ARE WE ALL AT THE BULL TRAP?>?????????????????

ARE WE ALL AT THE BULL TRAP?>?????????????????

No, fuck off.

new paradigm was when it hit 19.5K. bull Trap was 16K.

9K was despair, we return to normal now.


I pray you are right

We're at take off. Markets are cyclical. It should hit 10 million by summer.

interesting thought

We're barely in the fear section wait until 5k for the despair


do you have any idea how few people are actually invested in crypto

and how how we still haven't touched $1T market cap

we are still before stealth phase

This is true.
We are leaving 11k right now.

This bull trap will go 2 years.

I do t see any despair at 9000, i see lots of people saying buy the dips


Guys we just had the bear trap. The real mania will start this summer.

It might be because people are starting to see bubble pops in a different light. After the .com bubble only the people who knew what they were doing bought after the crash and after seeing that success and the success of all the people who bought the MTgox bubble crash, the general consumer is starting to see that after a market crashes it isn't all over and therefore will be more willing to buy the dip.

YES ta says 6k possible get OUT

I lost 30-50K already .

This is so much.

I am just scared Tether does not get fucked uin the arse proper if so then I am 100% out of this world..

I was shocked when binance announced 6M account i was expecting 10x that

who here buckled up but hands up?


crypto won't ruin me if it crashes but it would still suck ass

take this as you may
i think BTC's new ATH will be due to LN and then Amazon announcing BTC as a payment option