Serious discussion time:

Serious discussion time:

will ethereum dethrone BTC in marketcap this year? I honestly don't see how ETH can't win the crypto wars, especially if they are able to successfully implement their ethereum 2.0 sharding plan and eventually scale up to ethereum 3.0 sharding

and if ETH does successfully implement this shit, i don't see how any other coin can touch it. they've had too wide a head start. ADA is still in development with a bunch of, frankly, gimmicky memery about peer review and ourobouros and haskell

i generally don't trust chinese products like NEO as a general rule. everything they do seems to be a copypaste and there isn't any real originality

XMR will have niche uses for drug dealers, terrorists, and pedophiles but i don't know beyond what else

willing to hear opinions to the contrary

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It’s possible but unlikely

>will ethereum dethrone BTC in marketcap this year?

The ETH protocol development is fairly decentralized which is one of its strengths long term like bitcoin. However ETH is going to run into the problem bitcoin had which is design by committee is painfully slow. Tons of shitcoins have have centralized development right now like ADA and EOS which might help them leap frog ahead of ETH. But then those will eventually slow down as well as they become more decentralized. Just stick with bitcoin.

Anyone else come to similar conclusion after watching ETH core meetings, and looking into their development?

consider the risk of buterin stepping back

>implying vitalik wont be assassinated and bitcoin will 10x again

XMR is coming for you ETH

short answer NO

eth can't scale and all the plasma, sharding or whatever else talk it's just bullshit

its scales better than btc, and that may just be enough, also

This is why I've hedged ETH with ADA

Cardano's centralized (for now - until on chain governance is implemented) development means it very well may beat ETH to market on proof of stake. Would imagine the contract layer will only be a month or two behind POS.

>However ETH is going to run into the problem bitcoin had which is design by committee is painfully slow
ETH's creator is known and active, he is Augustus and the committee is the Senate. On paper there's an "official" governance structure, but in reality one guy has all the power. Unless the community loses faith in Vitalik himself, he'll be able tug on the reigns of power to prevent development gridlock.

can you explain why sharding is bullshit

if this is true how do you explain POS / Sharding being "6 months out" for as long as I can remember?

I was surprized at how quickly Eth recovered from the crash, I think it might actually overtake BTC at some point. Esp now that BTC is half the price that it was 1 month ago.



yeah i don't know that centralization necessarily makes anything better or faster. it's really the people who make a difference and i don't know that a team lead by hoskinson is necessarily better than one led by buterin

also let's take into account that vitalik is only 23 and has several years left of prime energy in him whereas his opponents are generally much older

With the all the alt built on the ETH blockchain it's only logical that ETH will demolish bitcoin soon enough

ADA isnt going to catch on because people won't want to develop in Haskell. That's the plain truth. I say this as someone that loves Haskell, but its too hard for your average dev

>there isn't any real originality
NEO is a year ahead of schedule of ETH, but if you say so.

its hearsay
they've been talking about scaling that shit for a long time and absolutely nothing has come out to show that they're capable of doing it

ETH is a slow expensive piece of shit. hurrr more gazzzz. Cat games fuck it up, patch after patch shard this POS that.
you're retarded if you think platforms aren't being developed that will smash it to bits.
Palm pilot vs iphone battle. ETH is a palm pilot

btc is palm you dumb core cuck

are you trying to say that NEO is already ahead of ETH technologically?

who else has a decentralized network that is handling as many transactions as ETH?

Tbh I agree btc is the palm pilot. Eth can be the original iPhone.

this will kill ETH

"or whatever else talk" spoken like a truly informed individual

you're fuct. btc is a flip phone dumb cunt

This. I know we all like to make fun of ERC20 shitcoins but Ethereum has a MASSIVE first mover advantage in the ICO space. It's had a year head start to battle-test and establish contract standards. If my company wanted to do an ICO why would we pick NEO or ADA over ETH? ETH has the lion's share of projects, tokens, dapps, and DEXes. When it comes down to it, companies want to launch apps on the bustling Apple App store, not the Windows Phone marketplace graveyard.

do dapps also need to be developed in haskell?

>USD will have niche uses for drug dealers, terrorists, and pedophiles but i don't know beyond what else

dude, if you want a potential ETH killer that would be ADA. ENG is supposed to work with the ETH network.

Except that it isnt. At all.

We should also take into account that Vitalik's youth compared to his opponents means that he is less experienced - both in life, and as a professional

Just saying. Perhaps there is something to Hoskinson's ability to lead and develop efficiently. Vitalik probably has more talent, but Hosk has had several decades more to learn how to harness his own talents, play well with others, work as a team, etc.

60 times faster and already has PoS.

why did the largest ICO ever just launch off the stellar platform instead of ETH? they had the option and chose stellar. because they're smart enough to see through all the bullshit. ETH is slow and expensive. eat dicks

>why would we pick NEO or ADA over ETH?

ETH requires you to develop in Solidity.

ADA will allow just about any language... including solidity, for those dApps that are already developed and for developers who may enjoy that kind of thing.

Don't you think your company would find it easier to hire dev's to work on a program in a common language rather than Solidity?

always look for why.
centralized and unused is why its faster user
scaling roadmap is nonexistant

PoS Neo-Gas model is actually actually not PoS at all btw

Cardano looks like its run by a bunch of crusty old academics and cucks and also lead by ethereum reject Hoskinson. Anyone know the back story why they kicked him out?

the plot line thickens. don't waste your time, they worship the sperg like he's the digital jew god. he's a genius, but other people will take his ideas and refine them with a solid business model in mind. don't worry, the kids will find out when they're holding bags

Yeah, it's DPoS which is better.


Network effect means that ETH will be the dominant coin for good. Anyone who doesn't see this is retard. They can just upgrade the system as it goes, even if you in disbelief of their current proposals of pos sharding raiden, they can just move no the next solutions.

I dont understand why people think lumens are going to be valuable long term when the founders get to print lumens for themselves. It literally has inflation built in. Can someone explain this to me?

Good thing cross-compilers are in development, then.

Is there anything like Craigslist but on a blockchain so that frauds can be drastically reduced

No, they write a compiler for solidity (which is the stupidest idea if you ask me) and a strongly typed save custom language.
They are far too slow, though. And everybody involved is a super billionaire already, they are literally overfunded.
NEO is the best dApp chain. Nobody cares for decentralization in the crowdfunding space.
EOS might catch up.
ETH won't die, tho, too many people.

>posting ENG like it's going to be some currency-killer when it isn't a currency at all

ETH will dethrone BTC
???? will dethrone ETH



You realize ETH also inflates too, right?

just wait

sorry lads the answer was XLM
XLM was the answer we were looking for

Can someone shill me more on ADA and EOS? Or point me to some quality discussion?

Am currently considering getting into EOS, I need a bigger coin to hold as I sold my NEO, don't hold ETH and will probably sell my XLM if fairx is announced within reasonable time, so that it moons

If ETH is a palm pilot then BTC is some off-brand cellphone from the 90s lmfao

XTZ will be launching as a highly capitalised network with 100% PoS from the start

it’s going to be better meme-gold than BTC before long

Thanks i just went all in on team pedo.

#1 ETH
#2 BCH
#3 BTC
#4 XMR
#5 ADA

Screencap this

ETH gets paid to miners who validate the network. Lumens get printed out for free to people who hold the most lumens like a central bank.

im looking into ETH and XMR as major holdings and accumulating as much as i can Q1 2018

>4 posts by this ID
>the state of this core cuck

kys kek

cant remember a specific reason. I think the rest of the team found him unbearable to work with, but he made huge contributions

i think it had a lot to do with ethereum classic

also the fact that he was working with a teenage genius as a grown man and this was probably somewhat humiliating for him

All POS do it. Isn't it?

>its only one true coin

df he meant by this? its not even a complete thought

ETH is an alt-coin and always will be

XLM inflates 1% a year because it is designed to be USED not HOARDED. there is nothing wrong with inflation.

ETH is going to face bitcoin level reversals soon

it is already apparent it cannot handle real world transactions and many coins are publicly stating they are not going on ethereum, its just a meme

If crypto is to survive, it needs real world application, and ETH cannot support that in a meaningful manner.

ETH cannot handle app-store like volume or transactions. Only Stellar can.

I think the biggest factor is media hype, which given the fact that they hyped up shitcoins like verge and tron, is highly possible. It already has a fiat pairing on normiebase, and lots of alt pairings on major exchanges.

Must be fun having your money lose most its value by the time you're dead instead of getting rich.

It's possible, Litecoin and BCH are good contenders because of name recognition. I think most normies will hover towards those two, but who knows. XRB is another coin I would keep an eye on.

>eth can't scale

That didn't stopped BTC

Have you not looked at price of bitcoin lately, nigger?

ETH has already overtaken BTC on basically everything but Marketcap.

So yeah, I'd say it'll overtake BTC in 2-3 months. There is just too much inertia already in this direction. ETH is hoardin 90% of the developmers and even without that it was already ahead on speed and use cases from the start.

So yeah, ETH will be king pretty soon and I honestly don't see any other project de-throning it after that. It just has too much of a head start.

Something will but it will take an unknown event, combined with decentralized markets with huge volume and any pair you like. And it won't be ETH that topples BTC purely by virtue of the fact that all it does is give money to hackers.

>high costs
>slow transactions
>7-10 /s

>nothing will stop this
really makes me think.

About 10x ETH.

>XMR will have niche uses for drug dealers, terrorists, and pedophiles but i don't know beyond what else
literally any sane person who doesn't want the whole world sniffing around their shit.

I'll be rich if XLM is the de facto most used crypto in the world.


Staking your ethereum validates blocks. Also the amount of ETH you need stake would be lower than the amount of lumens you need. You just need to be one of the top lumen holders to get the printed lumens.

Its obvious it will. The fact ppl dont realize this is proof ppl r fucking dumb.

When market shifts from promises to implementations, its over.

Not exactly true. Yes, XLM holders get free XLM every week. This distribution is given to those who qualify for the pool. Right now, redd*t should have the dominant pool and we will be getting our XLM * .0002 next monday.

I have gotten it twice from the chink pool, which was taking 10% of my 1%

pic related. tasty amount of free money every week.

Ethereum will easily dethrone BTC because it is a superior product. This is trivial. It can both store value as BTC is, AND it can be used for distributed computing.
The only reason to hold BTC now is to hedge against shifts in the market.
Any serious investment for the future should be concentrated on Ethereum (and a few other shitcoins but I'm not a fucking shill so I'll leave it out unless someone asks).


Tard logic. Lets not use apple cuz its too popular, lets develop for the blackberry appstore instead.

? my image is reinforcing a likelihood that XLM will be the top used crypto

the elite are literally planning to dump bitcoin this year. ethereum will be used by everyone it will be everywhere

Jeez you must have a lot to get 100 XLM a week from the inflation pool. I have like 18k and i only get 4 lol.

Please let me know which coins have stated this? I believe in ETH but I want to hedge into other platforms.

You are missing the point, sweetie.

Crypto is attempting to be implemented globally or regionally in some niche cases. In either case, ETH cant support either. It costs too much and its too slow. Apple's app store cant run on 7 tx/s with these kind of fees and delays to sell a fucking mp3 or emoji pack. ETH is as good as dead.

Oh cool. Peace and love brother

Not everyone in crypto is anti-inflation. Deflation is by no means a necessary or even desirable feature. People who bemoan inflation usually don’t even understand Econ 101


see this and MOBI
Also KIN left ETH for same reasons.

Centrally controlled inflation of monetary supply is an attack vector for (((cynical entities))) to get free rent based on the lag period between issuance of currency and its effects on the economy at large.

ETH on suicide watch?

>As many of you know our initial product launch (IPLv2) at Kik was built on the Ethereum network. We faced many issues, such as latency in transactions, high costs and more. We already talked about needing a faster, cheaper, and more robust blockchain than what is available today, and our thoughts regarding the Stellar network.

There are like a hundred upcoming and current ETH ICOs. How many are happening on Stellar?