scammaz or next dogecoin?

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pretty hard to get scammed when you can mine tens of thousands of them with a solar watch

Garlicoin is the next dogecoin.


seems a lot less scammy than a lot of shitcoins out there

I really don't like the outer green ring, if that is their actual logo.
Isn't this just another Doge coin?

This coin is legit. I was in the discord when it started. They put a lot of time and work into it.

no it's a privacy coin

guys this coin is hot right now over 1mh added in last few minutes

>471.32 KH/sec on whole network

F O R S E N B O Y S represent

Fucking DisguisedToast (hearthstone streamer) just mentioned he was mining this on stream. Wtf?!?!. I might start now

with all the shady shitcoins around it's good to have a privacy lolcoin with a roadmap

devs are ex aeon devs

It's the literal definition of a vaporcoin. The only person that will make money if you mine this will be your electric company.

What does that mean

> youtuber mentionned it
> buy 5M
> tell zhang to turn on the wind turbines
> and boot the vega farm

Good stuff. It has the memepower + privacy.

A bunch of youtubers have mentioned it, I don't see why haha. I'm nervous to get in on it

> Veeky Forumstards are slowly waking up
> to the existence of TRTL
> let the accumulated water flow
> from the hydroelectric mini-dam
> boot the 1080 farms
> we're going live


do not mine, it is a fucking keylogger.

Oh fuck off with that shit already. You can compile the source if you want to.

t. TRTL whale on multivega farm lol

hero in a half shell

Their proper term is Archelon

been mining this for weeks. lurking in the discord and pleased with the devs. slow and steady wins the race


that's Zhang.
he controls my mini dams,
my secret wind turbines
in isolated chinese countryside
and the vega farms plugged into them
one satellite phone call is all it takes

the miner isn't even made by the turtledevs you brainlet, it's xmr-stak, same as monero

they have a miner for download. I didn't use it, personally. Ran the wallet in Sandbox.

>Not smart enough to look over git repo for malicious code
>Thinks a sandbox would keep you safe
The normies are in boys, hold

ya im sure these guys invented a way to get exes to escape a VM. ok bro

xmr-stak isn't a keylogger, but "TurtleCoind.exe" is. let the wallet sync and open a wireshark session, type something on your keyboard and see the magic happen. it is a keylogger.

If you want free turtles go here. No scam involved



proof it quads


you're full of shit

here's 10kTRTL for your effort in bullshitting. first to import this key gets it.

Spend Key: b5bfab58bd0d9979fb16f5b560a1a0bee576e838d79c1a6fbcb28f17c43b0e05
View Key: 6ce2dbe65dd8ac0474946b61c9e1240517e41c1d0b0ef547567f3477e2abaf03

Woah, 10k trtl. That's like $0.00001

sandbox kek, code is on github

wow and 10BTC was once the price of a single joint. your economic prowess is astounding.

hello nocoinHODLeer

>mined a few hundred thousand for shits and giggles

I figure if it moons after it hits the exchange I'll make a neat profit, and if not, I just paid a few extra bucks on my electricity bill.

Spend Key: 6f4e015cae8fc12db708c129a4d115a97559aac9c0f4a17d7df7e773ef706905
View Key: c70b2b025c8734df7e01219e3e994f669d8d9b75a1a0b53fdf3a380599f77a0e

Legit got it, thanks (I left some for the next guy)

this one is 100k oops! fat fingerr'd

i went on the discord and scammed so many people, it's so easy to scam

Now do a 1 mil one

was that for real you? they stopped allowing sales because of the scams.

more, more !

There's a real exchange now

> (You)
I took like 1,000$ worth of fiat from idiots lmao

This can't be real life, I can't believe I got in early for once

fakin waste

Ya that's why I would never do an exchange like that. As soon as I saw people trading like that I knew there was going to be scammers.

2 sats today 20 sats next week

200 next month

get in lads, slow and steady wins the race

Nah turtle devs are bros as fuck

The discord is just casual chat and I love my turtle bros.

Catch me on the discord as Pappa John's pizza.

Bless up turtles

chat is dancc as fucc

Where is this

At current price of 3 sats and circulating supply of like 3b current i think, mcap right now is only around 10k and the coin looks alot better than half the shit above 100mil cap coins

mcap is around 167k from the traded prices in the discord, the ogre market is fresh, so it's wank brah

How do we get TRTL in Blockfolio and Delta?

you wait a looooooong time until it gets listed on one of the bigger exchanges

one of them lets you add custom coins. Don't know how but use that feature.

Can you be' more specific?
I want to try it myself since i was about ti start mining TRL

It's not going anywhere for now, many have multiple of 100 Millions TRTL to dump, until those are distributed don't buy at above 2 sats you'll be bagholding.
t. 4 Millions holder here.

im now a moderately more wealthy person

This isn't the exchange they were promising in the roadmap is it?

Is it still possible to mine millions of turtles a week?

no this shit exchange randomly added trtl.

Hope this is not an exist scam

for 1kh it says to expect ~100k/day


Mined 1mm in the past few days, feeling really comfy now that this is on an exchange. TRTL to the moon!

that exchange certainly doesn't inspire confidence

I may be retarded but when I run simplewallet file it generates a wallet address and a view key. It says to copy the spend key, but I don't see that listed. Is the wallet address the spend key? What is my private key?

Great turtles come from small turtles

type "export_keys" and it'll print out your private keys. if anybody gets those they get all of your turtle so keep them safe.

Hey man I love TRTL, the devs are awesome, discord is friendly, and turtles are cute. But that exchange is like a month old. I put 10k TRTL there to test but it gives me a sketchy vive.

>current year
>not believing in the power of turtles

1 trillion turtles shall carry that exchange on their back and March to greatness

Its not a scam coin at all but its not the next ETH or anything

It has good marketing/presentation (just checkout the website).

Cool devs/general community. People actually care about the coin and wont sell it the moment its worth 0.0001 usd

Decent tech/legit time put in to making this functional and not a shitcoin

All in all I expect it to hit more exchanges in q2 and reach 0.10 usd end of q3.

>0.10 usd
You do know that will be a few billion dollar mcap right?

maybe MAYBE $0.01

You do know that will be a few hundred million dollar mcap right?

message me at vivaspacer @ gmail

My first offer is: buying 100 million turtles for 100$.

>all of it will be mined

Going rate for turtle is 1 trtl 1 cent gtfo you stupid pajeet scammer fuk

Really it was the outer green ring that sold me on this coin. Went all in.

He doesn't even know what a circulating supply is

Do you even math

By q3? Isn't it about 5 bil coins minted every 2 months? I might be wrong though. 29000 made every block, block time 30 seconds on average. So about 2.5b made every month and total supply is 1 trillion.

I made those calculations assuming supply will be 10 bil by the time it hits proper exchanges in q2, since it's sitting at near 2.8b supply last time I checked a week or two ago.

fuky fuky? 5 dollah!! me no scammah mistah xD
I really don't care about the current rate, but from how much I'm noticing. 2 SATs currently is far far away from 1 cent.

By your math all of bitcoin should be mined

Bitcoin doesnt have a 30 second block time with 29000 block reward though.

>he doesn't understand how mining works

500k here will I make it?