to sell as soon as they hit low

You're not entirely wrong. I just wouldn't say finished, more like shaken off and transformed. Over time, the market will gravitate towards tokens with real life use cases, which is like 0.01% of all the shitcoins. So weaponize your autism and invest in actual tech and not Tittiecoin

>tfw bought into the bitcoin meme


>Veeky Forumstards put up TA charts on cryptocurrency, which is illogical in the first place since this isn't the stock market
>Veeky Forumstards panic every 2% percent it drops, calling it a crash
The absolute state of Veeky Forums

we mooonninngnngngngngngngng!!!!!!!

I'm sorry I blamed Asia earlier.

you can't have ups without downs FAGGOT

10,000 trtl. Thats it? Anyone can mine that in an hour or two.

>every exchange except kraken that has margin would die in a tether burst
>but kraken fucking sucks
if im not making money i feel dead inside