Swing trade

Hey biz, I really wanna learn how to trade daily on the tips and dips . Seems like most tutorials I find on youtube are shit/shill content

Any good tutorials you can point me to ?

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read book

Charting books?

The only way I've made money is following announcements and arbing new coins on exchanges

>when price goes up but looks like it's going to go back down, sell
>when price goes down but looks like it's going to go back up, buy
There you go. You know know as much any anyone else does.

It's gambling in a market that already feels like gambling. Dice rolling is more technical.

Choose a coin.
Learn its recent patterns. All of them are manipulated, but if you can tell the individual signs of an imminenr dump, you can amass some of this coin

However, problems start when your stack is no longer small enough to not afdect market movements

Come back when you've bought your crystal ball and box of crayons.
Fucking scrub.

sell near 24 hour high
buy near 24h low

>live in the US get taxed for every transaction(taxed when you either buy or sell crypto).

Don't. Day trading is bad



>be a jew lying on mongolian message boards
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At that point you pull some of your trading stack out and put it back in your hold stack, then carry on you bastard.

Easy. when you see red candle, buy. When you see a green candle. Sell.

Stuff is so simple, why even bother going to college for 4 years? Duhh!

Do you like to lose money? Then go ahead and day trade.
You think you can beat other traders who have been doing this a lot longer than you have, and who have way more capital to play with? Don't bother. Buy low, hold, sell high. That's all there is to it. Don't make it complicated.

This is a market filled with idiots, the only thing you need to make money daytrading is not to be an idiot.

Really? Mind share your btc/usd or eth/usd verified track record? 500-1000 trades at minimum. max dd, win rate, profit loss ratio and calmar ratio ;)

I don't know what any of these mean.
But I haven't lost money.

Not that guy, but here. still getting the hang of things

OP it's not easy, but I would mess around with TradingView. I use EMA lines to do most of my work

Cant you just start trading smaller amounts on different alts?

There is no way you are having an edge after spreads and slippage daytrading with moving averages btc/usd. This is wishful thinking at best, btc is already nearing fiat currency pair competiveness in short term trading

Just buy high sell low

Easy enough

I can day trade crypto with reasonable success now, but I've been doing it daily for about two years so I've had lots of practice.

Just start with small money and don't worry about how much its worth. Even $10 would be fine as you're just using it for learning and making percentage gains.

There are some good day trading guides on youtube.

don't look up TA. look up quant

>Even $10 would be fine as you're just using it for learning and making percentage gains.
Wont $10 get eaten up by most exchanges in fees?

I trade BTC/alts. I stay away from btc/usd for the very reasons you have mentioned. If you're gonna day trade consistently you have to make out on the volatility. Lots of small moves add up.


go to college

>Wont $10 get eaten up by most exchanges in fees?

The exchanges usually take a percentage of each trade (around 0.20%) so it makes no difference between $10 or $1000 if its just for learning.

you do realize they overlap right?

momentum trading (which is 90% of crypto) uses TA

if you learned something beyond a message board you wouldn't give such great "advice"


I've increased my VEN and ICX stack by 30% since day trading a few days ago

Meaning i have more than you fags have, by following trends

Let's just ignore that ICX mooned and i haven't bought back in yet ;(
But... it'll dip again, i am hoping.

lmao this is the problem, you gain 1-3 percent a few times and then, oh shit you lost 15. And all profit is gone.
Hours of stress for nothing.

nah I just watch a shkreli vid

> (You)
you're forgetting that it is like a game
GIves you an adrenaline rush, that's why i do it : )

Plus most times i make gains, yes sometimes i get JUST

if you have to ask youre not allowed to know.

It kind of works, as long as you don't daytrade good coins like icx/ven. Just shit that has no news coming.

Try it with ven, and bam they drop a twitter post and it shoots up 10%.
Maybe it drops a bit later, but you will fomo in.

Yea takes real balls to do it with VEN and ICX
Though recently they have been taking big dips as BTC gets shit on

So i try to time it accordingly, but still.... huge risk

Better to do it with shitcoins

It is just that I know I will make it with my amount of ven.
With a bit of swing trading I might be able to get a thunder node. But I don't know if it is worth the risk.

But you are right, it can be a lot of fun.

ez listen to me

buy high sell low best way to go = lambo in 2 month 100%

>Daytrading manually

Realize that you're competing with thousands of algo bots which executes strategies without flaws. One of which is mine.