Real Estate Agent Thread

If you were looking to buy a house, what is the main thing you would like me to sell you on?

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The lack of pajeets in the neighbourhood.

Location location location

Would you want me to wear a suit jacket or just a dress shirt and tie? What about the car? Do you want me driving a brand new Honda Accord?

Neighborhood (no pajeets,niggers in sight)

No suit is for try hards look like one of those used car salesmen cucks.

The better the car the more they think you're gonna commission rape them, but also make sure it's clean.

I want a high crime neighborhood with a bad school system so I get good value for my real estate money and I believe in home schooling anyways. Also I don't want my kids to grow up too soft. Shill me on the low-level criminality that will deter normies from making the neighboorhood into some kind of overpriced hipster Hong Kong

Worked in estate agency for a year few years ago, definitely wear a suit. Anything less is unprofessional and you won't be taken seriously
Car doesn't matter too much as long as it's not a jalopy

Thanks for all the advice, this is truly the best board on Veeky Forums.

the neighborhood and price (obvious)

>younger/money-focused/temporary residents: future market value "you're buying in low!"
>Boomers: "Safe neighborhood, pretty quiet, yet close to activities like all that wine tasting and betty boop trivia night!"
>Parents: school school school, safe, neighbor kids of similar ages and backgrounds
>Hipsters: "craft beer right down the street!"
>Real estate investors ie me: operating expenses from the last owner and how much you think we can jew the rents for vs how much shit we gotta fix, no bullshit frilly talk, lots of comps
>Then we joke about the above subjects because however you're shilling the house is probably how I'm gonna shill the rental.

Whatever you sell it on really depends on who is trying to buy it.

i would like it if you messaged completely over text instead of insisting on phone calls like a faggot when i dont have time for that shit

also where are you at OP i am currently looking for a house and cant find a good realtor

desu suits and the whole barbie / ken look seriously turn me off when looking at realtors. i like down to earth people that dont look like theyre wide eyed with gritted teeth and teeth whitener

Also I judge people if they have mememoney cars like Mercedes and other "look at the brand of my Expensive Luxury Car" shit, a newer Jetta or something like that would tell me that they make enough to have nice cars and also make their choices based on what seems like a good choice vs how others perceive them. I am disgusted by people who buy "affordable luxury" type cars because that's what they're supposed to buy or "deserve" even when those cars aren't really great.

I'd also give props to any non-normie car but I'm a gearhead and ride a motorcycle to all real estate happenings so I'd ignore this part of my comment. Man, even when I Make It I'm basically gonna stick to buying used fun cars/bikes and doing fun things to them, based on performance not brand.

Affordability-to-size, access to things (transit, grocery store, bars), security of the area (crime rates), and the condition of things that are expensive to fix (foundations, structure, roof).
Things I can change about the house with effort, money, and favors don't matter. I'll make them what I want them to be later.
Things that I have no say in: those are where the value is.

I'm located in the Philadelphia area, but I could sell houses in the states around here.

I'm a gearhead too, I asked Veeky Forums and they said I should go american. I made the decision to buy a mid range 25k black on black with leather interior Ford Fusion.

Look like what you are.
If you're driving a civic and wearing an expensive suit it just looks weird. Same goes for the reverse.
But what you have/wear isn't really what matters, so much as how you wear it. If you look uncomfortable as fuck in a suit DON'T WEAR A SUIT.

>I am disgusted by people who buy "affordable luxury" type cars
hey fuck you my used 6 speed acura is the most comfy and reliable car in existence

joking aside the mercedes CLA might be the most dogshit car made in the last 2 decades

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Well you really have to feel out your client. Its up to you to figure out what is important to them and reassure them. If something is nice about the house like it has nice appliances make sure they know and understand the value of it.
The more practice you have with showing the better you will get at it!