ITT: Signs of a crypto illiterate

>mentions market cap
>uses boomer meme lines on charts to tell your horoscope

>market cap
let me guess, you look at unit price instead, and probably own tons of xrp, iota and ada in hopes of them reaching BTC prices?

nice bait thread

How is market cap not important

is this the ironic memes thread?

Yup, math is retarded.

Working fine so far

Marketcap doesn't mean anything in crypto
Ada xrp iota xlm say hi lol

It's an indication of relative popularity.

>It's an indication of relative popularity.

The problem with the Market Cap formula is it attempts to answer a very complex question with too few variables; that question being, "what is the relative value of this coin to its maximum value?" Tricky question, because few people ask the question, "what decides the maximum value?" Time and time again, many people will erroneously use the leading coin's (Bitcoin) market cap as some sort of indicator of maximum market cap value for any other coin. How does this make any sense? Particularly if the coins are for completely different use cases. Why does Bitcoin's market cap have any relevance to Ethereum's, or Ripple's? Well, it doesn't, whatsoever; but, this is the psychological barrier put in place, presumably from instinctual impetus given that we see Bitcoin all grown up, so Bitcoin's siblings can't get much bigger right? They're not kids, so the first step to clearing the nonsense of Market Cap from your mind, is that one coin's market cap has anything to do with another coin's, for the same reason your kid went to college while the neighbor's kid smoked pot all day.

This is bait right?


norman get out

i hate when reddit retards write a block of text to say nothing even marginally intelligent. fuck you pseuds you should never write more than a sentence

>thinks market caps matter like a normie
>calls me a normie

>name calls instead of presenting a counter argument

no spoonfeeding brainlets

This is quite possibly the dumbest fucking thing written by a person that thinks they are smart I have ever read.

You can do a comparative evaluation of different coins based on their marketcap based on the audience the coin targets.

Privacy: XMR, XVG, DASH, ZEN
Smart Contract: ETH, EOS, CMT, XBY

Market cap can be used to judge the popularity of a coin, the popularity of that coins market, and used to judge how far a coin can move relative to the others in that market. It's not the key, it's a variable. And you would be retarded to ignore it.

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Found the boomers

>blockchain is a great technology but we don't need cryptocurrencies

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The most Reddit brainlet shit I've read in a while.

Nobody thinks ripple will be at btc prices but people know that a lower prices is more appealing psychologically to a typical buyer. Markets are made by people, you have to respect that

What I find funny is that people will invest in scams without even checking what it's for and how it works.
And they'll buy at an ATH.

>print 1 billion coins
>sell them at $100 each

It's hugely important when the entire foundation of the market relies on btc pairing. You're a fucking brainlet.

considering market cap is unit price times number of units, that's actually the same thing.

The market relies on btc pairing until it doesn't.

wow you are smart are you giving courses?

People in this thread are cracking me up
Such brainlets that they get confused by "big words" such as market cap, then proceeds to ridicule people who grasp it.

>x*y = x

No it isn't you fucking brainlet am I being fucking baited here?


That’s why wellwe are moving from measuring in satoshis to drops

mcap is price * supply. That's it. Doesn't really tell you much but redditfags have created a meme out of it like it's some genius investor strategy to judge coins by mcap.

it kind of matters. do you really expect some shit like PACcoin to reach $1? the market cap would be insanely high

>for the same reason your kid went to college while the neighbor's kid smoked pot all day.

>it kind of matters. do you really expect some shit like PACcoin to reach $1? the market cap would be insanely high


If it doesn't hit 1$ is because the coin is shit, not because of muh marketcup

What I'm saying is all a coin needs to do to break the bond with BTC is to find more traction through actual usefulness.
>people want xcoin
>now wallets are allowing you to buy xcoin with fiat
There you go the next bitcoin contender emerges and it's not a slow and overvalued piece of garbage. Right now BTC is the gold equivalent of real life currency, it's bulky and hard to trade.

You guys are so stupid it should be criminal for you to post here. Go away. Measuring marketcap in fiat is the only thing that even matters when judging so many different cryptos with different coin supplies and coin emission rates. This isn't really that hard to understand.

Decoupling from bitcoin is a completely separate discussion and will likely just happen naturally over time.

OP is a fucking moron

Measuring market cap is often the only way to get a reasonable estimate of a coin's value

i.e. if a coin says it wants to take over 10% of the Widget industry and the widget industry is worth 1 trillion, then it's fair to assume that if the coin has achieved 10% penetration in that industry then 100 billion is a fair market cap for the coin

"Hey guys market cap doesn't matter at all. My shitball penny stock is gonna be worth more than the Dow Jones because they solve different problems and I'm retarded"