>made loads from crypto
>decide to try buying stuff make me happy I'm normally pretty frugal
>buy 4k worth of things I in no way need
>do not feel happy at all
>feel completely disgusted myself now on top of my depression
Anyone else know this feel?

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Wow I missed two prepositions my brain must be degrading

Yep,maybe some companionship would help.

The reason you feel like shit is because you didn't spend the money on yourself. You spent the money on something peripheral.

You didn't spend the money on something that'd better you. You didn't spend the money on an education or training (physical, skill, etc).

You wasted it.

try travelling, new hobbies, new food,

go outside

I’m not depressed but I know full fucking well that engaging in material consumption will in no way lead to happiness.

There is no simple solution, user. One day at a time.

Nah, I'm a pathetic poorfag. Don't know how it feels. If you don't need your money anymore you can send it my way.
Concerning your problem I would advise you to take a look at Maslow's hierarchy of needs and determine what you lack.
After you found out what's missing you can take action to improve your life.

People don't seem to like me very much. I've never even had a girlfriend

Yeah maybe you're right. I got a nicer guitar which I thought would be somewhat beneficial but I'm about to just take it back.

It's been many many days of the same

Well I'm not depressed at all, but I'm also not sure about this money stuff.

In my wage job, I was and am making $4000 after taxes but never changed living like I only have $1200.

Then crypto came along in June and I could invest $20,000 and I have $400,000 now in cold storage. But for what, I don't know. I just want to do math. In fact, it's part of the reason I'm feeling pretty good, I'm writing a book and there's a point to things. But the accumulating money doesn't change anything. $20,000 is the same sort of security fallback as is $400,000, practically speaking.

I actually know a few people in the $0.1 billion range. Sounds like larping, but that's just ETH ICO people. Mind you, ETH was 31 cents at ICO, so each $350 gives you a million now. And those kids also don't spend any of it.

why don't they like you?

BTC adress if you feel you don' t need money

TFW you're lacking everything from the top 3 sections except for friends cause of no motivation to do anything in life and find no reason to work towards success and some super low self esteem :/

>I didn't even have a girlfriend
H-haha! W-what a loser!

kys money hungry fag.

>tfw I saw the ETH ICO page in 2014 but didn't buy in because I was a poorfag student and didn't understand the concept

My stomach twists when I think about it, I comfort myself with the idea that I most likely would've sold way before the current price.

Lol what? 20k is nothing like 400k. 250k sets me up pretty neat in my country (Poland). You gotta make sure you appreciate your fucking profits. Also it's retarded to have 100 million and not spend anything. Even more so if they didn't cash out part of it, that's just mental illness and begging for a disaster.

uh why don't you just get some pussy

are you people asexual

Its not having money that makes you feel happy its the process of making money. Its not material possessions that make you happy, its knowing you have earnt them and appreciate where they came from. (Your hard work). Sounds like you need to travel the world and see people that are in hardship with fuck all money and see how much happier they are than you. Perspective kiddo

Idk I'm pretty quiet. I can't really joke around and banter that well with strangers takes me months to get comfortable with new people. Then other times I probably come off as trying too hard to compensate. One time I tried to make some dumb statement to a friend of my roommate and the guy straight up told me fuck off man I don't even know you

Well OP i'll advice you to open your mind and go out of your confort zone to try new things if you want to feel again .

>mfw all you have is 400k and youve been in crypto that long

cool story bro

Yeah, there were a bunch of ICOs with 1000x to 10000x. I know people younger than me who did two, and that's not taking into account their legacy bitcoin.

They have 100 million, so the wilderst and unrealistic crash would still make them multimillionaires.

>sets me up pretty neat in my country
sets you up for what? I could earn 4x as much as I do now if I'd do programming in the blockchain sphere but I actually like my my job, the one I had before crypto. If I lost all my $400k now, it wouldn't change anything. I got a good wage slave and things are doing great.

I get plenty. In fact, I have a lot less time (and sleep) since I do crypto. I suppose I could get more pussy if I'd buy clothing, and I might eventually hire some chick or fag to buy me clothes, but again, pussy is free in this world, especially today.

>pussy is free

explain user

Get me a 500 dollar worth of crypto and im not going to the job interview tomorrow.

Well if your money isn't making you happy why not give it to orphans?

humans like sex. go out, cold approach chicks.

>inb4 pickup is creepy

find a job you like

A guitar is a great investment. What kind, user? I'm a poorfag so I've just a Martin X series acoustic. Suits me fine since I'm still a novice, only played for around 3 years.

Get creative with using your money to benefit the community. Look for local arts & culture incentives, or something you believe in. Maybe there are homeless shelters, food drives, etc...

Or if not, maybe you could start your own sort of initiative. You'll feel better being a part of something.

It's a year 2000 strat. Plays really nice


Crypto trading

Dude go travel. Meet people
I was gonna kms then I went japans and Thailand and now life is bearable

Hold on to it. If you haven't played long enough to warrant the quality, switch it out for something cheaper that will retain value. Strats are great, learned on my dad's Clapton strat. Unbelievable action.

This sounds like pretty good advice user.

But that is completely true. Between that and today there's literally hundreds of different price points you would've possibly sold at.

P-pussy is f-free?


>still complains

shut up you fucking faggot

people have nothing and are happy

go travel
stop watching anime cartoon porn
stop using the internet everyday

go the fuck outside

its quite simple


problem solved

You silly boy, Don't buy superfluous stuff. Start investing on yourself, I managed to beat a severe depression that I had for a solid decade just a few months ago. I would recommend looking for medical help, a good friend that you can comfortably open up, going to the gym for that sweet dopamine and healthy growth and hit a barber get a nice haircut, maybe grow a beard, chicks dig that shit.

Also set some goals, Mine is riding a few rollercoasters since I love them and haven't ride one in decades and I'm also learning french. Keep your brain stimulated to keep the damn depression away, you will make it user, believe.

>They have 100 million, so the wilderst and unrealistic crash would still make them multimillionaires.
still it's brainlet tier.
>I just made an incredible fortune from nothing by the wildest straw of luck ever known to mankind, better just leave it all to the invisible hand of the market and live like a NEET :-)
>Meanwhile at SEC, year 2020: total ban for purchasing and trading all cryptocurrencies for US investors

>still complains
I wasn't complaining in the sightliest. I was confirming that the gainz didn't change my mood.

People like sex. Talk to girls.

So do what I said then before its too late and you've wasted your life wanking to cartoons

Jesus christ

Can you send me $20k? It would literally change my life and let me start crypto seriously


xan confirm....bought at ico sold at 12$ in 2016.....dont worry i hate myself more than you do....

I started with nothing bro put a little on my credit card. You can do it

I forgot to mention that learning about MGTOW made the healing process much easier, I don't know if women is part of your problem, but if it is, then watch a few MGTOW youtubers out there, I would recommend sandman but there are quite a few.
this user have a good idea too

Okay, I give you that, you have a point. For best risk/gains optimization, they should cash out.

Still, they don't know what to do with it, thinking about donation etc., and, really whether you have 10 million or 100 million makes a difference will depend on your ambitions. Some things can't be bought. For example, getting the dedication to get fit within 5 months. Every poorfag can potetnally do it, but if your mind is not set to it, you wouldn't get fit even if you were steadily growing to 1 billion dollars.

How do $50k mean nothing to me? While 20k is "the same" security backup as 400k, I can still grow the stack and invest in my normie friends startup or whatnot.

If you want to make easy $50k, here the NEO developer competition. Write a smart contract in Python or C# and a nice user interface or website with it. Ten people get $100k each.
That's one million for you:

I did for a while. Just felt like I was lying to myself

I know someone else said it, but travel somewhere that you find beautiful, getting there will be a hassle but flying first class makes it much less shitty and you will appreciate life more while there, guaranteed.

Okay user I'm gonna lay it out straight, been through some similar stuff.

It's been said on here, but it's the best thing for it. Travel. Tell you what you should do, take 3 weeks or a month off work for holiday. Fly into Bankok or into Cusco, peru. Somewhere with big traveller hostels. Don't put any pressure on yourself to meet friends, just go to a really busy hostel and drink at the bar, have a few on your own if you need confidence beers.

The first night might be scary, you might feel alone. But you will grow, even if you fly there and fly back it would be an eye opening experience. Go see machu picu, or the skybar in bankok. Literally just get out somewhere you'd not realised you could do.

When you get back you will realise that the world isn't the way you thought it was, you'll have a shitload of adventure stories even if you didn't mean to.

I'm going on an adventure next month, vietnam, I'm poor but it'll be worth it. If you wanna buy me a beer here's my ETH address.


Try Killing yourself, I've heard that cures most problems