>user how did u know which coin to invest?
>youre so smart, god i love smart guys
>what was it called? link? isnt that in urls?
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u want a new car sarah? here u have .1link
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>only enough money to attract generic blondes
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any traded sex doll companies? I want to invest then shill the dolls on these boards

What the fuck are you downies smoking. 1 and throw the rest in the trash.

they get shilled on r9k everyday lol



everything else is just horrible taste and should end it today

3 > 2 > 1 > 4


2, 3, 1, 4

#3 everyone else has a penis

This x100, 3fags absolutely btfo

1's posture is weird, and her dress too, but look at her face how can you choose 2 and 4 over her?

This guy knows what's up. 2 might be good for a PnD.

This is the correct order


throw rest in trash



close but no cigar
2 looks like a female mike and molly dad, she'll get chubby while the rest age well except maybe 1

But they aren't really my type, I don't want to sound like the classic fedora poster but I can't really find attractive theses girls.. They're teenagers yet they look like they are almost 30s. Why some girls just don't go easier with fake tan, hair bleaching and make up?

Anyone here saying 1 is a retard. 2 face, 3 body. 4 and 1 in trash.

These are bang average girls man, at least something some good looking ones


4 is to flat-chested, at least 2 has the potential to have a nice C-cup.. .

I swear biz is the most autistic board

3, 1, 2, 4

Post the reference to those numbers with the coins dudes!!!

You faggots fantasize but she would rather fuck some unemployed black guy over you beta cucks no matter how rich you get.

With the danger of sounding edgy/cynical, all women are for sale. Not necessarily for money, it could be for social status, that they want to be with you to advance in a social hierarchy.
Often money can contribute to this, it can create your social status.

This 100%

What you think the red ones go faster or something?


Women don't like black men. You've been watching too much cuckold porn.

>Women don't like black men. You've been watching too much cuckold porn.

all the girls look the same lmao



It's 4, 2, 3, 1 bros

I'm black you're out of your mind. By the time the graduated university of Michigan I slammed so much white pussy I haven't even touched it since and I'm not even a handsome guy. Literally just walked in places and had pussy offered every day.


I know what you mean, they look too perfect. I want at least 1 flaw so I can control her mentally.

1, 1, 1, death

You forgot the part where she calls you a nice friend.

3412 duh

if 6666666 link dies

This is what blacks and cuck's actually believe.