How bad is to leave coins on exchange (binance)?

How bad is to leave coins on exchange (binance)?

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Binance is the best exchange by far. No arguing it really, id have faith in them up to the point of money you wouldnt kill yourself over if you lost. Lets say you made one million, half that just cash out, be a man and pay taxes and keep it in a real bank

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I have my FUN there because I intend on trading it soon, but my long term holds I keep in my hardware wallet.

If binance goes down or gets hacked it's a GOX level catastrophe for this market

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I bought 10 dark coins at all time high 15€ each and then they went to like 1€ and I simply didn't bother to withdraw them because they were now pretty much worthless....

I almost an herod when in 2017 I found out that dash coins (aka dark coins) were at 800€ and the shitty exchange where I bought them closed down one year earlier.

If you want to do day trading keep it on binance, if you just want to hodl don't be a retard like me.


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ahahaha - implying your money is safe in a real bank. The feds can take all your shit at any time, you just have to get caught in one of their 3 letter drag nets. From someone who involuntarily donated over 600k to the feds, your money is NOT safe in a bank (unless it is protected by some type of irrevocable trust).

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Good goy, put your coins on a ledger. Wouldn't want you to accidentally sell them!

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Always keep large stores of crypto in a hardware wallet - never on exchanges if you plan on holding for long term gains.

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