Can i make it?

How much do i need to stick my dick in her every night?

Which coin should I go all in?

im thinking xvg or hpb. or int. idk anons!!



Im not a noob, faggot

>serious answers only please!

More than you could ever afford. Though you could try putting your entire life savings into KIN and hope it hits BTC levels.

You need at least 85% ALPHA and some STATUS.


I hope you have the money to afford her skin cancer treatment in a few years

Kill yourself, reddit cuckhold

Going all in on one coin, shill me

you need to go all in on a low cap coin and hope it moons so you can. I know like 3 that I think will 10x

INS OP. INS. Easy 100x eoy

IM THINKING INT chain? maybe BTO

What do you think. seems hot.

I went to high school with this bitch, she was actually cool based off my few interactions with her. However, if you want to fuck her you gotta be a rich Chad in Pike at FSU.

>MFW im a rich chad in Pike at fsu

INT already has a 90mil market cap. That's a no-go if you wanna get rich, it's not gonna 10x let alone 5x.

Adshares (ADST) and Linx on cryptopia are both low cap coins - 20mil and 5 mil respectively - that are soon gonna be shilled like crazy here and moon hard af during the next upcoming alt run. Get in on these before the rest of Veeky Forums does.

Also, who's this chick? Is she famous?

Elixir, very low right now and only 20MM market cap.

Ur deluded.

Just went all in on INTchain.

Thanks guys

You can't by 6'4" tall with a idgaf attitude bud.

ok, good luck lmao, well see who makes it first

Fuck off Cameron, you only got a bid because you're rich

you could just be chad like me and get her making shitwages

I'd say about 4 drinks and a shot.
Maybe a cab-ride and a kebab to go.

dude i make 40K/yr and plow bitches like this every weekend. money helps, but game is better.

too much work

Ill just pay 500$ to have a mid-high tier escort come suck my balls, no difference.

ITT: neets larping as chads