Raiblocks XRB

Please buy this under the radar gem. We will make millions from this pls buy NOW. It's really really fast. Like blazing fast. It's centralized, untested and has got a few bugs but that's alright. Please buy now.

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4/10 bait. Work on your pajeeting tactics and kindly kys


Unironically I think this coin actually has potential if they fix their fucking exchange problems and release a wallet.

All it can do is send money. Literally has no other use. It will be left behind.

Have you ever sent that shit? If it works right it feels glorious

Absolute shit coin, if you bought this past $2 and haven't sold yet there's no hope for you.

Imagine thinking the future of crypto will only be capable of sending money fast. I'm shocked at the tunnel vision you raitards have

You don't say? I wonder what else the the top cryptos do also....like bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and litecoin....hrmmm

Totally under the radar at position 20.

so everything a cryptocurrency ever needed? it's all those coins to use on specific platforms that are trash and bound to go to 0 if crypto gets mainstream adoption

Shit you’re retarded. The future of crypto isn’t one coin that can do everything and is bloated. It’ll be a couple different coins that are good at what they do. Raiblocks is good at what it does because it’s fast and has no fees

>very fast
>very cheap
sounds like dgb
why would I invest in it after it mooned so much already?

nobody needs raiblocks - it's crypto 1.0 and is outdated. it's also the biggest PND in history and you're gonna be holding some cryptkeeper bags until the end of time

>what is cryptocurrency

>>Please buy now.

Please shit in a toilet pajeet

I didn’t buy based on the name alone.

That's the point raitards aren't getting. They mooned it too early on shit exchanges. Not enough upside to care.

Crypto needs a pure currency. Bitcoin is no longer a currency but a "store-of-value" coin. Right now out of the top 20 what are the pure currencies?
Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero, DASH, and RaiBlocks.
BCH is controversial enough. Litecoin is probably the best right now but it will run into the same scaling and tx issues in the future that Bitcoin is running into now. Not everyone is looking for anonymity like Monero, plus you could take exception to the fact that there will never be a supply cap. Don't even get me started on that pre-mined scam called DASH.
So we're left with XRB at the best pure currency. IOTA does not count nor does XLM as they are trying to accomplish more than just being a currency. And if you even think of recommending Steem then go back to your Youtube shithole and believe their shills instead because we'll never convince you otherwise. If you've actually used RaiBlocks then you would know that it works and works very well. If they rebrand to NANO it could be very similar to NEOs rebrand.

okay lets say that all your fud is true. dont you think that it can pump to atleast 10 bil due to the fact it is a real project and literal vaporware is in the top 10?

Don't try to convince him, you won't be able to. A lot of people on biz see XRB as a "normie coin" because it has a lot of shilling on reddit and that's the only reason they hate it. This is the only place where they fud the shit out of XRB.

that's not the reason at all. It's a DAG coin. So far no DAG coin has been tested in a decentralized state. It's a billion dollar experiment and the dev has the power to shut the whole thing down at his whim (He actually did this during a phishing attempt). DAG is interesting tech but no one knows if it'll work in practice.

>under the radar
Either terrible pajeet or
>being this new

it will work, but we need more security than one or a few nerds saying to trust them.

Besides, IOTA will make Raiblocks obsolete in a few months.

Even Skycoin can do what Raiblocks can do right now + more.

Raiblocks is over.

Imagine, just for a moment, being this retarded

Bookmark this and check back by the end of the year.

Why can't XLM be a currency?